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With Facebook’s recent acquisition of Whatsapp, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about social media. As a book blogger, I’m very active on several social networks. It made me realize that I’ve always been active on whatever was the most commonly used social network of the moment. I’m an outgoing person and I guess that is also reflected online. mIRC, ICQ, Friendster, Yahoo Messenger, Multiply – I had accounts in all of those sites and kept all of them updated. MySpace isn’t included in the list because it wasn’t popular in the Philippines. Today, I have blog-related accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Tumblr. I also think of my Instagram account as blog-related since it’s a public account and I rarely post personal photos, you’re more likely to see a picture of the book that I’m reading or the meal that I’m having instead of a selfie. Most of my accounts in these sites are linked together (e.g. an Instagram post gets published in Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook).

Instagram snapshot

It’s funny how I use social networks based on how I compartmentalize my life. All of the sites I mentioned above are for the blog while my personal Facebook account is for friends and family – although I also use the groups function for YAckers. I also use Whatsapp and Viber to exchange messages with real life friends on a daily basis. But I also have a couple of blogger friends in those apps. I’m not even going to link to my LinkedIn account because that’s strictly for work, I don’t ever talk about the blog or personal stuff in there. There was a time when I thought about creating a LinkedIn account for the blog but didn’t feel like it would be worth the effort.

Out of all of these sites, I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram. Because of my smart phone, I’m on both of those sites everyday. I think being on social media depends on where you’re comfortable and where your friends are. I think you also have to pick which sites to prioritize so you won’t be overwhelmed with everything that’s out there. I love Twitter because it lets me keep up with the blogosphere even if I don’t get to publish my own posts or browse through other blogs. It’s also easier for me to reply to a tweet during the work day because it doesn’t take as much time as replying to emails. And like I mentioned above, all my other accounts are linked to Twitter. I have friends who are active in various social media sites while some prefer to use messaging apps instead.

What about the rest of you, what are your favorite social networking sites? What are the most useful social media sites for you as a blogger? Do you compartmentalize like I do or are you comfortable with mixing your professional life with your personal life and your blog persona?

15 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Twitter is my favorite. I’m slowly warming up to Tumblr, but I mostly use it for book quotes and Tom Hiddleston pictures right now– I like reading other peoples’ but I’ve never been quite sure how I want to use it, which makes it unsatisfying. I also like Pinterest a lot because it’s a little more complete than my other social media places–I use it for craft inspiration and food stuff as well as books.

    • Yep, I mostly use Tumblr for images and book quotes. I go there when I want to turn off my brain and just browse and reblog stuff that I like. I’ve never signed up for Pinterest because I feel like I have enough online accounts as it is. Hmm but maybe I’ll change my mind eventually.

  2. I put things in boxes, too! I use Facebook for my friends (IRL) and my family and I don’t link it to my blog. On the other hand, I use Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads, Tumblr, Instagram and… I have made an account at Pinterest but I haven’t actually investigated the functionality of the site yet. I find that sometimes I end up prioritizing one form of media over another. Right now it’s YouTube (aka BookTube) but next week when my life and head are too busy, it might end up being Twitter.

    My iPhone has literally changed the way I communicate. I never, ever text these days. All of the people I’m interested in following are online in some way and I don’t know what I’m doing if I don’t have the internet on my phone. I only text my other half and my parents and I find that, even then, I end up communicating half in pictures or links.

    I loved this post. πŸ™‚

    • Same, I don’t link my blog to my personal Facebook profile, I use the blog’s Facebook fan page instead. Some of my friends IRL follow that account although I think most of them ignore it. LOL. I’ve never been as into YouTube as other people, I don’t think I’m very good at making videos? I’ve never made a vlog before. Maybe I’m just more comfortable in typing up stuff and publishing them instead of taking videos of myself.

      Me too! I rarely text because I usually just use Whatsapp, Viber or other social networks. I love my smart phone (I have a Samsung S3 and it’s my first smart phone) just because it’s so useful. It really is a communication device for me because I’ve realized that I don’t really use it unless I have an internet connection.

      Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for the comment! πŸ˜€

  3. I compartmentalize too and it weirds me out when people from real life follow me on twitter. I start to feel really bad because I tweet all day and about things those people definitely do not care about.

    With facebook, it’s for personal things however I did make one for my blog and I do update it like once every two weeks.

    I love Instagram a little too much. My instagram is all blog stuff though and it’s totally not linked to my personal facebook at all.

    And yes, same with LinkedIn.

    I guess my use of social media is very, very similar to how you use it.

    • Yes, I find it really weird that some of my friends IRL and family follow my blog’s Twitter. I created a personal Twitter account to follow them back but some of them ignore that since I don’t use it as often.

      I also have a Facebook page for the blog, which I update whenever I publish posts. And my Tumblr and Instagram are both linked to my Twitter and the blog’s Facebook page. I rarely update my personal Facebook profile and usually just use it to comment and follow other people.

