What are the things you give up so you can read and blog?

Sleeping Early

I wanted to highlight the brief Twitter conversation that I had with Angie above because it emphasizes the point that bloggers sacrifice time in order to read and blog. I’ve said it before and will most probably repeat it again in the future, both reading and blogging take up time and effort. It might be easier to squeeze in reading during the day because that can be done while traveling, waiting in line for something or basically whenever you have a few minutes to spare. As for blogging, it takes more time to organize thoughts and come up with a coherent post. Sometimes, I just need to sit down and think about what I want to talk about. I envy people who constantly get creative ideas for their blogs and find it easy to just whip up a post.

My point in this is that because book blogging takes time, there is usually something that a blogger has to give up to make way for it. More often than not, it’s sleep that gets sacrificed. I am not a morning person so I have a hard time getting out of bed every day – I end up hitting the snooze button several times and I always sleep in on weekends unless I have to get up to do something. So I keep telling myself that I should try to sleep earlier because getting more sleep would probably mean that I won’t have such a hard time waking up the next morning. But no, I rarely get to sleep early. When I’m reading a good book, I want to get to as many chapters as I can or even finish the whole thing in one go. Sometimes even when I’m reading a book that I’m not into, I just want to get it over with. When I want to put up a blog post, I open my laptop and I get distracted by so many things online – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and also other blogs. Then I create a draft and edit and work on it until I feel like it’s good enough for me to hit “publish.”

So sleeping is the first thing that gets sacrificed. Next is probably chores. Laundry takes up a chunk of time even if I can read or blog while waiting for the cycle to finish. Dryers aren’t common here in Singapore so I have to hang clothes up after they’ve been washed. Then the next day, I have to take them down, fold and put them away. I try to do laundry every week but sometimes I let it pile up because I’d rather read or blog. Same with vacuuming, although I hope you guys won’t think that my room is a pigsty. I’m also not a fan of ironing so I try to avoid that as often as I can, which is why I don’t get to wear some of my clothes as often as I’d like.

As for everyone else, I’d like to know what you give up so you can have time to read or blog? Do you get fewer hours of sleep because of reading or blogging? Or do you give up other things in your life? Are you lucky enough that you can sneakily write blog posts during office hours when nothing much is going on?

34 thoughts on “What are the things you give up so you can read and blog?

  1. Sanity? Haha. Maybe it’s not that bad. I actually don’t usually lose sleep just because when I’m tired I don’t like to read because I feel like I don’t actually retain anything, and then I’d have to go back and reread everything the next day so it’s a waste. So I’m actually good there.

    Chores are a big one. I actually have my laundry done I think from Friday, but it’s still sitting folded in my laundry basket and needs to be put away (whoops!). I think the biggest thing for me is other hobbies. Sometimes it feels like I can’t enjoy anything else in my free time because I need to devote that to my reading/blog. I have a scrapbook that I was hoping to work on this summer that I’ve barely touched. I also would like to go hiking again but just don’t have the motivation. It just seems like when there’s a choice between doing something else or blogging/reading, the latter usually wins since I’ve decided to commit so much to it, you know?

    • LOL at sanity! I think for the most part, reading and blogging keep me sane and not the other way around. Sometimes even when I’m tired, I like to get a couple of chapters in before sleeping. I don’t know why I push myself like that. I should be more like you – just go straight to bed when I’m tired.

      At least you don’t have to worry about hanging clothes up and ironing! Ah the joys of having a dryer. I agree with what you said that all other hobbies get pushed aside because of the blog. We put so much time and effort into what we don’t get to focus on other things. Scrapbooking is fun, I used to that before – I’ve lost count of the number of scrapbooks I’ve given friends as gifts. Making a scrapbook would be even more fun now that I have washi tape rolls. But I don’t have the time for it! Sigh. I think reading/blogging also gets prioritized because we try to engage with other book lovers and it lets us interact. Being a part of a community is a good motivation for doing something.

