Want Books: Paper Chains and Free-Falling

Want Books? is a weekly meme hosted here at Chachic’s Book Nook and features released books that you want but you can’t have for some reason. It can be because it’s not available in your country, in your library or you don’t have the money for it right now. Everyone is free to join, just grab the image above. Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can do a roundup with each post.

Here I go again featuring Aussie books that aren’t readily available where I’m based. I’ve seen rave reviews from Aussie book bloggers about Nicola Moriarty’s books so I’ve been curious ever since I found out about them. It’s a little frustrating that these books are only available in Australia or online through Fishpond (which I still haven’t tried because I’ve heard that the customer service isn’t that great). I have a feeling that if I ever visit the land down under, I’d probably go bankrupt buying books. I’ve read books written by Nicola’s sisters, Liane and Jaclyn so I’m really interested in trying another Moriarty author. These women’s parents must have given them writer vitamins or something while they were growing up. How awesome is it to have three published authors in the family?

Here’s the summary of Paper Chains from Goodreads:

Paper ChainsHannah and India are new best friends. Although true friendship means always telling each other the truth, doesn’t it…?

Hannah, you see, is running from her life back in Sydney. Now in London, she’s trying to put the past behind her, and finding this amazing new friend is a positive step forward. If only she could stop punishing herself for what she did.

India knows Hannah is hiding something big, and she’s determined to figure it out. Fast.

Because India has a secret of her own… One that is currently sealed in a love letter that’s making its journey across Europe in the most unconventional way.

Before it reaches its destination, can India help Hannah learn to forgive herself? And will Hannah wake up and realise that India needs rescuing too…?

Here’s the summary of Free-Falling from Goodreads:

Free-FallingBelinda’s life is in free-fall after the sudden death of her fiancé Andy. But then ghostly signs begin to appear which suggest he might not really be gone. And Belinda begins to tumble even further – until she finds his final parting gift. But will it be enough to save her?

Evelyn McGavin, Andy’s mum, is also struggling in her bereavement. She copes with her sorrow by shoplifting (once), hating Belinda (constantly) and jumping out of a plane. In her skydiving instructor, Baz, she finds an unexpected friend. But why is he so agitated when he hears how Andy died?

Two women, united in their loss, separated by their sorrow. And yet still linked in a most unexpected way…

If you’ve been lucky enough to read these two books, please feel free to let me know what you thought of them. How about you, what book is at the top of your wishlist?

9 thoughts on “Want Books: Paper Chains and Free-Falling

  1. Oh! These books look AMAZING. Free Falling’s cover definitely caught my eye. I may just have to check these two out IF I can get my hands on them!

    • Both have pretty covers even though they look so different from each other! You can try ordering from Fishpond if you’re willing to give them a try, they have international shipping. 🙂

    • You ordered Paper Chains from Fishpond, right? I keep putting off ordering from the site, maybe I should just wait to meet up with a friend coming from Australia. 😛

    • Yeah, me too. I’ve been wanting to read her books for a while now. I was actually surprised that I hadn’t done a Want Books post about them. So Fishpond customer service is okay now? I shouldn’t be worried about giving them a try?

  2. I really really want to read Free Falling because the cover is lovely. They say don’t judge the book by its cover but that’s the important thing for promotion. And after I read the synopsis, I’m just like… OH I WANT THAT!!

    • Free-Falling really has a beautiful cover. I love the artwork for it and I wish they did the same with Paper Chains. Hope you find a copy soon, you can always give Fishpond a try.

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