Stamp Pendants

Book blogger Leila of Bookshelves of Doom has a lovely Etsy shop. She combines two of my favorite things by making pendants from book-themed stamps. For someone who loves books, postcards and stamps as much as I do, you’d think that I would have bought something from her shop a long time ago. I kept resisting because I’ve never tried buying from Etsy before and I’m always a bit hesitant to try shopping from a new-to-me online store. Finally gave in and ordered a few weeks ago. A package was waiting for me when I got to the flat today:

Curious about what’s inside? Check them out:

LOTR map and Matilda pendants

One stamp has a section of a map of Middle-earth from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The other stamp shows bookworm Matilda, as illustrated by Quentin Blake, from Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name. I would have been thrilled to receive postcards with stamps like these but they’re even better as pendants because now I get to show them off. πŸ˜›

LOTR map pendant

What do you think of these stamp pendants? πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Stamp Pendants

  1. Really fun pieces. I’ve had good experiences buying from Etsy. Amazing stuff and even some pottery bowls and mugs arrived safely in Germany. That Winnie Pooh pendant on the site is very tempting.

    • There are so many things that I want to buy on Etsy. I feel like I spend hours just window shopping over there. I should do that one of these days – for now, I’m pretty happy with my stamp pendants. πŸ™‚ Go order that Winnie the Pooh pendant!

    • Heidi, I was surprised at how big they were! I wore the LOTR one to work yesterday and I noticed people kept glancing at it. LOL probably because it’s so prominent. I chose Matilda because she’s surrounded by books in that picture. I would have loved a Willy Wonka or a BFG pendant too.

      • Hmm, they do look kind of on the larger side in that picture there, but if you had a longer chain, so the pendant is lower, like below your chest, it would work. Could also layer it with a couple other long necklaces.. Mostly I think a longer chain would offset the size, cause I think bigger pendants near the face – people’s eyes go to that.

      • Janice, you’re right – a longer chain would work. I’m just worried that I won’t be as careful of the pendant with a longer chain. You know how it swings around more because of the chain? It’s covered in glass and I’m a clumsy person so I’m worried about that kind of thing.

  2. I want that LOTR map pendant! Haha. And I love etsy. My kindle cover came from an etsy store, I always get compliments whenever people see it, and they ask where they can buy one. Except mine was custome made (I picked the fabric and asked the seller to make the cover based on my print layout specs) so it’s one of a kind.

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