  2. I give up reading to blog, and blogging to read….but fortunatly I’m not distracted much by the other social medias….This time of year, the blogging runs into some stiff competition from the gardening…

    • Good point, I do give up reading to blog and vice versa. Sometimes I hurry a post along because I want to get back to what I’m reading. And there also times when the book that I’m reading isn’t compelling enough so I’d rather blog. Gardening sounds like fun! I’ve never gotten into it (and I couldn’t do it now that I live in a flat in Singapore, no patch of earth to work on).

  3. My own attempts at writing often, except that usually I can blog when I don’t have enough brain power to write and so I’m not sure that counts. Sleep on occasion, yes, and reading other books. Despite all of that, I’d definitely say it’s worth it.

    • What do you usually write? I don’t write anything aside from my blog posts but I know many other bloggers do that. I usually browse other blogs or my social media feeds when I feel like I don’t have the brain power to come up with a post. Yep, it’s definitely worth the effort because otherwise, I would have stopped doing it by now. πŸ˜›

      • Fiction, short stories and I’ve been working on a longer YA fantasy project for, erk, a couple of years now. I’m really shy about it, so I don’t talk about it often.

      • Fiction–short stories and I’ve been working on a longer YA fantasy project for, erk, several years now. I’m very shy about it, so I normally don’t really mention it. πŸ™‚

      • Blogging is definitely a good writing exercise for you then. Probably not as stressful as writing fiction but you can still flex your writing muscles. Hope everything goes well with your writing. πŸ™‚ I’ve never even tried writing fiction (well, except for required stuff in school way before).

  4. Sleep and chores are the top two for me as well. There are TV shows I would probably watch if I wasn’t a blogger but don’t because I need those evening hours for reading time.

    • Same! I rarely get to watch TV shows nowadays. My friends keep recommending shows to watch but I just can’t find the time for them. I used to have shows that I followed every week but I’ve stopped doing that. Some shows are too good to pass up though, like I would definitely watch BBC’s Sherlock when the new episodes come out. Right now, I’d like to catch up with Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory.

      • I love Sherlock and will drop everything to watch the new season when it airs. We are sloooowly working our way through Doctor Who right now. I would like to watch Big Bang Theory next. I can only do one at a time. Because of the books. And the blog. Sigh.

      • Same, will have to watch Sherlock as soon as the episodes come out. We’ve been waiting too long for the new season. I’ve been meaning to try Dr. Who for a while now, watch even just one episode, but I haven’t found the time. For exactly the same reasons that you mentioned: the books and the blog. Hope you can get to the Big Bang Theory soon, that show is hilarious.

  5. Amen. “The books don’t read themselves” Ain’t that the truth! My hubby always gives me ‘the look’ when he says he’s going to bed and I say I’ll just finish this chapter. Cause usually I end up finishing the darn thing. It’s nice to know there are others out there with the same problem. And who also wander around in the mornings like zombies…

    • LOL your husband knows your habits well enough by now. So do you usually stay up late reading books that you can’t put down? Because I do that as well. But I also stay up to finish a book that I’m not really enjoying just to get things over with, so I can start a good one the next day. I usually regret staying up for a book that isn’t so amazing. Having coffee helps with zombie mornings but I’m trying to cut back on coffee, I only have it once during the work week and on weekends.

  6. Your room may not be a pigsty but mine definitely is! Haha. Blogging is such a huge time commitment, but I’ve discovered so many more books, authors, and like minded friends through it. Before I would just zoom through my books. Now I sit and think with them a bit. It’s definitely exhausting when you’re on Day 5 of less than 3 hours of sleep b/c of an amazing series. I’m looking at you, Ilona Andrews. However, it’s so worth it. I’ve pretty much stopped watching bad TV shows. Whenever I’m watching something, I’m thinking, I could be reading.

    • Haha my room is still messy! Especially my desk. I should organize it more often. Same with me, whenever I’m reading a book or after I finish it, I absorb it and give it some thought. And then I try to decide if I should review it and whether blogging buddies would be interested in hearing my thoughts about the book. But devouring a series like you did with Kate Daniels is such a fun experience, even if you lose sleep every night. I can still remember when I first discovered the same series. Would love to find another one like it.

