Blogger Meet Up: Maggie of Young Adult Anonymous

The other day I met up with my friend Michelle of See Michelle Read and yesterday, I was lucky enough to have dinner with another blogging buddy, Maggie of Young Adult Anonymous! I’m thrilled that I was able to meet two lovely ladies during my brief stay here in California. I had so much fun chatting about books with Maggie, no awkward silences at all. We talked about our mutual love for Megan Whalen Turner, some books and series that we recently enjoyed reading, the ups and downs of being a book blogger and so much more. We had dinner at Umami Burger, which I’ve never tried before:

Umami Burger

We both had the truffle burger and shared the thin fries. The food was delicious. Even the umami ketchup was good and I’m not usually a fan of ketchup.

Maggie was nice enpugh to get me a signed copy of The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding when she went to the launch:

The Reece Malcolm List Signed

I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been hearing good things about this book and I love that it’s set in LA. It will probably remind me of my vacation when I read it.

After dinner, we stopped by Downtown Disney because Maggie wanted me to try beignets but unfortunately, the store was closed. We did stop by a Disney store and I was able to get postcards and a keychain:

Disney 2013 postcard

I also took pictures of some of the artwork outside the Lego store:




All in all, a great way to spend time with a bookish friend. Thank you so much for meeting up with me, Maggie! If it isn’t obvious yet, I love hanging out and meeting book bloggers in person. I wish I could do it more often. If I was based in LA, I’d probably get an annual pass to Disneyland and join Maggie’s book club.

Just a note that I wrote this post on the WordPress app on my phone so I apologize if formatting is a bit wonky. I won’t have wifi access the whole weekend so I wanted to put this up before I lose connection from the interwebs.

15 thoughts on “Blogger Meet Up: Maggie of Young Adult Anonymous

  1. It was so great meeting you, Chachic! (And finally learning the proper pronunciation of your name.) I don’t mean to pressure you but you should TOTALLY move to LA, get a Disneyland annual pass, and come to book club. πŸ™‚ Can I bribe you with truffle fries??

    PS. I’m so impressed that you’re even blogging from your phone.

    • Maggie, I had an amazing time with you! Thank you so much for meeting up with me, my vacation wouldn’t have been as great if I didn’t get to see you and Michelle. I really should post a recording of how to pronounce my name on the blog. Don’t worry, I will definitely let you know if there’s even a chance that I’d get to move to LA. πŸ˜€

      PS: I wanted to post this before we went off to Yosemite because otherwise, I won’t get to it until I’m back in Singapore.

  2. So many things to be jealous of here, Chachic. I’ve met Maggie twice now and we always have so much fun:) Meeting bookish friends of mine from the internet is so fun–they are always lovely people and book talk always fills any awkward silence, not that there *are* ever any. I haven’t been to Downtown Disney in forever but Maggie did send me that crazy cutout postcard a while back, which I loved. I think it is pretty funny that you now have TWO posts including Lego from the past month. I guess I should probably look to see if there are any Lego-related. Are you home yet?

    That burger picture is making me salivate:)

    • Flann, just got back to Singapore this morning. I’ve been trying to take it easy the whole day because I get back to work tomorrow. Maggie told me about spending time with you! I’m really sorry I missed meeting you in SoCal by a few weeks. It’s funny that I’ve had two Lego-related posts, right? Maggie said that she took a picture of this display in Disney when she saw it but then she forgot to send me an email about it LOL.

      Umami Burger is really good, you should totally have some.

  3. RUB IT IN YOU TWO!! (Did I mention I haven’t even met Maggie in real life yet??) No but really it looks like you two had a blast! I will work on my jealousy issues if I must if it results in fun recaps like this. πŸ˜‰ –Noelle

    • Noelle, that’s one of the things that I asked Maggie! If you’ve ever met each other in person and how you guys decided to start a blog together. I think it’s going to be amazing when you two finally meet, I would love to hear all about it on your blog. πŸ™‚

  4. Awe!! You got to meet Maggie too?! So awesome!! I’m so glad you had the opportunity–I’d totally get an annual pass to Disney if I lived there too. I’m so sad for you not getting to eat beignets…I love beignets…they’re like, the main reason I want to go to New Orleans (okay, that and other food is really the only reason I want to go there). Glad you ladies had a good time!

    • Heidi, yep, I got to meet TWO book bloggers in California. So happy that I got to do that! I wish Disney will build a theme park in Singapore because I would totally get an annual pass if they had one here. Maggie said that she wanted me to try beignets because she was reading about them in Out of the Easy (which I’m excited to read). Maybe I should try and see if they’re available here in Singapore.

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