Postcard Love: Postcards from Ladybird

After I ordered the Postcards from Puffin set from Book Depository, I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just that so I went ahead and included the Postcards from Ladybird set in my next order. I loved reading Ladybird books when I was a kid. Most of my own copies have already been passed on to my godson and he’s enjoying them now. For this Postcard Love update, I thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the Ladybird postcards. I’m a bit sad that my favorite Ladybird book, The Enormous Turnip, doesn’t have a postcard version.

Some fairy tales:

Four seasons postcards:

People at work series:

How it works series:

Some animals:

Some plants, birds and butterflies:

Random cards I liked:

All of these book-themed postcards are so cute, it’s hard to let go of them. I think I might use the Ladybird cards more often though because I’m more familiar with the Puffin ones. I already sent off a bunch of these to some real life friends and here’s a picture of one of them:


6 thoughts on “Postcard Love: Postcards from Ladybird

  1. I have the Postcards from Puffin set and adore them! I know I’ll have to order the Ladybird set very soon! (But I’m disappointed that there isn’t a card for The Enormous Turnip, too.)

    • Love the Puffin postcards! I took pictures of that set as well and had a hard time choosing which ones I should keep. Oooh you’re a fan of The Enormous Turnip too. Gave a copy of that to my godson and he loved it.

  2. I love these! Thanks for sharing. It’s funny, I don’t think there were Ladybird books in my country when I was growing up, but the illustration style looks really familiar, especially for the fairy tales. So maybe we did have translations around.

    • Hmm or maybe they used those illustrations for other children’s books? It’s funny because even though I had several Ladybird books when I was younger, I’m not familiar with most of the titles in this postcard set.

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