New Release: Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra

My favorite Filipino chick lit author Mina V. Esguerra has a new novella that’s just been release. It’s called Welcome to Envy Park and I’m really excited to read it because the main character is a girl in her twenties, who just came home after working for a few years in Singapore. That is a work of fiction that has Chachic written all over it. I’m really curious what bits of an OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Worker) life will be included in here.

Welcome to Envy ParkHere’s the summary from Goodreads:

Moira Vasquez is a doer. A planner. A get-up-and-goer. At twenty-two, she left her hometown to work in Singapore, to satisfy a need to travel as well as give her savings account a boost. Five years later and she’s back in Manila, with a shiny new apartment to her name, but no job, no career, no boyfriend. She meets Ethan Lorenzo, the quiet hunk of an IT consultant on the ninth floor of her condo building, and he’s a welcome distraction during this period of having absolutely nothing going on in her life.

But she has a plan – of course she does – and this is just a short layover on the way to the next country, the next job, the next big thing. Or will she be missing out on something great that’s already there?

The cover is designed by Tania Arpa, featuring Dominique Tiu. I love that Mina and Tania have tied up with fashionistas for book covers. I already have this downloaded on my Kindle so hopefully I’ll have time to read (and review) it soon. Any new releases that you’re looking forward to?

Welcome to Envy Park Author's Note

Thanks for the shout out, Mina!

4 thoughts on “New Release: Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra

  1. I thought the cover model looked familiar! It feels really cool that I actually know that girl. Anyway, the novella sounds BRILLIANT. I still haven’t read Mina’s books (*insert walk of shame*) but I definitely intend to do so soon! This novella, though, it sounds like such a YOU book — and the situation even reminds me of you!

    • Oh that’s cool that you know the girl featured in the cover! I don’t know her but I think it’s a good idea that Mina has been featuring fashion bloggers in her covers. I really hope you get to read one of Mina’s books soon. 🙂 Haha yes, this one really sounds like the perfect novella for me.

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