EWein Special Ops: A Postcard from Australia

Elizabeth Wein (author of the Lion Hunters series, Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire) is one of my favorite writers of all time. I knew she was in Australia last week because we had this discussion about Aussie coffee on Twitter:

EWein Coffee

I found it interesting that Australia didn’t have a version of plain coffee (they say that the closest thing is long black). Anyway, I was working overtime in the office a few hours ago when one of my co-workers handed me a postcard that just arrived. It was a surprise postcard from Brisbane:

Brisbane postcard from EWein

Brisbane postcard from EWein - stamps

Brisbane postcard from EWein - signature

IT’S A POSTCARD FROM ELIZABETH WEIN! As if that wasn’t good enough, her message mentioned that she had the chance to meet Melina Marchetta while she was in Australia. MELINA MARCHETTA as in the Queen of Aussie YA! In case it isn’t obvious, I’m a huge fan of Melina Marchetta, as evidenced by last year’s Marchetta Madness. Ahhh, my brain just about exploded from the awesomeness of EWein and Melina in the same space. I would have run around in circles if I didn’t have to explain myself to my co-workers. Maybe I should have looked into applying for an Australian visa and how much tickets are from Singapore to Brisbane? It was so thoughtful of EWein to send me this. It really made my day. 😀 It’s things like this that remind me of why it’s so much fun to be a book blogger.

Happy weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on “EWein Special Ops: A Postcard from Australia

  1. That’s super nice!!!
    And I had heard about the coffee before, I think that’s because they are lots of Italian families there and they took over coffee choices.

    Is the same in Spain, everything is Espresso, they don’t have plain coffee and they look at you bad if you as for mocha.

    • Oh so that’s why – yeah fancy coffee does sound like something the Italians came up with. I’ve never been to Italy or Spain but it would be interesting to give their coffee a try!

    • Oh hey, I just noticed that I didn’t get a chance to reply to your comment. Yes, it’s awesome that EWein sent me a postcard and that she got to meet Melina Marchetta while she was in Australia! Wish I was there with them.

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