Filipino Fridays: Reader Species


Filipino Friday, is a weekly meme leading to the Filipino ReaderCon that encourages participation of the Filipino readers everywhere.

While it makes me sad that I can’t attend this year’s Filipino ReaderCon (and the venue will be in my alma mater), I thought it would be still be fun to participate in Filipino Fridays. This week’s topic is related to an infographic by Laura E. Kelly listing down the different types of reader species. I’m a cross-species mutt! Which means I couldn’t choose just one classification because I feel like I fall under several:

The Hoarder – This is so me! I keep collecting books even though I don’t have enough time to read them. Yes, it’s gotten worse ever since I got a Kindle because now I have a ton of physical books and ebooks in my TBR pile. And yet I keep buying more of them, which also makes me a…

Compulsive Book Buyer – There are times when I feel like I’m “book-hungry” and I just HAVE to buy a book even though I already have so many unread ones in my pile.

The Comfort Reader – While I don’t get to reread old favorites as often as I’d like (I get distracted by all the other books in my shelf), I do find it comforting to return to the ones that I really love.

The Kindle Convert – There are several things that I love about reading physical books: the smell, turning the pages and seeing how far along you’ve gone. But nothing beats the convenience of having a Kindle, especially when I do a lot of my reading on the train, which also makes me a…

The Traveling Reader – Train time is prime reading time! Trains are always packed so I like reading on my Kindle because it’s easier to hold it while standing up. I also read a lot in airports whenever I travel because there’s a lot of waiting time before boarding.

The Sharer Screamer – While I don’t leave books in random places, I feel like I am pretty vocal about my reading experience (as evidenced by this blog and how I constantly update my Goodreads status while reading).

Whew, I didn’t mean to classify myself into so many species! What about you, what can kind of reader species are you?

6 thoughts on “Filipino Fridays: Reader Species

  1. I too am a hoarder, sharer screamer, and a kindle convert. I used to feel guilty about hoarding books faster than I can read them. But then again, who cares? Hoarding is fun! Never thought i’d take to a Kindle reader too. Aside from portability, the feature where you can increase the font size is such an awesome thing especially for people with poor vision, like me. No more squinting over the teeny tiny fonts of paperbacks. 🙂

    • Tin, I’ve stopped feeling guilty about hoarding books. It’s just too hard to stop buying them so I’ve learned to accept that I will always want to get more books. Having a Kindle is awesome, isn’t it? It’s just so convenient. I love being able to adjust the font size as well. Nowadays, I’m starting to think that maybe I should invest in more ebooks than physical books since I’m based in Singapore and it’s sad that my books back home are just getting old (I hate that some of them have yellowing pages even though I’ve only had them for a few years).

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