Available for Pre-Order: EWein’s Lion Hunters Novels

A few months ago, Elizabeth Wein’s first two novels in the Lion Hunters series (The Winter Prince and A Coalition of Lions) were released in ebook format by Open Road Media. The next three books in the series (The Sunbird, The Lion Hunter and The Empty Kingdom) are now available for pre-order! They will be available on December 17, just a few days away. I’m so glad these titles will be released as ebooks because it will be easier for more readers to give the books a try. If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Wein’s writing in Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire then I highly recommend that you read her Lion Hunters books as well.

I kind of feel like the synopsis for the latter three books give spoilers away so skip reading them if you would rather not know spoilery details before reading the novels. Here are links to the first two books if you want to order them (click on the images):

The Winter Prince ebookA Coalition of Lions ebook

Here are the rest of the books for pre-order:

The Sunbird ebookThe Lion Hunter ebookThe Empty Kingdom ebook

Reading order:
The Winter Prince
A Coalition of Lions
The Sunbird
The Lion Hunter
The Empty Kingdom

Or you can start with either A Coalition of Lions or The Sunbird and go from there. I love that the series now has matching covers! The printed editions of these had different cover artists so the covers didn’t match. I just finished rereading A Coalition of Lions for EWein Special Ops and I just started on The Sunbird – I’m almost afraid to continue because I know how difficult things will get for Telemakos.

EWein Special Ops

8 thoughts on “Available for Pre-Order: EWein’s Lion Hunters Novels

  1. I really want to read these, but Open Road Media ebooks are usually stupidly expensive (IMO!) in the UK – they tend to be at least £3 more than new releases, which doesn’t encourage me to buy. I may have to go and search out Kobo coupons to use on these books.


    • Li, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you manage to find Kobo coupons for these. I think the ebooks are much more convenient to read than hunting down out of print physical copies (unless you have an affordable source for them?) In Amazon, the ebook prices for these are USD 7.99, I wonder if they have the same price in the UK?

      • I much prefer ebooks to physical copies – overflowing bookshelves… and like you say, the convenience factor! Amazon has the first Lion Hunters book for £6.64 and the rest for around £1 more (so around USD 11-12 per book?). I think Open Road has a really strong backlist, especially in SFF – I just wish they’ll price them better, as I can see myself spending so much more 😉

        On the bright side, have just realised that Kobo is running one of their trivia contest with coupons as prizes, so that should help some 🙂


      • Yes! I really should get ebooks from now on. I have physical copies of all of Elizabeth Wein’s books because I read them before I had a Kindle. Aside from the convenience of ebooks, I also get frustrated that my physical copies have started foxing.

        USD 11-12 is pretty expensive! I wonder why they’re more expensive in the UK? Maybe the exchange rate has something to do with it. Although the original price of the ebooks are USD 9.99, the USD 7.99 is the discounted price.

        Good luck with the Kobo trivia contest. 😀

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