That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra

I won a copy of Mina V. Esguerra’s latest, That Kind of Guy, when I joined the contest that she hosted. You can read all about it here. I enjoy reading her novels because I can relate to her characters and of course, the local setting.

signed copy of That Kind of Guy

Thanks again for my copy, Mina! Here’s the summary from Mina’s website:

Good girl Julie never expected her hot former-player boyfriend to propose marriage. But when he did, she turned him down for reasons even she couldn’t figure out. Will she settle for a nice, safe guy instead? Or will she let him find his way back into her carefully guarded heart?

Manang is a Filipino word that is roughly translated as “older sister” and is usually used as a term of respect. It’s hard to define but manang is also used to describe conservative girls. My friends and I say we’re manangs when we’d rather stay home on weekends (and in my case, read or blog) instead of go out and party. A girl can be a manang in so many different ways – from the way she dresses (no sleeveless tops or short skirts or dresses) to the way she dates (not willing to be set up on a blind date). Julie is a manang in the sense that she’s a good girl. She doesn’t do wild parties and she doesn’t date random guys. In fact, she’s never been in a serious relationship. When a friend suggests that she should loosen up by dating a fun guy, Julie agrees to try things out with Anton. She’s just as surprised as everyone else when it becomes apparent that Anton wants to start a serious relationship with her. I was curious about Anton when I first met him as Tonio in No Strings Attached. I wanted to see how Mina would write about a playboy settling down. I wasn’t disappointed, Anton turned out to be a really sweet guy in spite of how he was initially portrayed as a wild party boy. Here’s a quote from the book that I really liked:

β€œBefore I met him, I wondered how I could possibly fit a relationship into my life. My days felt full, of people, things, and concerns, and I wondered what I’d give up to accommodate someone new. Anton made it seem easy. He didn’t take me out of my life; instead, he sort of slid into the empty spaces and made himself comfortable.”

It’s funny because even though the book is written from Julie’s point of view and I have manang tendencies, I liked Anton’s character more than his girlfriend’s. His actions and his lifestyle made sense when he explained them. I guess I just couldn’t understand why Julie wasn’t invested in their relationship but then again, that’s something that Julie herself is trying to figure out. What I like about Mina’s books is that I still enjoy reading them even if I can’t fully relate to her characters. Why? Because I feel like her books are stories that can actually happen to some of my friends. I guess a huge part of that is because of the local setting. I liked watching Julie and Anton’s love story unfold. I also think it’s nice that they have such different personalities and yet they go well together. I’m already planning to recommend this (andmaybe even buy copies to give as gifts) to my girlfriends. That Kind of Guy is available in local bookstores all over the metro and will be available as an ebook soon. Mina, when will your next book be released? πŸ˜›

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14 thoughts on “That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra

    • Alex, are you interested in trying out Mina V. Esguerra’s books? πŸ™‚ I’m always interested in what international readers think of her work.

  1. I enjoyed reading this book, too. And it showed why Julie was very concerned about Dante’s relationship with Carla in No Strings Attached. Julie might had been judged wrongly in the previous book, but she proved to be a good character in this one.

  2. I have a feeling if I lived in the Philippines, I’d totally be described as a manang! πŸ˜›

    I swear to you I will read the Mina book I have soon! If I like it, I’ll have to pick more up, the e-books are incredibly reasonably priced.

    • Haha Heidi, that’s okay, we can be manangs together. πŸ˜› Let me know when you get around to reading Mina’s book. Would love to know what you think of it.

  3. Today I learned a new word! Also, I will use it in a sentence: A manang probably wouldn’t wear short shorts like the ones on this cover:) I really do love this cover though, because of all the patterns! It definitely isn’t boring.

    • Flann, you’re absolutely right! A manang wouldn’t wear short shorts like the girl on the cover is wearing although they’re really convenient for the weather that we’re having. πŸ˜› I like the cover as well, it looks pretty fun.

  4. i like the book, its quite awkward with the julie character she’s odd..haha but i understand,im inlove with anton haha!! I LOVE THE BOOK..i will share it to my classmates..

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