Shoot That Book: Laura Florand’s Chocolate Series

Shoot That Book combines my passion for books and my tendency to become trigger happy with a camera. My lack of photography skills is compensated by my enthusiasm. Basically, I like taking pictures of books.

My good friend Michelle of See Michelle Read recommended Laura Florand’s contemporary romance novels when I met up with her a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of this author before but was immediately curious when Michelle mentioned that the books are all about chocolate, romance and Paris. What’s not to like? Fortunately, I was able to order copies of The Chocolate Thief and The Chocolate Kiss before flying back to Singapore. I’m still in the middle of The Chocolate Thief and thoroughly enjoying this decadent read. Since I think the covers for both novels are pretty, I wanted to feature them here on the blog. I like how the two covers match each other:

Laura Florand1

The iconic Eiffel Tower is included in The Chocolate Thief’s cover to represent the setting:

Laura Florand2

I like the details of the two covers – how one woman is (almost) holding a bag of chocolates and the other a stack of macarons (yep, another favorite dessert aside from chocolates):

Laura Florand3

And of course, I had to include a snapshot of the French word for chocolate:

Laura Florand_chocolat

Lovely covers, don’t you think? I always like covers when they fit the story within the book. It kind of makes me sad that the third book in the series doesn’t match these two:

The Chocolate Touch

I’m still excited to read it though! Have you read Laura Florand’s novels? Would love to hear what you think of them if you have.

18 thoughts on “Shoot That Book: Laura Florand’s Chocolate Series

    • Yeah, the first two covers are cute and they go with the story (well, I still have to read The Chocolate Kiss). Too bad they changed the design.

      I’ve only read the first book and I’m now a fan too!

  1. I also recently discovered Laura’s books and after 2 weeks, I have read them all πŸ™‚ She is a marvelous writer and her themes and characters are delicious!

    • It only took me two days to finish The Chocolate Thief, I hope I can review it soon. I want to read the rest of her books as well! I only have a copy of The Chocolate Kiss so I need to get the others. I agree, Laura Florand has a way with words.

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    • I’m so glad you’re interested in these novels, Maggie! Would love to know what you think of them. The covers are pretty, aren’t they? Sometimes I’d just pause while reading so I could admire the details.

  3. I picked up The Chocolate Thief as an ARC on a whim a while back, but haven’t gotten around to reading it. (Can I read it without reading the first one first??) I think I need to. Especially since she has a way with words… (and chocolate!)

    • I didn’t even know The Chocolate Thief was available as an ARC before. That’s the first in the series so you can start one that. Although both books are standalones, the couple in The Chocolate Thief just have cameos in The Chocolate Kiss. Let me know what you think when you get to read The Chocolate Thief! πŸ™‚

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