Universal Studios Singapore

A good friend of mine was visiting Singapore yesterday and we decided to go to Universal Studios. Both of us have never been to this theme park so we were actually quite curious about it. Since I wasn’t able to read or blog during the weekend, I thought I’d share pictures of our Universal day instead. I’m sorry if this isn’t book-related but if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d know that I like putting up random posts like this from time to time.

Annual pass

Got an annual pass so let me know if ever you’re planning to visit Universal Singapore



Universal library

On the steps of Universal’s “library”, which is just a facade but still looks cool

Castle of Far, Far Away

Castle of Far, Far Away

Entrance to the Mummy ride

Entrance to the Mummy ride

Setting of the Waterworld show

Setting of the Waterworld show

Universal signs

Map and signs pointing to the different sections

Universal at night

Universal at night

Universal postcards

Postcards that I bought from souvenir stores

It was a fun day and it wasn’t so tiring because the park isn’t that big. We were able to get on the rides that we wanted and watch the shows that we were interested in. I wouldn’t mind going back because there were still some rides that we weren’t able to go to. So let me know if you’re ever in Singapore and you want to visit Universal Studios. For the record, both my friend and I were saying that Disneyland is a still a much more magical place for us than Universal. Maybe because we grew up watching so many Disney shows that it’s ingrained in our system. I really hope I get to visit Disneyland when I go to LA next month. Have you ever been to Universal Studios? I know we went to the one in LA back in 2002 but I can’t remember much about it. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

12 thoughts on “Universal Studios Singapore

    • I think it would be more fun to go back to Universal with a bigger group. I’m hoping I can go at least three times this year to take advantage of the annual pass that I got. 😛

  1. I agree, it’s a different feeling when you’re in Disneyland. They have the childhood nostalgia card. 🙂

    I only rode The Mummy and The Madagascar ride. Did not have time for the others.(Did not have much guts either. Hihi.) But we were able to watch all the shows. Did you get any photo ops with any of their mascots?

    • Hey, when were you in Singapore? We should meet up if you ever plan to go back. 😛 Yeah, Disney is different for us because we’re more familiar with the stories so we could relate more to the rides, the music and even the merchandise. I remember I wanted to buy so many things in the souvenir stores but only ended up getting postcards.

      Oh we didn’t get to go on the Madagascar ride – LOL we both haven’t seen the movie. We also didn’t get a chance to have our pictures taken with any of the mascots. It’s okay, we didn’t go crazy with taking pictures, just enough so we have proof that we went there.

  2. I think I was there, two years ago. That would be awesome! I’d love to meet up if I get to find myself back in Singapore again! 😀 A chunk of our time in HK Disney were spent stuck in the merchandise stores because the people I was with were all fickle minded and just couldn’t make up their minds on what to buy, especially for pasalubongs. 🙂 We got more dizzy in the stores than we ever were over at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup Ride. Hee. 🙂

    Really, you haven’t watched a Madagascar movie? Not one from the 3? 🙂 Sometimes the lines for pictures with mascots get really long that it’s not worth wasting your time on. But I remember spotting the mascot of Po of Kung Fu Panda just as he was coming out of the personnel’s door. I ran for it! I was first in line. Nyahaha. 🙂

    • Oh you were here two years ago. LOL I wasn’t in Singapore then. Yes, just let me know if you’re ever planning to go to Singapore. 😛 It would be nice if we got to meet in person. The same thing happened when we went to HK Disney, we kept going inside the souvenir stores because we wanted to browse even if we weren’t willing to pay for Disney paraphernalia. We prioritized the shows in HK Disney so we weren’t able to go on a lot of rides. I want to go back! I really hope I can go to Disneyland during my US trip in March.

      Yeah, haven’t seen any of the Madagascar movies. Are they good? I’m usually a fan of animated films but I don’t know why I haven’t seen those. Oh Po wasn’t there when we went. I saw Shrek and Fiona but they were walking around and they had attendants that said we shouldn’t stand too close or hold them back.

  3. Meh. My last trip to Singapore was waaaaay back in 2006. Will drop a line if I ever do visit there again though. 🙂 I loved the original Universal Studios is LA, probably because it seems to have more of a working studio feel to it than the ones that were opened in Asia. The backlot tour was my favorite part.

    • Kim, would love to meet up with you here in Singapore! Just let me know if you ever plan to go here. Yes, that’s exactly the highlight of the original Universal Studios. It has REAL studios which make it much more fun than the one that they have over here. One of the “rides” that I liked here in the Singapore branch is where they showed the setting of a hurricane scene. I thought that was pretty cool.

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