Yosemite National Park a.k.a. My First Encounter With Snow

I’ve mentioned several times on previous reviews that I’ve never seen snow in person. Well, that changed when I went to Yosemite National Park this weekend. I got to see snow for the first time!









Yosemite National Park is a beautiful place, reminds me of the setting of quest-type fantasy novel. Makes me wish that I brought my lomo cameras with me so I could have taken nicer pictures. All of the pictures I posted were taken using my phone camera. I wouldn’t mind going back there but most definitely not during winter. I found it too cold, which isn’t surprising since I’ve always lived in a tropical country.

I got these Chiura Obata woodblock postcards as souvenirs:


I’m back in Singapore after a looong day of traveling yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to reply to comments on previous posts but I’ll try to do that as soon as I can. I’m also planning to put up a post about the books that I got while on vacation. Hope you’re all having a good week!

17 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park a.k.a. My First Encounter With Snow

    • I don’t think my pictures do Yosemite justice. It’s a good thing I’m on leave today because I wouldn’t have the energy to get up and go to the office. Also, I’m still feeling congested but I’m hoping I’ll feel better soon!

    • You know what’s funny? I didn’t even plan on going to Yosemite. My uncle just said that he booked a room and we could go with him if we wanted. So I adjusted my flight schedule to squeeze that in. You should go during spring, some of the areas (like the giant sequoias) are closed off during winter. Plus it wouldn’t be that cold when you walk around.

  1. Your first snow! And at Yosemite at that! So cool. My parents always dragged me on roadtrips so I saw snow a lot, but when I moved to Boston for college, a lot of people hadn’t seen snow before and were amazed. Hope you had a nice vacation out here.

    • Maggie, have you been to Yosemite? I’m so glad I got to see snow! I can now relate to all of the books that I read that talk about snow and winter. Although I do know that it still wasn’t as cold as other places in the States. I can’t imagine living in a place that has winter, I think I’ll have a hard time waking up to go to work whenever it gets cold. LOL.

  2. Eeeee!!! I LOVE SNOW. AND MOUNTAINS. I’m kind of insanely excited for you, I hope you had so much fun at Yosemite. I remember going skiiing with some Brazilian and Mexican friends who had never seen snow before…it was kind of amazing. I hope someone put snow down the back of your shirt, or you had a snowball fight, or made snow angels…these are all things that need to happen. 😛

    I’m glad to see you made it home safe!

    • You love snow AND mountains? You should definitely visit Yosemite in winter then. Or maybe go hiking in a mountain, I bet there are tons of places you can visit in the States. Wow skiing, I wonder if I’ll ever get to try that? Or snowboarding? LOL I’m sorry to report that none of those things happened. I didn’t want to lie down in the snow and try making snow angels because I was afraid I’d get to cold! And also I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t want to make things worse.

      • Yeah, that’s fair, you definitely didn’t want to get MORE sick (and that would have done it). I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, and go hiking/camping a lot! It’s not quite the same here on the east coast where the mountains are smaller, but it’s still a lot of fun.

  3. That’s awesome!!
    I’ve only seen snow once, when I went to hike up a volcan near the city, we walked for about a mile up hill but we only found a small patch of snow. Still it was awesome, kind of the thing you don’t forget.

    The pictures you took are LOVELY! 🙂 And that dear is SOOO pretty

    • We had to walk for 1.6 miles to go to Mirror Lake and Yosemite and the site wasn’t that impressive because part of the lake was frozen. I know what you mean though, I will always remember Yosemite because I saw snow for the first time in that place! I even got a shirt to remind me. Maybe I should have gotten two? 😛

      Aside from the deer, I saw a squirrel. I wish I saw a bear from afar though. Or maybe a mountain lion, they said the area also has some of those.

    • I borrowed that yellow jacket from my cousin because I didn’t have any winter clothes with me. And the next day, I borrowed my uncle’s thermal shirt. 😛

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