Snapshot From a Book: The Chocolate Touch

Paris is such a photogenic city. I’m so glad I decided to take a lomo camera with me because some of the results are just lovely. I feel like I keep going on and on and Paris and Laura Florand’s novels but I can’t help it – her writing vividly describes the city. The pictures just go perfectly with her words.

Snippets from The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand:

Lomo - Paris Seine

“He didnโ€™t talk, but a man who had Paris in the springtime didnโ€™t need to talk. Better not. Better just to concentrate on the cool breeze off the river, stirring his shaggy black hair, the bridges that stretched away through the centuries, that fresh young green on the trees along the quays. Evening was falling later and later. The sun was only starting to set now, easy blurred shades of pink and gold and gray through low strips of clouds. The sky above them was blue, clear, but blurring toward gray. Half the world looked in love, couples strolling hand in hand along the Seine. At the edge of that sunset, in the west, far away along the river that simmered with pink and gold, the Eiffel Tower rose, gentled by the low haze.”

Lomo - Paris bridge

Lomo - Paris bridge sunset

“Paris was a good place to fight your demons. The streets were so tempting to explore, the gritty realism of their dirt and crowds tempered by that element of fairytale inherent to the city.”

Lomo - Paris crowds

Lomo - Paris flare

All over Paris
April 2014
Camera: Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim
Film: Fuji Velvia, Kodak Elitechrome, Lomo Redscale

11 thoughts on “Snapshot From a Book: The Chocolate Touch

  1. Chachic, your photos are gorgeous! I love love love the shots of the bridges, they are absolutely stunning. I love that film produces such unexpected and often usual results, it gives a whole different feel and atmosphere to digital. You’ve inspired me to pop some Velvia into my camera and go exploring ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Rey! I love what you said about how film produces unexpected results. This is the reason why I’m always so excited to get processed results from the lab. I wish it wasn’t such an expensive hobby, I would love to do it more often.

      Okay, I’m going to go talk about film now since I know you’ll be able to relate. ๐Ÿ˜› I love how the shots of the bridges turned out but to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with Lomo Redscale. I love the warm tones but a lot of the shots that I took look a bit washed out? Like the film would only work with very strong sunlight. While Lomo Xpro looks a bit grainy. I feel like other types of film are more reliable like the ones from Fuji (Velvia, Sensia, Provia) or Kodak Elitechrome. But maybe that’s just me, what were the results like for you? And yes, go take some Velvia shots! Would love to see what you come up with.

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  5. I really love the #2 and #3 shots ๐Ÿ˜€ I think I’m just automatically attracted to sunsets as well as more nostalgic looking pieces. Just as I would be to photographs taken in black and white ๐Ÿ™‚

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