Shoot That Book: Fury

Shoot That Book combines my passion for books and my tendency to become trigger happy with a camera. My lack of photography skills is compensated by my enthusiasm. Basically, I like taking pictures of books.

I’ve been a really slow reader lately, I’ve only managed to finish one book a week by squeezing in reading time while traveling on the train. So maybe I should just feature the current book that I’m reading on my weekly Shoot That Book posts then? 😛 I apologize if I haven’t been that creative with these photos lately. I’ve also been pretty bad about keeping up with reviews so this is my way of featuring the books that I’m reading. If I can’t review them, I can at least take pictures and put them up here.

I’m now in the middle of Fury by Shirley Marr. I’m thankful that I got to borrow this Aussie YA novel from the library. Look how pretty the cover is:

Fury in the train

Library copy of Fury in the train

I also like the illustration in between the chapters:

Fury chapter heading

Chapter illustrations

What about you, what book is keeping you busy these days?


2 thoughts on “Shoot That Book: Fury

  1. Did you ever look at that post from Shirley’s blog about all the possible covers for Fury? It was really interesting. This one was by far my favorite so I’m happy it was the one that got chosen. Didn’t you like how relevant it was to the actual book? That hardly ever happens these days. I’d forgotten about the mask illustration inside the book!

    • Oh I haven’t seen that post, Flann. Will look it up. I really think this cover is beautiful and I agree with you, it’s great that it goes with the contents of the book. I love when that happens.

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