6 thoughts on “Book Haul: Sunday Library Stash

  1. Peaceweaver looks so lovely, I really hope you find time to get to it! I’d like to read both that and its companion novel, though I can’t think of its name atm. I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying Amplified. I’m always so gunshy with contemps, and that’s one I’d usually write off, but I keep hearing good things from people I trust so I’m happy to give it a go when I’m in a contemp mood.

    I need to get on reading my Sarah Rees Brennan library books before I have to return them myself!

    • Heidi, Peaceweaver looks even better in person! I like how it’s all shiny and new. πŸ˜› Wonder if anyone else has borrowed it since the library got the copy? I kind of miss the old school library system when things weren’t digital and you can see how many other readers checked out the book before you did. I believe the companion novel is called The Coming of the Dragon.

      Really liking Amplified so far. I hope I’m in the mood to write a review when I finish it. πŸ˜› I’m really behind on reviews lately but I try not to let it bother me, I just come up with something when I feel like it. Hope you get to those Sarah Rees Brennan books before they’re due.

      • I miss that too! I loved when they used to stamp library books, I always enjoyed seeing when the book was last checked out/how much, that sort of thing. πŸ˜€

      • Yes, exactly! And you get to fill up the card with your name, which was also nice. I guess it’s convenient now that everything is digital but I miss those analog days. πŸ˜›

  2. I’ve never heard of Peaceweaver but I agree that it sounds interesting. I went to some bookstores with Maggie this weekend and she was trying so hard to find the first Marillier Sevenwaters book because you all love it so much but no dice. (used bookstores) I haven’t read Amplified yet but I read Harmonic Feedback. It was a meh for me but I’m really curious how you’ll like it as most people seemed to like it a bit more than I did.

    Did you recheck out some from before or just decide to NOT take out your limit this time? πŸ˜‰

    • Flann, will keep you posted on what I think of it when I read it. I dropped by the library again to pick up Coming of the Dragon, the companion novel to Peaceweaver because I heard that they really should be read together.

      Aww sorry to hear that Maggie wasn’t able to find Daughter of the Forest. I remember I had a hard time looking for a copy of that as well, the bookstore had to ship a copy from the province because that was the only one they had.

      I really liked Amplified and I’m hoping I’ll feel the same way about Harmonic Feedback. Hope I can write a review of the former soon. LOL I did renew the books that I borrowed last time but still didn’t have enough time to finish everything.

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