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New Adult Guest Post Over at Tapestry of Words


Have you heard the term New Adult? It’s a category for books that focus on young people (older than YA), college age, late teens to early twenties, transitioning into the adult world. I love reading New Adult novels and I feel like we don’t have enough of them out there. I’ve been invited by Danya to do a guest post about New Adult literature over at her lovely blog, A Tapestry of Words. Drop by to check out my New Adult recommendations and feel free to offer suggestions if you have anything in mind. There’s also a list in Goodreads that you can add titles to.


Author: Chachic

Welcome to Chachic's Book Nook! I'm a Filipino book blogger currently based in Singapore. My blog features all sorts of books that I read from various genres (fantasy, contemporary romance, young adult fiction). Click on About Me to learn more and check out my Favorite Books page for a list of books that I love. Thanks for dropping by! Chachic /ˈtʃɑːtʃɪk/ is pronounced with hard “ch” sounds. The first syllable is pronounced like the dance cha-cha while the second syllable is like chick (baby chicken).

14 thoughts on “New Adult Guest Post Over at Tapestry of Words

  1. I’ve never heard of this new genre but I must say I’m extremely shocked that it took this long for it to pop up. I myself have read several YA novels that I would never let my teen read but are more than appropriate for an older audience that is not yet ‘adult’… there are more than a few that certainly deserve its own category. 🙂

    • Bonnie, I think New Adult is fairly new, I only started hearing about it recently. What are some of the older YA novels that you’ve read that you think would fall under New Adult?

      • Flat Out Love is definitely one of my favorites. As far as some other that may or may not fall under that category: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lisa McBride, Blood Red Road by Moira Young, and maybe even the Curse Workers series by Holly Black.

  2. This is great Chachic! I’m off to read your guest post but how exciting. I’ve always thought that YA needed more differentiation. I think we’re witnessing the birth of a new genre!

    • Catie, I agree! It’s pretty exciting to see a new genre develop, I really hope they recognize the demand for books like these and start publishing more of them.

  3. Well, I had always just thought of books like these as older YA, 😉 but I like the term New Adult and yup! we need to have more of them!

    • Alex, I used to think of them as older YA as well. I can’t even remember when was the first time I’ve heard the term “New Adult” but I was interested as soon as I found out about it. 😛

  4. You’re pretty much the only person I talk about this genre with. Those are great picks up there. I have read 3 of them and definitely enjoyed them! (3 more to go–so thanks for the inadvertent recs)

    • Hope you enjoy reading Something Like Normal, Jane and Going Too Far, Flann. Would love to hear what you think of those novels. New Adult is awesome, isn’t it? We really need more novels like these.

  5. I hadn’t heard of this term at all, but I like it! It’s better than YA crossover or just mature YA, since it gives you a better idea of what it is about. I enjoyed your guest post over there, although of course I had to poke you a bit about your choice of one particular favorite. 😉 Nice picks!

    • Wendy, we should all start spreading the word about New Adult! I’m not even sure if it’s an official term but I wouldn’t have found out about it if not for the blogosphere. I think it’s still LOL I saw your comment and I replied. 😛

  6. New Adult… Interesting. I think there definitely needed to be a new category because Meg Cabot doesn’t belong under the same heading as say Kirsty Eagar. “New Adult” sounds good. I’m also fine with “Marchetta Adult.” 🙂

    • Maggie, I agree. It’s good to have a new category separate from YA for older reads like the ones mentioned in the guest post. LOL “Marchetta Adult” is perfect, would love to read more of that. 😀

  7. I literally encountered this classification this week (my editor recommended that it would be a good fit for a novel I’ve written). Here’s hoping it gets more recognition!

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