Woods in the Books

Found this cute little indie bookstore called Woods in the Books. It’s located in Millenia Walk mall. They specialize in books for children. Too bad they don’t allow customers to take pictures inside the store.


I wasn’t able to buy any books but I did get these adorable postcards:


I’m planning to put them up in the office, just need to buy some magnets. Books here in Singapore are a lot more expensive than books in Manila. I probably won’t buy anything until I finish going through the tiny pile that I brought with me. I love that there are several indie bookstores here – so far, I’ve seen this and BooksActually. Will try to look for more so I can feature them here.

10 thoughts on “Woods in the Books

  1. Brand new books are really expensive there no? You can just accumulate a whole lot of postcards instead books while you are there in Singapore, Chachic. šŸ™‚

    • Tin, I have a feeling I’ll keep collecting postcards here. I also bought a couple of them from BooksActually but now I can’t find them! No idea where I stashed those.

  2. Does TBD deliver to Singapore? That IS a cute bookstore–what a shame they wouldn’t let you take pictures:( (and a bit weird, no?) I like the Roald Dahl postcard! I hope you have a lot of cute things to put by your desk to make you happy at work.

    • Flann, yep. I can try ordering from the Book Depository! I have no idea how long it will take to get here though. I’m trying not to buy anything until I’ve read finished going through all of the ones that I brought with me. I’ve put up the postcards in my office space, they do help a bit in cheering me up.

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