Book Haul: Diana Wynne Jones Edition

From what I’ve seen in the interwebs, Book Haul isn’t a meme or a feature in a particular blog but it’s a pretty catchy term for books recently bought or received. Thanks to my friend Holly for the heads up on this. I feel like the past couple of days in this blog have been dedicated to Diana Wynne Jones. Remember when I said I wanted a copy of Fire and Hemlock? Well, I dropped by Fully Booked to check if they had copies of that and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore and look what I ended up buying:

April 2012 Book Haul - Diana Wynne Jones

Three titles by Diana Wynne Jones:
A Tale of Time City
Fire and Hemlock

I couldn’t help it! They looked so pretty side by side and I know that Fire and Hemlock and Dogsbody have been out of print for a while so might as well get copies while I still can. And look who wrote introductions for those books – Ursula Le Guin, Garth Nix and Neil Gaiman. I used a Fully Booked gift card that I received for my birthday. I think this is the longest that I’ve had gift cards with me, it took me more than a month to use this one. Whenever I get a bookstore gift card, I usually use it right away. In case you’re wondering what those pretty prints in the background are, those are summer dresses that I bought from one of my favorite clothing stores, Forever21. What are the tin cans in the upper left? It’s funny because they’re labeled as postcards but the tin cans are too small to contain postcards:

One tin can is carnival-themed while the other is travel-themed and they contain lomo-esque stickers and small cards. I have to confess that I’m a sucker for cute things like these, which is why I ended up getting two.

Too bad these cards are too small to send as postcards. They’re just the right size for bookmarks though:

So, so, so. Got any good books lately? Or have you purchased anything cute and fun that you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let me know.

20 thoughts on “Book Haul: Diana Wynne Jones Edition

  1. Those tiny cards are adorable. Perfect for bookmarks. I saw those Diana Wynne Jones editions on another blog earlier today and thought they looked lovely together as photos but they look even better as actual books together 🙂 I can’t hold on to a gift card for long than a week or two–ESPECIALLY if they are for anywhere that sells books. Those suckers last less than a few days lol. Great haul, Chachic.

    • I should have taken a picture of the travel-themed cards as well, the ones above are just the carnival cards. I think those three are the DWJ reissues? They came out recently but I’m not sure if there are more. I was surprised by how long it took me to use this bookstore GC. I still have one left that’s worth P500 (around $11). 😀

  2. This reminds of the time I was trying to figure out if this complex plot that I had in my head was a dream or a book I had read.

    YEARS later it dawned on me, out of the blue, that it was a Diana Wynne Jones book. A Tale of Time City to be exact.

    Enjoy the books!

    • Caitlin, I have the same problem – there was a time when I was trying to figure out who told me a certain story (I think it was about someone having problems with her love life) and I realized it was a plot from a book!

      I couldn’t decide what else to get with Fire and Hemlock and I realized DWJ would be a safe bet, especially since the reissues of her books have introductions by my favorite authors.

  3. i was looking at those dresses. they are so pretty. and i really need to get around to reading her work. people seem so in love with it that i feel like I’m missing out. those covers are lovely!

    great haul! 🙂

    • Aly, the dresses are pretty, aren’t they? Do you shop in Forever21? 🙂 I hope you get to try DWJ’s books soon. I recommend starting with Howl’s Moving Castle because you can watch the Hayao Miyazaki film adaptation after reading the book. I like the new covers of these DWJ books as well, they look much nicer than their older counterparts.

  4. I’m glad Fully Booked still had those books in stock, such pretty editions. 🙂 Also, those cards/stickers and the dresses are so cute! I’ve been trying to stay away from Forever21 though, 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know that Fully Booked has copies of DWJ’s latest! I wouldn’t have dropped by the store if you hadn’t told me. I’ll grab you a tin can of those cards when I swing by that stall again. 😛 And resistance is futile, you should check out Forever21 while they still have spring clothes. Although their summer collection will probably be nice as well – not a fan of their winter and autumn clothes.

