Monday Blues

I’ve started on The Duff by Kody Keplinger, the first library book that I’ve picked up from my recent stash:

I’m enjoying it so far, I feel like it’s very easy to get into. I just found it funny when this little section caught my eye:

I’ve never been a fan of Mondays, ever since I was a kid. Whether there’s school or work the next day, I usually dread going back to it once Sunday night rolls around. So it’s good to know that Bianca is a girl after my own heart when it comes to this little thing. At least it’s Monday night already and the day is almost over – one work day down, four more to go until the weekend. What are you reading now to distract you from Monday blues?

14 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Believe it or not, I always hated Tuesdays more than Mondays. Sure, it sucks to go back on a Monday morning, but Tuesday is too early in the week to start looking forward to the weekend, but you’re no longer fresh and rested. I hate Tuesdays. πŸ˜›

    Still, I’m actually enjoying this Monday and Tuesday OFF because it’s Rosh Hashanah. I work in a predominantly Jewish community, and so we have the holiday off. I’m kicking back and relaxing with Rosemary and Rue. (Also, I’m like you and not loving it either. I like it enough that I requested A Local Habitation from the library, but we’ll see if my Toby love can grow).

    • Heidi, my friend, it is never too early to start counting down to the weekend. I start on Mondays. πŸ˜› Yay Wednesday’s over so we’re nearer to the weekend now. I think you’re the first person I’ve known who hates Tuesday.s

      Congrats on getting a long weekend! We don’t get enough of those around here – back in the Philippines, it was more common. If I had a long weekend anytime soon, I’d fly back to Manila. I hope you end up liking Toby Daye much more than I did, I haven’t decided if I’ll continue with the series.

      • I hear ya. I didn’t grow up with many long weekends, but we had longer summers. Here in NY they like to spread their vacations out a bit, which is fine by me. =)

        I hope you get to visit Minalla sometime soon! I know you were reading A Local Habitation, did you finish that one? I’m hoping I start liking Toby more as I go along…and that the plots get to be something more than ‘figure nothing out, nearly die, get saved’.

      • How long is a long summer? Back when I was still studying, summer vacation was just two months – April and May. I like the long weekends in Manila because they’re spread out, people usually go out of town whenever there’s a long weekend.

        I’m planning to go in October. πŸ™‚ Because there’s a long weekend then. And I already booked my flight for December, I HAVE to spend Christmas with family and friends.

        I did finish A Local Habitation and I still haven’t fallen in love with the series. I asked blog friends who are big fans when they started to get into the series and they said the second book. 😦 LOL love how you summarized the book in one sentence.

  2. I only really hated Mondays when I was still with my old job. Now, I’m just kind of…ambivalent. Haha. I don’t really care, I guess. I filed a sick day yesterday though because I had too much fun over the weekend. Oh and I think I like Mondays okay because two of my favorite dance classes are going on in the gym, and I can attend one of them depending on my shift.

    I love Wednesdays, though! πŸ˜€ I always thought Wednesday is the best time to anticipate the weekend.

    • Tina, that must mean you like your current job! Good for you. I think the rest of us dread Mondays because it signals the start of the work week. I do my best to be more positive though so I try to look for things to look forward to – like a dress I’d like to wear, or type of food that I’d like to try or a book that I’m excited to read. I probably should start working out though, there’s a track right outside our flat and I have new rubber shoes. πŸ˜›

      And yay Wednesday’s over, We’re nearer to the weekend! Only two more work days.

    • Maybe you’ll enjoy reading this book if you’re into contemporary YA. Hope you’re having fun with those kiddie books. πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I enjoy reading those so I can decide what to get for my godson.

  3. I may the only person ever that doesn’t mind Mondays. (don’t slap me!)
    Mondays represent a little bit of normalcy after the chaos of the weekend here at my house, with the husband home from work and the kids out of school. It’s noisy and everyone is everywhere. Come Monday morning, everyone goes to their respective places, and I can think again – at least for a few hours.

    I realize this makes me weird or strange or an oddball, but I’m totally comfortable sitting in that oddball space all alone! So (quietly whispers) yay Mondays? (at least at my house?)

    • LOL no need to slap you. We can’t always like the same things. Good to know that there’s someone who appreciates Mondays, I was starting to feel bad that no one likes that day. I’m a big fan of Fridays! I can just imagine how chaotic the weekends must be for you, I feel that way sometimes too. That’s why there are times when I just want to stay in on weekends, so I can catch up with reading and blogging and sleeping (my favorite hobbies).

    • That’s so funny, Janice! Hmm I can’t remember how I felt about Mondays when I was a kid, I think I liked it too because I loved school. Things changed when I got to high school then college then work. Now, I try to make the most out of the weekends so I don’t feel bad about going back to work. Sigh, it’s Sunday night again!

  4. I’m with Heidi about Tuesdays. Those and Wednesdays are my least favorites. I’m still high off the weekend on Mondays and on Thursdays I start gearing back up. Have you seen Office Space? It always cracks me up when people talk about how much Mondays suck because this annoying person at their work tells the main character, “Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.” I’d want to punch someone if they said that to me.

    • How can you not like Wednesdays? That marks the middle of the work week! I feel like things start to look up by Wednesday. Although usually I also feel very tried by then and I can’t wait for Friday. I haven’t seen Office Space, will search for the trailer of that.

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