I think you should watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I know I’ve already posted about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries last year but I wanted to talk about it again because I’ve been trying to convince everyone I know to watch the series. You know you’re obsessing about something when you chat about it with book blogging buddies, real life friends, flatmates and co-workers. Some of them have never even heard of Pride and Prejudice so they don’t understand why I’m fangirling over this. What better way to encourage more people to follow the series than to put up a post about it here on my blog.

Lizzie Bennet

Image from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (LBD) is a modern-day retelling of the beloved classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which is one of my favorite books of all time (I even have a Penguin mug to prove it). The LBD is a web series told in diary format in the form of YouTube videos. Each video is about 3-6 minutes long so pretty easy to catch up if you haven’t seen the show yet. They now have 83 videos and the story is pretty near the end so I’m not sure how many more episodes there will be. The videos are posted twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays around lunchtime East Coast time so I get to see it Tuesday and Friday morning, my time.

Pride and Prejudice mug

In this series, Lizzie is a grad student still living at home with her parents, her big sister Jane and younger sister Lydia. With the help of her best friend Charlotte Lu, Lizzie starts her video diaries as part of a school project. What I love about the videos is how well-developed all of the characters are. We don’t get that much detail about secondary characters in the book but we do so in this retelling. Lizzie and most of the other characters are active on social media like Tumblr and Twitter, which makes the experience more interactive for viewers. I think it’s great that Charlotte is Asian in this adaptation so she’s a Lu instead of a Lucas. Darcy’s best friend is Bing Lee instead of Bingley. Jane is a fashionista and I found out about the vintage dress store, ModCloth from her (love their designs but I haven’t bought anything yet because the dresses are a bit pricey). And Lydia is also a great character – she’s just annoying in the book but in this series, you’ll end up rooting for her.

I have to be honest here, I didn’t love ALL of the videos and there were some weeks where I stopped watching for a while and then just caught up with everything in one go. But the story picks up as more characters are introduced and get shown in the videos. It really is a smart, fun series and it’s not a surprise that it’s popular in the book blogosphere. It is a retelling of a book, after all. I think the creators, writers and everyone involved in the series are doing an amazing job of staying true to the story but changing it in ways that make it more relevant to how we live now. I think it resonates with so many viewers because it feels realistic. So if you haven’t seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries yet, give the series a try. Watch a couple of episodes and see how you like it. I promise, the episodes with Darcy in them are worth waiting for. Let me make it easy for you, here’s the first episode:

Have you seen the series? Are you also a fan? Feel free to gush about the series in the comments section (or send me a tweet whenever a new video comes up and you want to talk about it).

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39 thoughts on “I think you should watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

    • I know! I want everyone to get their own HEA because they deserve it. Really looking forward to what they’ll do with Lydia’s story arc. LOL at Dickham, an appropriate name for him.

  1. YES! Love this series and love this post! I was a little late to start watching but when I did, I watched the first 50 episodes VERY FAST. It just keeps getting better and better and eeee, I’m developing a huge crush on Bing AND Darcy!

    • I think you discovered the series at a good time – you were able to watch a lot of episodes in one go but Darcy still hasn’t been revealed then so there was time for you to anticipate his appearance. I really hope we get more Darcy episodes! Looks like a lot will be happening next week.

  2. Bwahaha…I remember back to the days when I’d forget about the videos for a couple of weeks and then catch up. Now I’m getting embarrassingly obsessed, and WHAT A DAY for you to post about this series! Everything explodes! I know you’re probably in bed…so…check the video Gigi posted, along with Tweets from Lizzie and Charlotte and a certain site when you get up. AHHHHHH.

    So happy you decided to post about this show, Chachic–I’m with you, let’s get as many people on this bandwagon as we can!

    • Haha yeah, there was a time when I’d skip watching for weeks and then just catch up in one go. I remember I was behind when they finally showed Darcy so I had reason to catch up then. No need to be embarrassed about this particular obsession because you are not alone. 😛 It’s much more fun that we get to discuss each new episode when it comes up, right?

