Best of 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! Ever since I started blogging a few years ago, I’ve been posting my favorite reads whenever the new year rolls around (you can check out my previous posts through these links: 2010, 2011, 2012). 2013 might not have been a fantastic blogging year for me but I feel like it was a great reading year. In no particular order, here are my best of 2013 reads:

A Face Like GlassThe Book ThiefSorrow's KnotTiger LilyAnd All the Stars
All I Ever WantedThe Story GuyNowhere But HomeTrulyMagic Rises

Aside from these, I also discovered and fell in love with three series – one contemporary romance, one adult urban fantasy and one graphic novel series:

Amour et Chocolat by Laura Florand
Kiss the BrideThe Chocolate ThiefThe Chocolate KissThe Chocolate RoseThe Chocolate TouchThe Chocolate Heart

World of the Lupi by Eileen Wilks
Tempting DangerMortal DangerBlood LinesNight SeasonMortal Sins
Blood MagicBlood ChallengeDeath Magic Mortal TiesRitual Magic

Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Saga Volume 1Saga Volume 2

I was also able to organize a blog event called EWein Special Ops, which focuses on Elizabeth Wein’s Writing. Click here to go through all the posts. I’m still in the process of replying to comments.

EWein Special Ops

This year, I got the chance to meet in person four blogging buddies based abroad: Michelle of See Michelle Read, Maggie of Young Adult Anonymous, Steph of Steph Su Reads and Alexa of Alexa Loves Books.

with Michelle of See Michelle ReadWith Steph SuAlexa and Chachic

How about the rest of you, what were some of the best books that you read in 2013? What were the blogging highlights of the year for you?

27 thoughts on “Best of 2013

  1. Happy New Year, Chachic!

    THE BOOK THIEF is on my list of books to read – maybe I’ll be inspired by the movie when it comes out! Also yay for Wilks’ Lupi series πŸ˜‰


    • Happy New Year, Li!

      I finally read The Book Thief because I thought the movie will be shown soon but apparently, it wouldn’t be released in Singapore until September. Hope you enjoy reading it. πŸ™‚ Yay for the World of Lupi series. Looking forward to the next book.

  2. I have been meaning to read Sorrow’s Knot and Tiger Lily both for ages! I don’t know how they keep getting put off…

    Same goes with the rest of the Chocolate series, I LOVE what I’ve read of it so far, and I really need to make time to get caught up on all of them. They’re so romantic and atmospheric πŸ™‚

    • Allison, if you want me to, I could give you a nudge on Twitter about reading those two books. πŸ˜› They’re both lovely, each with a unique writing style. I feel guilty that I wasn’t able to review them.

      Oh I love Laura Florand’s writing! I just finished her Christmas novella, A Rose in Winter, and it was such a cozy holiday read. Yes, her writing is so romantic and atmospheric, it feels like you get to visit France when you read her books.

  3. So glad that All I Ever Wanted made your list, Chachic! I really love that book and I love Vikki Wakefield’s writing. Have you had a chance to read Friday Brown yet? I adored that one too..

    • Rey, I haven’t read Friday Brown yet but I’ve been meaning to! I’m sure it would have made my list if I got the chance to read it. Will definitely bump it up in 2014. Other Aussie YA novels on my list: Girl Defective, Wildlife and Alaska.

  4. I’ve only read about half of your favorite reads of the year. Well, only Saga of the series you listed but half of the single ones. I have had a terrible/awesome year of blogging–in that I basically did not blog at all hahaha. I don’t regret it very much as it was nice to just relax and read for the fun of it. I think I only wrote one review for the whole year, no joke. Some of my favorites were The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson, the Chew series of GNs, Being Billy and Saving Daisy by Phil Earle, Gunnerkrigg Court GN series, Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, The Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger, The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, and the whole Fables series which kicked off my whole year.

    I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with your (or anyone’s, seriously) blog this year but one of my 2014 goals is to at least do a little bit every week, both on my own blog and on keeping up with other favorites of mine, which includes you. I hope you had a great holiday season!

    • Flann, seriously, no need to apologize about not being able to keep up with my blog because I’m guilty of the exact same thing when it comes to your blog. πŸ˜› I hope I can be better about that in the coming months. I totally get what it’s like to just enjoy reading without having to worry about reviewing. I’ve been doing that the past couple of weeks.

      Saga is great, isn’t it? I should read more graphic novels this year. It’s just that they’re a lot more expensive than paperbacks or hardcovers! I think I have The Emperor’s Soul and The Last Days of Summer on my Kindle, I should try to read them soon now that I know you loved them. I haven’t read anything by Brandon Sanderson since I read Elantris a few years ago. And I really enjoyed Steve Kluger’s My Most Excellent Year so I want to read more of his work.

  5. I am hoping to try more graphic novels this 2014. Like, Saga. Bill Willingham’s Fables series ended up as a 2013 favorite. And The EWein Special Ops was a great event. I love reading the posts, which made me appreciate CNV even more. Have a great 2014, Chachic! πŸ™‚

    • Tin, if you’re interested in graphic novels then you should definitely read Saga. I want to read more graphic novels too but I wish they weren’t so expensive. Fables seems interesting. I’m so glad you enjoyed EWein Special Ops! Hopefully I can put together a similar blog event this year.

  6. I love seeing our shared books. It reminds me of how wondrous it is to have friends around the world reading and recommending along with me. It was a good year, Chachic. πŸ™‚

    • It’s always lovely when a friend loves the same titles that you do. πŸ˜€ Of course, I’m also thankful for all the wonderful recommendations that you’ve given me (I wouldn’t have read Liza Palmer, Ruthie Knox and Jodi Lynn Anderson if not for you). It really was a good year, I hope 2014 is even better!

    • Happy 2014, Alexa! I’m glad I got to meet you and Macky in person. I’m always excited to get the chance to have a face to face conversation with blogging buddies. Let me know if you ever plan to visit Singapore or again. Or if you’re in Manila. πŸ™‚

  7. I am finally catching up on peoples fave reads for last year. I always love yours — you seem to have different choices which I love. I am thinking I really should check out Tiger Lily. And also Story Guy.

    Thanks also for the Liza Palmer rec. I read it over the christmas season and found it really relaxing. Your blog is looking fantastic! Hopefully I will be around more this year — I am a tad ashamed of how my blogging has been sliding and also a little sad to see some of my fave bloggers are not really around any more (which I understand, different seasons and all that) ut it feels so nice to find you still here. definitely feels like home!

    x Nomes

    • Nomes, I’m glad you like my choices! They’re pretty random because my reading tastes vary depending on my mood. I hope you get to try both Tiger Lily and The Story Guy, let me know if you ever get around to reading them. πŸ™‚

      Oooh which Liza Palmer was it that you read, Nowhere But Home? That’s such a lovely, cozy read. I hope you also give Seeing Me Naked a try, I loved that one as well.

      No need to be ashamed, I haven’t been blogging and commenting as much as I would like to as well! I keep up with Twitter though so feel free to message me there (or send me an email). It’s always nice to hear from you. πŸ˜€

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