Yishun Public Library

I’ve decided to sign up for the Singapore Public Library, even though it’s a bit pricey, because books are so expensive over here! The registration and membership fee for foreigners is around 53SGD (1800 in pesos, 42 in USD) a year, which isn’t so bad if I plan to borrow often. Plus, I’ve always wanted to have access to a public library! Anyway, I’m putting it off until I finish reading the books that I brought with me – otherwise, I might not be able to read them anytime soon. I dropped by the library near where I’m staying to take pictures to show all of you what it looks like:

Here’s the YA section:

As an added bonus, there are some Aussie books on the shelves. Check out This Is Shyness and Bloodflower (Aussie edition of The Returning by Christine Hinwood):

Look, Something Like Normal by Trish Doller is also available:

I don’t understand why they don’t have all of Robin McKinley’s books though:

And this is the only Melina Marchetta they have:

Glad to see the Beka Cooper books because I haven’t read those:

And yay, Megan Whalen Turner and Elizabeth Wein in one shelf:

I haven’t even explored the other sections of the library, like the children’s and adult books sections:

Let’s see how long it takes before I give in and sign up. I haven’t even read the actual books that I brought with me because I’ve mostly been reading on my Kindle – much easier to read standing up on the train using that than a physical book. I’m pretty excited about the library though and I also heard that once I’m a member, I can borrow books from other branches. I bet the National Library has an even better selection.

15 thoughts on “Yishun Public Library

  1. Pretty library! I think it’s going to be a good investment for you, especially since you won’t have to buy books when they go out unless you really, really want to get them. 😀 And it seems like such a lovely place to hang out when you want time for yourself.

    • Tina, yes, books are so expensive here that I have a feeling I won’t be able to buy them unless I REALLY want to have my own copy. I’m definitely going to sign up, it’s just a matter of when I’m going to do it. 🙂

  2. 42 US dollars doesn’t seem bad at all. I wish it was free, though. Like Capillya, I have two libraries nearby that are both free.

    This Is Shyness?! I’ve been wanting to read that forever, but haven’t been able to justify Fish Pond World. Enjoy having a library!

    • Holly, I wish it was free too! Like I said in my reply to Capillya, it’s only free for Singaporeans.

      Me too, This Is Shyness has been in my wishlist for the longest time (and so many other Aussie YA titles – need to check if the library has them as well).

  3. Wish there are libraries similar to those that looks like a Fullybooked branch or Powerbooks branch here. I would definitely pay for the fee as long as the branches are in the malls (easier access) and its like a universal lib card (library) coz you can return and borrow the books wherever they have a branch. *sighs*

    • This library branch is inside the mall near the MRT station so it’s very accessible. I don’t have to go out of my way to drop by. And yep, if I do sign up, I can borrow books from other branches as well.

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