  5. They are the three reissues that were put out to coincide with the Celebrating Diana Wynne Jones stuff going on this month! I am hoping more come out — I am a sucker for hardbacks, but my DWJ hardbacks are getting to the point that I don’t want to read them every time I want to read the story. I don’t want them to get damaged! These new paperbacks are just beautiful! I also think your little postcards make excellent bookmarks! I often use a playing cards. 🙂

    • Michelle, I didn’t even realize that the release dates for this reissues coincided with the DWJ celebration. I appreciate that these reissues came out in paperback format because they’re more affordable. I like getting hardcovers for my favorites as well so I agree, you should buy duplicates so you won’t damage your original copies. 😛

      I’ve already started using these small cards as bookmarks, good thing there are a lot of them because I tend to lose track of my bookmarks. You mean you use a deck of playing cards? This is the first time I’ve heard of that!

      • You’re welcome! (And now if I could only convince my husband that it is okay to have multiple copies of all my favorite books in our already book-crowded house, I would have it made!)

        I do use a deck of playing cards — especially when reading for review. I make notes in a notebook, then use playing cards to mark the pages. face cards are places I would quote; I go in numerical order for the notes in the notebook, etc. The joker marks where I left off. I learned the trick from an old man I never met. His children sold his entire book collection for a pittance, and my husband and I got most of them. After looking through a number of his books, I started noticing a pattern in how the playing cards were placed in the books and my method is as close an approximation as I can get to his method without talking to him. You really can learn a lot about someone from their bookshelves. 🙂

      • Oh wow, that’s an interesting way of using playing cards as bookmarks! But you have to have several decks with you, right? Or you only read one book at a time? I don’t think I can keep track of all of that, I’ll probably forget what the cards stand for and I don’t even take notes when I’m reading. Although I do update my Goodreads status from time to time with quotes or brief sentences that describe what I think when I reach a certain section.

  6. Hi, Chachic! I’ve read just one novel by DWJ, and that’s Howl’s Moving Castle. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would like to. This year, however, I’ll be forced to reread it as well as read House of Many Ways and Castle in the Air, as the bookclub chose those books for discussion in November.

    • Hi Peter, sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy reading Howl as much as you were expecting! I hope it’s a better reread for you. And that DWJ-themed book discussion sounds interesting. Are you guys also planning to watch the Hayao Miyazaki film? 🙂

      • Hi, Chachic! I don’t think so. I saw the Miyazaki movie, and I loved it though. I found it much, much better than the movie.

        Hey, why not join us in November!

  7. Oh, those DWJ books do look ever so lovely.

    I own all three of them in paper already, and I bought Fire and Hemlock in e to read with Kristen’s Read-Along. (I’ll get the other two as ebooks when the budget allows.) But now I want paper copies of those lovely editions as well. I’m going to stomp my foot now and say it’s all your fault. (In a friendly, between book-lovers kind of way.)

    There are so many books I want to buy as it is, so how can I justify three editions of each of those three books? (Any reasonable suggestions gratefully accepted btw, and let’s not talk about my whole issue with issues of Firebird by Kathy Tyers –

    • Oh hey, I’m also planning to read Fire and Hemlock along with a friend of mine. You know it’s perfectly okay to have multiple copies of books you love, right? 🙂 And I know how hard it is to resist when they have lovely covers – and these have introductions from well-known (and well-loved) fantasy authors. Sorry, sorry, I know I’m not helping. You don’t have to get them right away because these just came out so I think it would be easy to find copies. Maybe you can let it stew for a bit?

  8. I’m sorry you didn’t get Bitterblue, but I’m so glad you got all the DWJ to distract you from that fact! I remember you just making your Want Books post…ask and you shall receive. I really want to read A Tale of Time City myself, since I’m a big time travel nerd. Enjoy Chachic, those cards are adorable.

    • I checked bookstores again yesterday when I met my friend at the mall but still no copies of Bitterblue. I hope it gets here soon. But yes, I was distracted by these DWJ books! You know what’s funny? I usually end up buying the books that I feature in my Want Books meme. It’s kind of like a signal that I REALLY want the book so I tend to hunt down copies when I browse in bookstores or order from abroad.

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