Marchetta Madness: Guest Post by Jo of Wear the Old Coat

How did I know that Jo from Wear the Old Coat is a Melina Marchetta fan? She was lucky enough to meet the Queen of Aussie YA in person! You can read all about it in this post. I was thrilled when Jo said that she’ll write about MM’s boys and that she’ll do it through a poem. I feel so fancy, no one has ever written a poem for my blog before. Take it away, Jo!

An Ode to Marchetta’s Men.

When I received an e-mail from the lovely Chachic,
To write a guest post on Double M for her beautiful Nook,
I sat for a minute looking at my MM shelf.
(Yes I actually have one for she has written many a book)

“Which book is my favourite?” I wondered.
“Jellicoe? The Piper’s Son? Finnikin?” I mused.
I guess the real question I had to ask myself was:
Which of these books left my heart more battered and bruised?

When I get asked why I love these books
I never know where to start.
But I guess when it comes down to it, it’s how
Ms Marchetta’s characters completely steal my heart.
Their ups and their downs
Their highs and their lows
And how they always manage to get to back their feet
When it’s all come to blows.

And even though that is true,
It’s…um… not the only reason why.
Because… um….oh-my-goodness,
Melina Marchetta sure knows how to write a guy.

Jonah’s clad in uniform and Jacob rides his bike,
And Tom is in the kitchen thinking of that girl all day.
And then you get the one who just hangs around scantily clad


(Oh come on, I can’t be the only person who pictures Froi that way)

And even though these boys occasionally mess up,
They all know exactly what the word “respect” means.
And even though it sometimes takes them a while,
They always treat their ladies like absolute queens.

(Not that MM’s girls would
Let it be any other way
Because if these blokes stepped out of line
Their bums would be kicked all the live long day)

You may say it’s unhealthy to love a “fictional” boy,
And that we wouldn’t last a day… never mind for ages.
Because what kind of relationship could ever be
When one half of you exists solely within a book’s pages?

But until you’ve met Jonah, Finnikin and Froi
And Tom (whom I will always love with giddy abandon)
Jacob, Lucian and…*sigh*… OK, I guess Will,
You haven’t got a leg to stand on.

So please pick up one of these books,
I promise you’ll love these boys for years.
But if any of you come near Mr Mackee,
It’s gonna end in tears.

Love this, Jo! I tried to string together a couple of lines to thank you:

I’m grateful to the awesome Jo,
For her beautiful poem.
It’s always nice to chat,
When we’re talking about MM’s boys.
I also just want to say,
my favorite is still Jonah Griggs. ♥

Whew, that was hard! My lines don’t even rhyme. I don’t think I have what it takes to be a poet. Can you write a poem related to Melina Marchetta’s books? Also, who’s your favorite Marchetta guy? In your opinion, who’s the most swoon-worthy of them all? 🙂

33 thoughts on “Marchetta Madness: Guest Post by Jo of Wear the Old Coat

  1. So far, I’ve only read Saving Francesca so I’m only familiar with the guys in that book. I’d easily pick Tom Mackee, I liked him even more than Will. I even sort of wanted him for Frankie.

    Jo’s poem is lovely. It made me want to get hold of all the other Marchetta books so I’ll get to know all the other MM boys and swoon along with you guys. 😀

    And don’t worry Chachic. I bet I’m even more horrible at poem making. 🙂

    • Tin, if you loved Tom in Saving Francesca then you really have to read The Piper’s Son. 😛

      I’m glad Jo’s poem and Marchetta Madness in general is encouraging you to read the rest of MM’s books. I assure you, you’ll have a lot of fun getting to know the male leads. Hope you get to read them soon! 🙂

      LOL thanks for the assurance. I knew I had to give it a go.

    • Oh I agree! And it seems like she did this poem in no time at all. Her guest post was the first that I received. Marchetta Madness makes me happy too, Flann. So much more Marchetta goodness in store for all of us in the coming days. 🙂

  2. JOOOOOOOOO. I loled! I love your humour. And hey, Jonah is my favourite too. Ahh, our marchetta boys. Too swoon -worthy for their own good.

    The poem, btw, was just pure epic. Yayyyyyyy

    • Aly, I was laughing while I was editing this post! Jo has such a great sense of humor. When she sent this, she was worried that I might not like it. How could I not?!

  3. I LOVED THIS POEM SO MUCH!!!! How clever and cute! I also read it out loud in a sing-song voice. My favorite MM boy is Jonah Griggs, but I’ve only read SF and JR so clearly I have more to look forward to. 😉

    • Hello, CAPILLYA’s CAPITAL LETTERS! LOL love how enthusiastic you are. I had a feeling this poem would be right up your alley. Yes, clearly you need to need the rest of MM’s books. 😀

  4. Pure genius, Jo. I can’t think of a better person to write about Marchetta boys. You told me that you always think of me when someone mentions Newsflesh.. well, I can’t think of Tom or Jonah without thinking of you. Your enthusiasm is pretty contagious.
    Amazing post, ladies. 🙂

    • Thanks again for being so wonderful, Jo! Remember how excited I was when I first got this poem? 😀 I knew it was going to be a hit with other Marchetta fans.

  5. Excellent, I loved this! But why did Will get an I guess (pure matters of poetry I hope!) because he is my absolute favourite of all MM’s boys.

  6. Oh Jo. You can’t fool me. I know where your true heart lies, *coughTomcough* even if Finnikin frolicks around in only a cloth in your imagination 😛

  7. Of Course it’s not unhealthy to love these boys!
    Jo, that post was brilliant!! I swear!!!!
    And I love love love how you tackled a little about each of these boys! they are awesome! 😀

  8. Omg…this had me cracking up! 😀 Loved it & awesome post, Jo!

    Jonah Griggs is my fave! I don’t even know who is second place. MM has too many great male characters! XD

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