Line of Duty Series by Tessa Bailey

I found out about Tessa Bailey’s Line of Duty series through romance blogger Mandi of Smexy Books and author Mina V. Esguerra. I decided to give the first book a try since it came highly recommended. After reading Protecting What’s His, I went ahead and purchased the next two books in the series and read both in one weekend. There’s something to be said for protective police officers who want to keep their love interests safe and away from harm. I like how the heroines are all spunky, not just damsels in distress waiting for the hero to come along and rescue them. If anything, they’re used to standing on their own two feet instead of relying on other people. That’s a common theme that I was able to appreciate in the series. Another thing that these books had in common was the back and forth banter between the MCs.

Protecting Whats HisHis Risk to TakeOfficer Off Limits

Can I just say that I was surprised by how smexy the covers for these are? I think these are the steamiest covers that have been featured on my blog so far. *fans self* I think they’re perfect covers for romance novels and they’re done well. I like how original the pictures are instead of typical stock photos that we see on other covers. I also like that each book cover has a filter of color over it – green, blue, yellow. Each cover has a different image but the look and feel is consistent across all three. I read Kindle editions of these books but I wonder how people will react if I read these on the train? *grins*

I found Protecting What’s His and His Risk to Take a bit similar in the sense that the female MCs had less than stellar track records when it came to following the law and yet they ended up dating men in uniform. Maybe that’s why I liked Office Off Limits the best out of all three, the premise felt unique because it was a little different from the other two. I felt like I got to know the MCs better in that installment more than the first two before it. Story and Daniel are my favorite couple in this series but who knows if that will change when Tessa Bailey adds more books to the series. Overall, the Line of Duty is a fun contemporary romance series. The books can be read out of order since each features a different couple. I think it’s pretty obvious based on the covers, but in case you were wondering, these titles have smexy scenes that are not fade to black. Sparks fly the moment the hero and heroine meet and there’s tension and build up until both of them act on their mutual attraction. That kind of set-up makes a fun read, which was why I devoured these books.

14 thoughts on “Line of Duty Series by Tessa Bailey

  1. hm, i’ve never read her, but really interested in giving her a try. your comment about the smexy covers made me smile. i read on the train too and when i have an actual book i have to use a cloth book cover just so other people can’t clue in to what i’m reading 😉

    • I have book covers lying around but just like bookmarks, I have a tendency to forget where I place them. With a Kindle, I don’t have to worry about other commuters checking out the book that I’m reading. 😛 Which is funny because whenever I see a fellow reader on the train, I like looking at what they’re reading.

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