EWein Special Ops: Artwork and Guest Post from RosaleeLuAnn

RosaleeLuAnn is a fellow member of Sounis. She’s an artist who makes fanart for some of the books that she loves (link to her Deviantart page). I’ve asked her to talk about the two pieces of art that she’s made related to Elizabeth Wein’s novels.

Welcome to EWein Special Ops, Rosie!


Telemakos by Rosie

The first and most obvious reason I made these fanart pieces is that I love Elizabeth Wein’s books – I loved The Winter Prince ever since I picked it up, and have enjoyed all of her books since. (I still haven’t got my hands on a copy of Rose Under Fire, though I plan to pick it up soon.)

Though The Winter Prince is still my favorite of Elizabeth Wein’s books, The Sunbird and Code Name Verity were very significant to me as well, which is why I think I felt driven to create some fanart for those books. Which is strange because reading these two books in particular was more painful than most reading experiences I put myself through.

I particularly remember the time I first read The Sunbird, there was a certain side of the couch with a lamp nearby where I would always sit to read – it was my spot. My roommates had all become used to me verbally reacting to what I read, sometimes very loudly, and usually completely oblivious to who was there or what was going on. Usually, it was laughter coming from that corner – around that time I was making my way through the Lord Peter Wimsey books, and Lord Peter says some funny, funny things, and when he does, I laugh. But anyway, as I was reading The Sunbird, my roommate came over to ask if I was OK. “I’m used to laughter from you while reading, but you weren’t laughing. It sounded like you were being repeatedly impaled by a spear.”

Oh, Telemakos. Why are you so awesome. It hurts.

Aside from just loving the books, there were a few other reasons for wanting to make the pictures. At the time I had just recently learned how to paint in Photoshop, and I wanted to experiment with painting something for fun. Also, Telemakos is just such an interesting-looking character, I wanted to see how he would come out if I tried to paint him.

Code Name Verity by Rosie

It wasn’t until years later that I made the Code Name Verity piece. I was actually still trying to learn how to paint in Photoshop (Illustrator is still my preference – vectors just make more sense to me, for whatever reason), though I had gained a little bit more experience by then. I was very rusty with painting and art in general because I had just served an 18 month mission in the Philippines (gusto ko talagang bumalik sa Pinas!) and hadn’t really done much other than sketching in that time. I read Code Name Verity and loved it, but again, like The Sunbird, it was a very painful (and completely wonderful!) book. I remember specifically wanting to find a happy scene to illustrate, one about the friendship that is the center of the story. I didn’t have anyone to be a model for the photo reference except myself, so thats the reason that the facial structure on both faces looks really similar. I also only had the vaguest idea of what they were supposed to be wearing and nothing really to use as a costume, so I completely made that up. Also, I didn’t have a tablet, so I painted it with the little mouse pad thingy you use on laptops instead. All I wanted was to have fun making a piece of fanart for myself, it was extremely satisfying when others, including Elizabeth herself, liked what I did.


Thank you, Rosie! I think you did a great job with both of these pieces. I wish I was as artistic as you are.

EWein Special Ops

17 thoughts on “EWein Special Ops: Artwork and Guest Post from RosaleeLuAnn

  1. Yay, Rosalee! These are definitely two of my favorite EWein fanarts, so it’s nice to hear a little more about how they were made.

  2. This is one of my favorite (and incidentally, one of the first) pieces of CNV fanart that ever existed. I just love Maddie’s intense, fond, somewhat indulgent and intrigued expression. Often people seem to envision her as tomboyish or cute in a way that I don’t really. I like it that here she seems herself on her own terms, and not a sidekick to julie’s brilliance. a nice balance. (OK, I will stop now, it is kind of self-indulgent to lavish praise on a picture of people I made up myself! But you already know how much I love this.) 😀

    Here is a link to my equally self-indulgent collection of CNV fanart on Pinterest:

    • I love how comfy both characters look like in the CNV piece, like they don’t have to worry about anything except catching up on each other’s lives.

      Oooh so much CNV love in that link! I think I’ve reblogged the ones that I’ve seen on Tumblr.

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