Marchetta Madness: March 18 to 24

Remember Queen’s Thief Week last January? I had so much fun during that week that I decided to do something similar for one of my favorite authors, the fabulous Melina Marchetta. It’s Marchetta Madness next week! From March 18 to 24, drop by the blog to see what other readers have to say about Melina Marchetta’s books.

Photo source: Persnickety Snark

So many of my blog and Goodreads friends are fellow Marchetta fans and if I could ask everyone to write a guest post, I would. But since I couldn’t squeeze in everyone, I’m inviting all of you to participate by writing your own post about anything related to Melina Marchetta’s books. It can be about your favorite Marchetta novel, a review of one of her books, a post about your favorite character, your favorite romance, anything at all. Send me the link and I’ll include it in the roundup during Marchetta Madness. Also, if you haven’t read any of her books, now’s the time to catch up so you can join the festivities next week. I suggest you start with Jellicoe Road because that was my introduction to the awesomeness that is Melina Marchetta. 🙂

Thoughts? Are you as excited about this as I am?

43 thoughts on “Marchetta Madness: March 18 to 24

  1. This sounds awesome, Chachic. 😀 I will try to write a Marchetta dedicated post on that week — I don’t think I’d have time to read Finnikin or Froi that week (the only Marchetta books I haven’t read yet), but I’ll think of something. 😀

    • I’m planning to write my review of The Gorgon in the Gully next week. And then come up with some other posts to fill in the topics that won’t be covered by guest posts. I’ve yet to finalized the details. 😛 I look forward to seeing what you write though!

  2. Ack! Marchetta is author #1 on my list of shame atm…I want to read ALL of her books, and sadly have yet to read a single one. I’ve heard such wonderful things about both her contemp and fantasy, and particularly want to read Finnikin of the Rock. I’m excited to see your posts!

    • So Heidi, here we go again. 😛 Just like Queen’s Thief Week, I hope Marchetta Madness pushes you to read one of MM’s books ASAP. There’s enough time to squeeze in one book before the event starts.

  3. This sounds so cool! MM is my favourite author and I’ll definitely be writing up a post for next week. Thanks for letting me know about it via The Real Book Critique, and I’m following your blog now to make sure I keep up with all the cool things happening over here!

    Thanks for hosting such a cool “madness” 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to send me a link of your post once it’s up so I can include it in the daily roundups. 🙂 MM is such a great author, I’m not surprised that she’s your favorite.

    • Janice, would love for you to read Jellicoe Road! It’s a little confusing at the start but totally worth the effort. Or you can read her other contemporary YA novels like Saving Francesca or Looking for Alibrandi. 😛

      • I would elaborate a little to say it’s only confusing because it’s so smart, Chachic. MM gives us pieces we’ll need and understand later. I love it when a book makes me concentrate!

      • I agree, Jellicoe is a smart and intense novel. I think I was also confused because it was the first ever Aussie book that I read so I wasn’t familiar with some of the terms.

      • Actually, I didn’t find it that confusing, mostly because I had been warned that it was so I was expecting it, which made it easier.

        And, Chachic, I get you about the terms. I have a long history of watching Aussie tv shows but I was lost sometimes – took me forever to figure out what Pashing means until I asked an Aussie friend and she explained. It was fun though.
        (her actual answer was “It’s the same as snogging.” and then I had to ask a Brit friend what “Snogging” was 🙂 )

      • Alex, that’s hilarious! I think I’ve read some UK books before so I had an idea what snogging was but pashing was a new thing when I started reading Aussie YA novels. Even the way they kept calling their friends “mates.” I was also confused the different school system. I’ve learned to appreciate those differences though, gives the books a more authentic feel.

    • Alex, I don’t mind! Go ahead and spread the word about the event, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 And thanks in advance for writing about your whole experience.

  4. To be honest, I’ve only heard of Melina Marchetta and her books this year through Goodreads groups and your blog, so I haven’t read any of her books yet. I really want to, though, so I can’t wait for next week to read all the wonderful posts about her and her work! I don’t know where to start reading, haha.

    Great job with this, Chachic! ❤

    • Maybe you can squeeze in one of her books before next week? 😛 It would be great if you can join the discussions. Melina Marchetta’s books are locally available, I got my copies from Fully Booked. I recommend starting with Jellicoe Road because that was my introduction to Marchetta and Aussie YA.

  5. I so wish I could respond to every comment and say thank you, but I’ll stick to the most profound and say that I was totally devastated about not being able to use the term ‘Pashing’ in the fantasy novels. I think that if Finnikin and Evanjalin were able to pash, the curse on Lumatere would have ended earlier.
    M Marchetta

    • Hah, I love that “pashing” is such a pertinent term! I’m a big fan of all the pashing in your books, Melina. 😀 Sorry to hear that Finnikin and Evanjalin couldn’t pash, would have loved to see that.

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