Blogger Girls Night Out: With Steph and Tarie

I found out about Steph of Steph Su Reads soon after I started blogging a few years ago. I think she writes thoughtful reviews and I love how nice and friendly she is. I then discovered that she’s also a huge fan of postcards and we’ve been exchanging snail mail for a while now. It’s always fun to receive postcards from Steph since she travels to so many exciting places. When I found out that Steph will be in Singapore for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), I knew that we had to meet!

postcards from Steph

Some of the postcards that I’ve received from Steph

You can check out Steph’s account of her experience as a speaker and moderator in the AFCC here. It looks like she had an amazing time. I love what she said about how blogging should be more a personal rather than professional thing because I agree with that. I love the blogs that I follow because it gives me a sense of the person behind the blog rather than just getting a stranger’s opinion on books. I also think the best reviews are the ones that come from the heart, when a reader is able to personally connect with the story and the characters.

With Steph Su

Steph and I having chicken rice for dinner

I feel quite lucky that I got to meet up with Steph last Tuesday. We had chicken rice for dinner at one of the food courts in the city area. We chatted about food, postcards, blogging and what’s it like for readers like us to live abroad (Steph in Shanghai and me in Singapore). We talked about so many different things, it would be hard to enumerate everything here. Steph is such a nice person, I would have gladly spent hours just talking to her.

Steph with cupcakes

Steph with cupcakes

After dinner, we moved to a cafe to have local drinks and cupcakes. Fellow Filipino book blogger Tarie (blogger behind Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind and Into the Wardobe) was able to join us after her AFCC activities for the day. We were supposed to meet with Liyana of Liyanaland as well but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make it. It’s okay though, Liyana and I plan to meet soon since we’re both in Singapore. I haven’t seen Tarie since I moved to Singapore so it was nice catching up with her. I asked both of them what the AFCC was like since I wasn’t able to attend.

Tarie, Steph and I

Tarie, Steph and I

Thank you, Steph and Tarie, for agreeing to meet with me while you were both in Singapore. I had fun and will definitely be willing to do this again when we get the chance. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Blogger Girls Night Out: With Steph and Tarie

  1. It’s always fun to meet up and hang out with other bloggers. Steph is an absolute sweetheart, and we had a good time when we met up last month! So glad that you were able to meet her 🙂 Hopefully, the next blogger (or at least one of the next) you meet this year will be ME!

    • Alexa, you know I would love to meet up with you! I really just have to find a not-so-expensive flight back home in August so we’d have a chance to see each other. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy you got to spend time with other bloggers like Steph, Chachic! It’s so great to put a face and a real voice to the people whose words we read online, and I think that getting a sense of their personality really infuses their blog with more life for me afterward.

    • Heidi, I agree. It’s always better to meet blogging buddies in person because it gives you a better picture of what he or she is like when she’s blogging. After you’ve met someone, it’s like you can imagine the person talking to you whenever you read the blog.

  3. you are always eating good food!

    i think it’s awesome you got to meet these girls (especially steph, i have loved her blog for a long time). it is so cool how many bloggers you have been able to meet lately. it is the best feeling (i have actually only ever met one blogger — but i met authors this week and was on a high for gaes, lol)


    • Oh Nomes, chicken rice is like the most common Singapore dish ever. Whenever we have meetings in the office and food is provided, it’s always chicken rice because that’s the easiest to get. I used to love it before I moved to Singapore but now not so much haha.

      I think it’s awesome that I was able to meet Steph! I love her blog too. I remember you mentioned that you haven’t had a chance to meet with Aussie bloggers but it’s amazing that you were able to see authors in person (and you will be seeing Melina Marchetta soon, right? Totally jealous!)

    • Yes to cupcakes on all meet-ups! Chicken rice is steamed or roasted chicken served with rice cooked in chicken broth instead of just water. So the rice has more flavor. You can eat it either with chili sauce or garlic & ginger sauce (I like the latter but not all restaurants have that).

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