Now Available in Ebook: EWein’s A Winter Prince and A Coalition of Lions

The first two books in the Lion Hunters series, The Winter Prince and A Coalition of Lions, by Elizabeth Wein are now available in ebook format! You can check them out in Open Road’s website. EWein wrote these books way before Code Name Verity or Rose Under Fire were published. EWein might be more well-known for her WWII historical fiction novels but her Arthurian novels are just as amazing. The Lion Hunters books were the reason why I became such a huge fan of EWein’s writing. After I finished reading the series, she became an auto-buy author for me. I previously talked about why more people should read the Lion Hunters novels.

The Winter Prince ebookThe Winter Prince was previously out of print so I think it’s pretty cool that it’s now available as an ebook! Here’s the summary from Open Road’s website.

Strong, brave, and daring, Medraut would be a fitting heir to the throne—but he can never be king. Medraut is the eldest son of High King Artos, and would-be heir to the British throne—if not for an unfortunate circumstance of birth. Instead, his weak and unskilled half-brother, Lleu, is chosen as successor. Medraut cannot bear the thought of being ruled by the boy who has taken what he believes is rightfully his. Consumed by jealousy, he turns to Morgause, the high king’s treacherous sister, who exploits Medraut’s shame and plots to take over the throne. But when Medraut discovers Lleu’s inner strength and goodness, he finds his battle is not just with the kingdom, but with the demons inside himself. Now he must choose where his allegiances truly lie.

A Coalition of Lions ebookAnd here’s the summary for A Coalition of Lions from Open Road’s website:

Caught between two kingdoms, Princess Goewin must balance the demands of leadership with those of her own happiness

With her own kingdom in upheaval and her vicious aunt out for blood, Goewin, princess of Britain and daughter of High King Artos, flees to the British-allied African kingdom of Aksum. There, she meets with her fiancé, Constantine, Britain’s ambassador to Aksum, who is next in line for the throne of Britain. But Aksum is undergoing its own political turmoil, and Goewin soon finds herself trapped between two countries, with the well-being of each at stake. When she learns of another heir to the British throne, she must handle the precarious situation with great care—for the sake of her own happiness as well as for the safety of her people.

Grab copies now if you haven’t had a chance to read these. I think the covers look great, simple and yet still eye-catching. I think the images are a good fit to the stories inside as well. To those who are curious, the books in the series can be read out of order – you can start with any of the first three books: The Winter Prince, A Coalition of Lions and The Sunbird. But then the last two books, The Lion Hunter and The Empty Kingdom, have to be read after The Sunbird. I hope that’s not too confusing! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the last three books will also be published in ebook format because they’re out of print, making it a little harder for me to push people to read them. One a side note, this series is one of the reasons why it made me happy to have a lion in my current header.


3 thoughts on “Now Available in Ebook: EWein’s A Winter Prince and A Coalition of Lions

    • Yes, it’s definitely easier to have Kindle editions! So convenient. I haven’t grabbed these ebooks yet, I’m waiting for the whole series to become available in the same format. Maybe I can reread them all together when the time comes.

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