Postcard Love: Puffin Batch

I sent off a batch of Puffin postcards to blog buddies and real life friends last week. I thought it would be a good idea to post a picture of all those postcards that I sent:

Goodbye, Puffin postcards, I will miss you! Good thing I kept so many for myself. I think I still have more than half of the set. It’s so hard to let go of them because they are so cute. I love that each postcard in the set features a different cover design. Makes me want to keep them even if I haven’t read the books (what if I read it in the future and end up loving it?) Sigh, but I did buy this set to send to friends who love to read so we’ll see. Maybe I should order the Postcards from Penguin set? I have a feeling it will be easier to let go of those, the postcard designs in that set look much more serious because they don’t use covers of children’s books. Hmm…

7 thoughts on “Postcard Love: Puffin Batch

    • Catie, I want to frame the ones that I’m keeping! I figured it was okay to send some of the postcards since there are 100 in the set. I don’t think I can have all of the framed. πŸ˜›

  1. I received mine already, thank you so much Chachic.:) I will post it on my tumblr account as soon as I’m able to take pictures.

    It must have been difficult to decide which ones to keep and which ones to send. Were you able to buy frames already?

    • You’re welcome! Glad you like the postcard. πŸ™‚ I knew you’d get it soon because my officemates got theirs on Tuesday.

      Yes, so hard to decide what were the ones that I was willing to let go! Good thing I have another set (Ladybird) coming. Maybe it will be easier to send those? I haven’t bought a frame because I haven’t decided where I’ll put the postcards in my room. It might take a while for me to have them framed since I still have to fix my bookshelf.

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