Singapore Zoo

A friend from Manila was here last week and I went with her to visit the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari this weekend. I thought it would be a good idea to share the pictures that I took because the zoo is really nice over here. Plus the animals are so cute. These are all taken at the Singapore Zoo since it was too dark for me to take pictures during the Night Safari (we couldn’t use flash because that would disturb the animals).

White tigers!

White tigers! One of my favorite animals. I wanted to pet them.


Zebras are pretty cool too

When he was a young warthog...

When he was a young warthog…

When I was a young warthog...

When I was a young warthog…


And here are the lions to complete the picture!

So many baboons

So many baboons

Huge, scary bats eating fruits

Huge, scary bats eating fruits



Rafflesia, the world's biggest flower

Rafflesia, the world’s biggest flower

Animal carousel

The carousel has different animals instead of just horses. I wanted to ride in it but I think it’s just for kids

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari souvenirs

Bought so many souvenirs! The elephant and lion shirts were on sale, couldn’t resist the postcards and the magnets are for my mom.


16 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo

  1. I’m so glad you shared these, Chachic! I LOVE zoos. I love animals period, it’s kind of ridiculous (I strongly considered becoming a vet tech for a while which is like a nurse for animals, but went librarian instead). These are some gorgeous pictures! I love white tigers, they’re so (this is cheesy but) majestic looking. I’ve never gotten to see them in person. They do look cuddly, though I’m sure they’re really not. Also, that giant flower is awesome! I’ve never seen that before.

    • Heidi, so you don’t just love puffins, you love all kinds of animals? That’s good to know! Looks like you love animals almost as much as you love books if you considered becoming a vet. Glad you like the pictures, they aren’t that clear because I only used my phone’s camera and the Instragram app. I let my friend borrow my point and shoot camera.

      The white tigers really look cuddly! I was tempted to buy a white tiger stuffed toy but they’re expensive and something like that would probably just get dirty while lying around my room. My mom says we have that giant flower in some parts of the Philippines as well but I’ve only seen it here.

  2. I’ve been on the Night Safari! It’s so much fun seeing the animals at night. I thought it was a lovely idea. I really like going to zoos and aquariums, so I’ve been to a lot, and the Night Safari was one of my favorites. πŸ™‚

    • Oooh you’ve been to the Night Safari! I keep forgetting that you stayed in Singapore for a while. Were you able to explore the Singapore Zoo as well? I went to the Night Safari when I first visited Singapore back in 2008 but it’s my first time to go to the zoo during the day. I think zoos are fun places to visit, I should check them out whenever I travel to a new place (if I can find the time). πŸ™‚

  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing. My family loves zoos. We have a pass to ours and go several times a year and then visit the zoo in any city we happen to be in that has one. Our zoo has a carousel like that too and during the Boo in the Zoo nights in October they make it go backwards. My kids LOVE it.

    • Hmm maybe I should get a pass for next year so I can go as often as I like? πŸ˜› I don’t know how much it would cost though. The zoo is pretty far from the city – we had to take the train and then a cab after that. And then a cab back to the hotel because the train was already closed after we were done with the Night Safari. I think it’s great that there were so many people in the zoo though – animal lovers unite! And they have a Halloween-themed Night Safari, similar to your Boo in the Zoo nights. πŸ˜› I want to check it out but my friend says it’s double the usual price.

    • Kristen, had a lot of fun at the zoo even though I was so tired from walking around! I just kept thinking that the exercise is good for me. I agree, I liked watching both the white tigers and the penguins.

    • Your pictures are so much nicer than mine! Did you use an SLR camera? I just used my phone’s camera and Instagram. πŸ˜› Try to check out the Halloween-themed Night Safari, they say that one’s really nice. My friend and I were so tired after dinner so we just decided to see the Creatures of the Nights show and take the tram, we didn’t have enough energy to walk the trails.

  4. You know, I read huge scary bats eating fruits as “huge scary BAT EATING FRUITS”? Haha.
    I think the huge flower can be found in Davao. Or at least, somewhere in Mindanao.
    And I love white tigers too, but Colleen Houck’s Tiger’s Curse series has put me off them somewhat. Because the main male character was cursed to be a white tiger, and he’s always either being too possessive or being too-good-to-be-true or being a jerk (boggles the mind how one character manages to be all three over such a short span of time, maybe he has fictional character schizoprenia?)…

    • Haha sorry about that, I should have squeezed in a comma in there. Yeah, that’s what I heard too. That flower is definitely not blooming in Manila.

      Aww sorry to hear that a series put you off white tigers. Looks like I won’t be reading that series anytime soon. πŸ˜›

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