      I’m really working on getting more people to watch it. Some of my friends IRL have promised that they’d start on because I keep going on and on about the LBD.

  3. Looove this show! It’s such a smart, lovely adaptation of P&P, which sometimes does not adapt well (not a fault in the book.)

    Also, I have a love-hate relationship with ModCloth…as in, I love the clothes and hate the prices! (Like you, I haven’t actually splurged for anything yet.)

    • Yes, there aren’t that many good adaptations of P&P which is why the LBD stands out. They did an awesome job of modernizing everything about the story.

      Hahaha I have a love-hate relationship with ModCloth as well! I keep thinking that if I ever become rich, I’d shop for dresses in that site. I haven’t found a ModCloth dress that I’m willing to splurge on. Maybe if they come out with a bookish themed design? 😛

  4. Yes! I just started them last weekend and I’m all caught up now on both Lizzie and Lydia’s videos and aahhh I just love the show! Darcy and Lizzie are just too cute for words although TODAY! Gosh, I just want to smash Wickham’s head into a wall…the satisfying sound that would make! >.< Anyway, great post, Chachic! 🙂

    • I didn’t even watch all of Lydia’s videos. I just watched the more recent ones with George in them so I could have a better understanding of the story. Have you seen the latest episode? Ahhh it was so good. This was a good week in terms of LBD episodes. 🙂

    • Me too! I think it’s because I keep talking about it on Twitter and Tumblr so I find it surprising that other people haven’t seen or even heard about the series.

    • Yeah, the past few episodes have been amazing! Love the last two. I keep watching the Darcy episodes over and over again. We definitely need to see more of Darcy in Lizzie’s videos.

  5. Wow, I haven’t been here and I feel like I’ve missed so much! I’ve been hiding under the rock (with books, of course) and now I have to catch up on a lot of your great posts. I’ve missed discovering great reads from you…

    Haven’t seen/heard of LBD before. Will try to catch up on that too! Happy February, Chachic!

    • Aww Bee, this is such a sweet comment. How has your hibernation been? Were you able to read any amazing books?

      Hope you have fun watching the LBD series. Are you a Pride and Prejudice fan?

  6. so over the last week I watched all 80+ episodes instead of homework I was SUPPOSED to be doing and I’m pretty sure that its your fault. Dunno if I’m here to say “salamat” or “BAKIT”, haha.

  7. I just started watching two days ago. It’s pretty good! I love how they’ve reimagined and modernized certain elements of the book. I also love how organic and believable the actors are. I mean, Lizzie honestly looks like she adores Jane and even loves Lydia. I also love how they managed to work in Kitty and Mary even if they aren’t sisters.

    • Me too, I really like how they’ve modernized the elements of the book while still trying to stay true to the story. Yep, I think they did a great job with casting. I feel like the actors are a good fit to their roles. What’s interesting to me is how most of the clothes that the actors wear are their own stuff, so that means they understand their roles pretty well that they won’t wear anything out of character. And that they have clothes that work well with their characters. LOL does that make sense?

  8. Yes. Until yesterday, I was at 24 episodes in. Then I spent my Sunday afternoon catching up. I love that it only takes a few hours to catch up on the whole show:) And WHAT A TIME TO CATCH UP! I actually teared up a bit in the last episode (not today’s. Well, almost with today’s). I’ve been trying to get some people to watch as well.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t take too long to catch up. That’s what I keep telling my friends who are new to the series. Although my friends back home are saying that it’s frustrating to have slow internet connection because it takes a while for episodes to load. I agree! Such a good time for you to catch up. So much has happened in the past few episodes.

  9. I was honestly a bit bored in the beginning but then… BING LEE. Oh la la. I’m totally hooked now, although I think that sometimes the just Lizzie stretches go on for a bit long. I’m glad Darcy is back in the picture finally. This is such a clever update to the story.

    • Yes, I feel like some of the episodes are filler episodes, you know? Like they’re included to stretch the story a little bit. I’m a bit bummed that the Pemberley arc is now finished. I want to see more Darcy!

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