      Instagram is great, isn’t it? I’ve loved it even before I had a smart phone. Haha I would borrow my friends’ phones and use those to take Instagram pictures which I would then email to myself.

      I find LinkedIn boring in comparison to all my other social networks but maybe it’s because I use it professionally. It’s like I have to be prim and proper on LinkedIn (just like how I would behave in the office) instead of being casual and comfy like Twitter, for example.

      Good to know that we basically use our social networks the same way!

  4. I am always really hesitant to create accounts with some websites at first but only because I get addicted to them very quickly, lol. I never thought I’d get a pinterest, a twitter or a tumblr but um, that changed xD. I have Facebook but I don’t mix that with my blogging stuff. I don’t think even half of my family members/acquaintances know I’m a blogger.

    I do like twitter a lot because I can tweet links to my reviews (whenever I get around to writing them) and I find out a lot from the book publishing world there. As for tumblr, I adore it. So many pretty pictures *o*

    I toyed with the idea of getting an instagram but I’m not really much with a camera. My friends get so annoyed with me when I barely take any pictures of myself when I’m on vacation, haha.

    • Haha I can still remember being very hesitant about trying out Twitter but then I changed my mind when I found out I can use it to follow authors (and that they respond)! I think most of the people close to me know that I have a blog but they’re not really aware of what that means.

      Yep, Twitter is great for spreading the word about your own posts or about other bloggers’ posts by retweeting. I also find out a lot of blogosphere news through Twitter. And yes to Tumblr’s pretty pictures. We seem to like similar things there, I keep liking and reblogging the stuff that you post.

      Hmm I think you wouldn’t enjoy Instagram if you don’t like taking pictures but then again, you can link it to your blog and follow bloggers and book people or even join book-related memes. You can choose to minimize personal posts like I do with my own Instagram account. πŸ™‚

  5. I am obviously the outlier here. I use Twitter and I keep *meaning* to really use Facebook for family and friends, but honestly? I just feed my blog to it and don’t usually remember to see what’s going on there or post anything else there. The rest, either I’ve never gotten around to looking into them (Tumblr) or I’ve never even heard of (Whatsapp). Oh, and I like Goodreads, but mostly just as a place to read reviews if I’m curious about a book.

    • Just noticed that I forgot to reply to you! Do you have a Facebook fan page or just your personal account? I have a Facebook page for the blog and I keep that separate from my personal account. I usually go through my Facebook feed when I just want to browse and get an idea of what everyone else is up to, I rarely update my own profile. Whatsapp is a messaging app which replaces texting. It’s nice for keeping in touch with friends in other countries, no need to pay international text message rates. I even use it for friends in Singapore since everyone that I talk to is on it.

  6. Like you, I’m most active on Twitter. My IG account is on public and can be accessed via my blog. I don’t have FB though, which is sometimes a hassle because a lot of bloggers/authors are so active there, but I stay away from it for personal reasons.

    You said it! Twitter is sometimes easier to reply to than email, but I still use my email a lot especially for long correspondences. But the private messaging function of Twitter is the bomb. πŸ™‚

    • Same with me, my Instagram is a public account and it’s linked to my blog. I would love to deactivate my Facebook account but so many friends IRL and relatives use it. Plus we use it for YAckers (online book club).

      Yes, I use my email for longer messages too. Hmm I don’t use Twitter DMs that often because it takes a while to load and it’s a pain to get email notifications for it. I would rather just email directly if that was the case.

      • The constant email notifications from Twitter drive me crazy, but it does the job for short chats with bloggers. And I love how Twitter has made it so easy to interact with some authors! πŸ™‚

  7. I love that this post made me think about the social networking sites that I use a lot these days, and mostly for the blog! My favorites are definitely Twitter and Instagram, with Tumblr and Pinterest and Goodreads coming second, and Facebook in dead last. I actually find the first three I mentioned pretty useful when it comes to the blog; the next two (Pinterest and Goodreads) are also useful, but I don’t use them except for certain things. Facebook, on the other hand, simply exists for me.

    I do compartmentalize a bit! I have separate Twitter accounts for personal and book blog use. I use Instagram mostly on a personal basis, though it often includes book-related things. Tumblr is primarily book based, while Pinterest is used to collect links. But I use Facebook mostly for family and friends, not so much for the blog.

    • I think we utilize social networks in a similar way, we only differ in how we use Instagram. I like keeping Instagram public instead of personal. It’s funny how I’m more comfortable doing that instead of making it more private. I also keep Goodreads updated in terms of the books that I read because it’s easier for me to keep track of them using that site. I create lists like “best of 2014” or “wishlist” to help me more organized.

      I have a personal Twitter account too! But I rarely use it hehe. I use Tumblr mainly to browse and reblog book-related stuff or cute pictures. Yes, Facebook is for real life stuff.

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