    • LOL that’s nice that you can write blog posts during your work day. I used to do that in my old job but not in my current one anymore, too much to do to sneak it some blogging. πŸ˜›

  7. I’m with Asti, of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most.
    I feel the lack of sleep, the fact that I keep putting pressure on me to finish work, so I can blog, and I feel a lot of responsibility for the review copies I get, I feel guilty when I can’t get to them fast enough.

    • Do you accept a lot of review copies? I try not to. I rarely get them anyway. And on NetGalley, I only request books that I really want to read. I haven’t even had a chance to review most of them. It makes me lazy when I feel like I’m “required” to do something, it doesn’t feel fun. And I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I hope you find the right balance between reading and reviewing so you can get more sleep. πŸ™‚ In the meantime, there’s coffee?

  8. Oh Chachic, I have to admit I’ve been feeling quite guilty this past month or so that I’ve been so busy, because it’s BLOGGING that’s getting sacrificed for me time-wise. I have significantly less free time these days, and it’s been anything on the computer that I just don’t have the energy for. I AM still reading quite a bit (and more audiobooks than normal), but I just don’t talk about them as much!

    • Heidi, no need to feel guilty! Blogging gets sacrificed for me all the time as well. LOL my stats are proof of that – they’ve been steadily going down since last year because I haven’t been posting as much as before. I don’t mind it though because I just blog whenever I can. I think between reading and blogging, reading usually gets prioritized if real life gets in the way of things.

  9. Yeah, I definitely agree with this! Sleep is always the first thing to do, isn’t it? It’s kind of sad, since it’s really important for people to get enough rest to function, but I’ve always been a night owl, so I have no problem staying up until one or two in the morning reading or writing.

    • I know, it really is important for people to get enough sleep. We can’t function properly if we’re sleep-deprived. I’ve never been a morning person and I’m also a night owl but I can’t stay up late and then wake up early for work. I only get to stay up as long as I’d like on weekends because then I could sleep in.

  10. I give up blogging when I’m busy or apathetic about it all:) I am getting a little better about it in the last week or two but I’ve been awful about commenting and doing the whole social media thing. It’s definitely a train that can leave you behind if you let it and the longer you’re gone, the harder it is to jump back on that train. I hope you prioritize sleep more, even though I like being a beneficiary of your bad sleep habits:)

    • Does it help that you have co-bloggers? I was just thinking that Catie and Tatiana can probably encourage you to be more excited about blogging. I’ve been awful about commenting as well, I haven’t even set-up a replacement for Google Reader! I just randomly visit blogs to comment, not like before when I would systematically go through my feeds. Yeah, I definitely don’t want the train to leave me behind. πŸ˜› But I really want to prioritize sleep more.

  11. I sacrifice sleep, cooking, and then sweeping or vacuuming…although as you said, I hope you won’t think my place is a pigsty!! lol πŸ˜‰ I am not lucky enough to be able to blog at my job. HA! I would be shown the way out. hehe I should prioritize sleep more!! Argggh… so hard!! Because …I love reading and blogging!!

    • I just vacuumed my room tonight! So that’s less time for me to blog, probably why I won’t be able to post anything tonight. πŸ˜› Yes, sleep needs to be prioritized more often. I need to be better about doing that.

  12. I’m in total agreement about the fact that all us book bloggers sacrifice things to keep up with producing quality content for all of our blogs. And that doesn’t even include the time we spend reading! We’re just lucky, I suppose, that we love it enough to be willing to give up things for it.

    Sleep is what I usually sacrifice as well. I love my sleep, and I adore getting lots of it – but it NEVER seems to be enough. I always think I should regulate my sleep schedule and get the right number of hours, but then a new book will intrigue me and keep me up till the morning or a blog post will need to get written at 12mn. It’s a cycle that I really am determined to break at some point, just so I can get more of a proper balance.

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