MT Masking Tape Expo Singapore

I know this isn’t book-related but since you guys don’t seem to mind whenever I put up random stuff here in the blog, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about MT Masking Tape Expo in Singapore. Besides, I’ve mentioned washi tape several times here and it looks like other people have enjoyed seeing my updates. I know I’m not the only book blogger or reader who has a washi tape collection. To those who don’t know what washi tape is, basically it’s masking tape printed with different designs, making it ideal for crafts. MT Masking Tape is a well-known washi tape brand and there is an ongoing expo (combination exhibit and pop-up store) here in Singapore. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was such a thing as a washi tape expo. Friday was the opening day and I decided to drop by after work.

MT expo SG 1

A giant MT lantern and taped walls and floor

MT expo SG 2

MT expo SG 3

Cute paper lanterns

MT expo SG 4

I really, really wanted to get the limited edition animal MT design but it was out of stock. Sold out in just one morning.

MT expo SG 5

So many rolls to choose from!

MT expo SG 6

Scandinavian series

MT expo SG 7

Look at this dancing bear design, reminds me of the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner

I spent quite a while browsing through all the rolls, trying to decide what to get. It was similar to how I usually am inside a bookstore. I resisted the urge to get all the designs that I wanted and ended up with the following stash:

MT expo SG haul

I only grabbed 4 rolls

MT expo SG haul 2

And here are my MT collection as of the moment:

MT collection July 2013

MT tapes are so cute, aren’t they? If you’re in Singapore, you should drop by and check out the expo. If you aren’t, I hope you still enjoyed going through this post. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


Edited to add (July 30, 2013): The Singapore limited edition designs have been restocked! I dropped by again to grab some of them. Each person can only purchase 3 limited edition rolls. The three that I got are: a Singapore Zoo-inspired design, Peranakan tiles, stars and moon (based on the Singapore flag). The roll on the right-most is a free one that I got from playing with the gacha gacha machines.

MT SG limited edition washi tape

7 thoughts on “MT Masking Tape Expo Singapore

    • Yes, I wanted to buy ALL THE WASHI TAPE rolls there! Sigh, if only I can afford to do so. I really like MT designs, it’s my favorite washi tape brand. I think it’s great that they have collaborations with artists and that they have country-themed limited edition designs whenever they have an expo. It would have been nice if prices were discounted during the expo but they probably thought there wasn’t a need for that since people kept buying anyway.

      You mean a craft store in Manila? I hope so too! Although I have no idea if it would be a big hit over there. More and more Filipinos are buying washi tape though.

    • Alexa, I should take a picture of my whole collection and put it up here sometime. It’s a good thing I found out about the expo right before it started! Although I feel a bit embarrassed at how many rolls I ended up getting during the entire time the expo was held. You should grab some washi tape for the postcards that you send. 🙂

  1. Hi, do you know of a place in Singapore where I can still purchase some of those MT Singapore limited edition tapes? I know it’s been quite a while since the event 🙂


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