Postcard Love: The Hobbit, Narnia and Les Miserables

Wow, I didn’t even realize that my last Postcard Love post was way back in October last year. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’re aware that I enjoy sending and receiving postcards from all over the world. Some of my postcard buddies are fellow book bloggers. I think it’s always nice to get a little something in the mail. Lately, I seem to be collecting more and more postcard sets because so many stores in Singapore sell nice ones. Since I bought several postcard sets during the weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to show them here. Back in December, my flatmates gave me this:

The Hobbit postcard set

Here’s another shot of the postcards:

Hobbit postcard set cast

I was delighted to receive this set and told them that I would love to see the store where they got it because I wanted to get another set. Sometimes, I get duplicates of certain postcard sets because I keep one for myself and the postcards in the other set will be sent out to friends. Kind of like having more than one copy of your favorite book, one to keep in your bookshelf while other copies can be borrowed by other people. So they took me to Popcorn Pop, a store that sells movie memorabilia and I went a little crazy trying to decide which postcards to get. It shouldn’t be surprising that I ended up getting book-related movie postcards. I couldn’t resist another set of The Hobbit postcards:

Hobbit postcard set scenes

And here’s a little Richard Armitage appreciation shot:

Richard Armitage Hobbit postcards

One of my favorite book series while growing up was The Chronicles of Narnia so I had to get this postcard set of the movie adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:

Narnia postcard set

A closer view at my favorites from the Narnia set:

Narnia postcard set2

Last but not the least is this beautiful Les MisΓ©rables movie postcard set:

Les Mis postcard set

Aren’t they all gorgeous? They’re the kind of postcards that I’d love to have framed and displayed if I had my own place. What do you think of these postcards? Have you come across any nice ones recently?

24 thoughts on “Postcard Love: The Hobbit, Narnia and Les Miserables

  1. Gasp! They’re so beautiful! Richard Armitage! Aieeee! Lol. You got all the dwarves too. πŸ™‚ Is it true that Popcorn Pop sells a The One Ring replica and Middle Earth Map or do they only sell posters and postcards?

    • Beautiful postcards, right? So you can understand why I wasn’t able to resist them. I think my flatmates were surprised at how many sets I got. Yep, they have a replica of the One Ring and I wanted to get that as well but I have to think about it for a while. I think it was around 20SGD? They also have the map. I would love to get that if I had a place to display it.

    • I loved that they had two sets of The Hobbit postcards – of course I had to have both! And I got a duplicate set for sending. I had to take a picture of the Richard Armitage postcards because my fellow YAckers will appreciate it. Oh you should watch Les Mis when you get the chance. I had some problems with it but I think it’s a good movie overall.

    • I’m not surprised that you like them too since I know that you enjoy sending and receiving postcards! You should go visit this shop the next time you’re in Singapore. πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you agree that they’re amazing! I was telling my flatmates that we really shouldn’t go back there anytime soon. I spent so much buying these sets. πŸ˜›

  2. RICHARD ARMITAGE FTW!! I really wanted a Thorin Oakenshield bookmark and I was SO disappointed to find that they didn’t have any. There’s only the one with all of them together but who cares about everyone else?? Those postcards are gorgeous, especially the Les Miserables shots.

    • I knew everyone would appreciate the Richard Armitage shot. That sucks that there wasn’t a bookmark that features just the Armitage in all his hobbit glory. Don’t worry, I’ll send you some postcards featured here. πŸ™‚ I had a feeling you’d appreciate the Les Mis ones since I know that you like musicals too.

    • Glad you like seeing them. πŸ™‚ Good luck on your postcard hunting! Hope you find some good ones online. I’m thinking of ordering the Pixar set of 100 postcards but I still have so many so I can’t justify the purchase.

      • I have over 15,000 postcards in my house – I can totally justify the purchase!
        Pixar has two sets out though – so you will have to get 200 cards now πŸ˜‰

      • I just clicked on your website and you have a postcard blog! That’s amazing! I was so excited when I first found out that there are postcard blogs out there. I wanted to start my own but wouldn’t be able to keep up with two blogs so I just started this Postcard Love feature.

        Yep, I want the two Pixar sets. Do you have them? I have the Puffin and Ladybird sets. πŸ˜›

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