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Food Republic in Suntec


Food Republic is a food court chain that has branches in several malls here in Singapore. The most interesting for readers of this blog is probably their branch in Suntec because it’s designed to look like a library. Check out the pictures:






Author: Chachic

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10 thoughts on “Food Republic in Suntec

  1. That looks pretty awesome. I hope the food was good 😀

  2. I think I went to a Food Republic when I was in Singapore, but not this one. I would have gone crazy with glee if I had visited this one. It’s AWESOME.

  3. No one in America builds mall food courts with that kind of character. They all look like depressing school cafeterias here. That is an awesome place to eat. I would actually eat in our mall food court if it looked like that.

    • No one in the Philippines builds mall food courts like this either. Singapore is different in that sense. 😛 I like how their food courts have a variety of cuisines – Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay. And each Food Republic branch has a different theme. Oh I’ve also noticed clothing stores that have bookish themes – I should have asked if I could take pictures (most shops say no though).

  4. This place is awesome! I don’t think I’d even care if the food sucked. I’d go there to be surrounded by the fake library/bookstore atmosphere. I agree with the other commenters that our food courts are generic and bland. Singapore sounds exciting:)

    • Flann, exactly! I didn’t even care about the food when I first heard about the place, I just wanted to see the library scene. LOL it’s fun discovering places like this one all over Singapore.

  5. That is so cool! And now I’m hungry.

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