Just a quick post to let you guys know that Kwentillion edited by Budjette Tan and Paolo Chikiamco, a magazine focusing on YA-themed Filipino fiction is now available in several National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches for the affordable price of P150. It’s pretty exciting because this is the first of its kind and I look forward to checking out the entire thing. I still don’t have a copy but I’ll try to do a more detailed post about it once I’ve gone through the whole magazine.

From Summit Media’s Kwentillion page:

Kwentillion Magazine is the country’s first publication dedicated to young adult literature and media, featuring YA-themed comics and fiction by Filipino creators. The bi-monthly, black and white magazine (with an eight-page colored spread in every issue) features reviews and previews of young adult books, interviews with creators, and articles which tackle a wide variety of topics of interest to the YA community.

I wrote an article with fellow Filipino book blogger Tina about our anticipated YA sci-fi and fantasy titles in 2012. Here’s a snapshot care of Tina:

Kwentillion article

I think this is the first time I’ve seen my name in print? This first issue is a trial publication and future issues would depend on how well this one sells so if you’re a YA reader and you’re hungry for Filipino fiction (like I am) then grab a copy and check this out. Feel free to share your thoughts about it because the editors would love to get some feedback.

Places where you can get updates about Kwentillion:

Aaaand I’m sneaking this in because it’s always nice to meet up with reader friends in person and we did talk about Kwentillion. Here’s a picture of lunch last Saturday with Tina, Celina and Aaron:

Meet up with Celina, Tina and Aaron

Image also from Tina. It’s not obvious from the picture because all you can see is the food but we talked about books, of course.

16 thoughts on “Kwentillion

  1. So marvelous! I hope it features some American Y.A. but nevertheless it looks promising, I’m gonna buy it. Hope for the best, C! 🙂

    • The comics and stories are created by Filipino illustrators and writers, but the article that Tina and I wrote features international YA sci fi and fantasy titles. 😛

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  3. That is so cool that you guys have a magazine devoted to give you YA fiction recommendations. Iwish we had something like that here in California. I am jealous. I would suscribe.

    • I hope Kwentillion does well enough that it will become a regular thing. There really is a market for YA local fiction! Hope you find something similar where you live.

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