#ArmchairBEA 2014: Introduction

ArmchairBEA 2014

Hello everyone! It’s Armchair BEA time again. I really am glad that there’s an online blog event that coincides with BEA so bloggers based abroad can participate. It’s going to be a fun week interacting with fellow book bloggers!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? Where in the world are you blogging from?
As you can probably tell from my blog name, my name is Chachic and I’m a Filipino book blogger currently based in Singapore. I started this book blog around four years ago and I was based in the Philippines at that time. I’ve been in Singapore since 2012 when I moved for a job opportunity (which isn’t book-related, unfortunately) .

Describe your blog in just one sentence. Then, list your social details — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — so we can connect more online.

My blog has a pretty eclectic mix in terms of genres, which include epic and urban fantasy, fairy tale retellings, contemporary and historical fiction. I can be found in the following social networks:
Chachic on Goodreads
@chachictweets on Twitter
Chachic’s Book Nook on Facebook
chachickenpie on Instagram
chachic on Tumblr

What was your favorite book read last year? What’s your favorite book so far this year?

I wouldn’t be able to name just one title as an answer to this question! I have a list of favorite books from last year, which can be viewed here. As for this year, here are some titles that are tentatively in my best of 2014 list:
Black Dog by Rachel Neumeier
Medair duology by Andrea K. Host
Touchstone trilogy by Andrea K. Host
The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand
It Happened One Wedding by Julie James

Black DogMedairTouchstone TrilogyThe Chocolate TemptationIt Happened One Wedding

What does your favorite/ideal reading space look like?

I love to read in a space that’s comfy enough to sit or recline on with great lighting. I have an armchair in my room that I love sitting on but it gets dark in that corner at nighttime. I need to find a nice (but affordable) stand lamp! Just to have a change of scenery, I also like hanging out in coffee shops to read for a couple of hours while having snacks.

What is your favorite blogging resource?

I’m not sure if it can be considered blogging resources but I love social media sites Twitter and Instagram. I interact with fellow bloggers and even authors through Twitter. While I enjoy going through photos, bookish or otherwise, on Instagram. I think it’s nice to get a feel of the blogger’s personality through tweets and Instagram photos.

That’s it for me, I will be browsing and commenting through other ArmchairBEA posts so see you all around this week.

16 thoughts on “#ArmchairBEA 2014: Introduction

  1. Hi Chachic! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for four years–it feels like I’ve known you for ages more than that.

    Good luck with the lamp!

    • Charlotte, I will take that as a huge compliment! 😀 Sometimes, it does feel like I’ve been blogging for more than four years.

      Yes, I need to find an affordable stand lamp. I should start asking around where I could get one.

    • Mel, glad you think so! I went to Europe (for the first time in my life!) last April and my Instagram is filled with pictures from that trip. 🙂 You also enjoy fairy tale retellings? What are some of your favorites?

  2. Waving hi from Canada (Alberta) I love fairytale retellings, too. Most of the ones I know are middle grade and one of my favourites Rump by Liesl Shurtliff. My gosh she did a brilliant job of retelling Rumpelstiltskin.

    Here is to many more years of blogging for you! Happy #ArmchairBea.

    • Yes, reading in a coffee shop is great especially when you have good coffee and a delicious pastry right in front of you. 😀 Although reading at the beach is even better! I’m jealous of your beach photos on Instagram.

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