In My Mailbox: February 29

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren and was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. This meme is about books that you received or bought during the week.

Woohoo, our super slow internet connection at home (we’ve been having problems with our provider) finally let me post something on the blog! I haven’t done an In My Mailbox post in a while but since I received books the past few days, I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate everything into one post. It’s always nice to get something in the mail, isn’t it? Even if it’s just a postcard. So imagine my delight when I got several packages. Last week, I got Book Depository packages and some postcards:

Inside the packages are my Postcards from Puffin set and my physical copy of Code Name Verity:

Then I got another package from the lovely Michelle of See Michelle Read:

Thank you, Michelle. I knew you were sending me a copy of Whiskey Road but I was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies that you included. Love the Valentine’s card and the Julie James bookmarks. šŸ™‚ Last but certainly not the least, I got a package from one of my favorite authors today:

It’s the Aussie edition of The Piper’s Son! Ahhh, it looks even better in person. I’ve been wanting to grab a copy of this because of the gorgeous cover. I also can’t wait to read The Gorgon in the Gully. I have a feeling reading about Jonah Griggs’ little brother will make me want to reread Jellicoe Road. What’s even better is both books are signed:

THANK YOU so much, Melina Marchetta! I will treasure these books and put them in the highly prized section of my bookshelf, maybe next to my signed copies of Megan Whalen Turner’s books? What about the rest of you, what books and goodies did you get this week? šŸ™‚


Edited to add: got another package and postcard in the mail today! Yay, my pre-ordered copy of Sarra Manning’s latest adult title, Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend, finally arrived. The awesome bookish anime postcard is from fellow postcard+book lover Alexa. Thank you, Alexa!

28 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: February 29

    • Love the Aussie Piper too. ♥ I didn’t know it was going to be bigger than other books though. Good thing I have the Aussie Jellicoe that matches it. šŸ™‚

  1. Amazing mail, Chachic:) I seriously love that cover of TPS–doesn’t it just feel awesome in your hands? I love when people (you included) post pictures of unopened packages. Those are so exciting to see because there’s so much potential! I am probably almost as excited as you are at your mail:)

    • Flann, yes, it felt great to finally have the Aussie Piper in my hands. šŸ˜› I may just do a Shoot That Book post for MM’s novels. I love posting unopened packages and I would have done it for all of the packages that I included here but that would involve too many pictures. šŸ˜› Plus, I got the packages on different days. But yeah, I agree, it’s exciting how an unopened package has so much potential. šŸ˜€

    • Maggie, I know! LOVE the books that she sent. I would have been happy with just one but she sent TWO. The package definitely made my day when I received it. šŸ˜€

    • Yay, you got the postcard that I sent? Will be sending you another one once I’ve sorted through my Puffin set. šŸ™‚ Still waiting for that postcard from Italy – it might take a while because Philpost is notorious for being slow.

  2. ā¤ packages. And awesome signed Marchetta books! šŸ˜€ And again, that box of postcards — so pretty!

    You know I still have all those books from Christmas that I never blogged about. Which I will probably never write about because they're a bit too many and I still feel lazy blogging about them. LOL.

    Most of my Book Depository pre-orders won't be here until late March, so maybe I'll post them. That + birthday post!

    • For a moment there, I paused and had to think – did I include my vintage box of postcards in this post? But then I realized you meant the Puffin set. šŸ˜› Yes, it really is pretty!

      Just out of curiosity, how many books did you get for Christmas? Looks like you got a lot! You know the only book that I got for Christmas was the one that you gave me? šŸ™‚ Thanks again for that.

      I still have a couple of Book Depository orders that will arrive by mid-March and I’m celebrating my birthday early with my college barkada (the group that asks for wishlists) next weekend so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get some books. šŸ˜€

      • From the draft post, I have 7 gifts, and 8 bought. That doesn’t include what Celina gave,TFIOS, and the other ebooks I got at the start of the year. I checked my list and all the ones I’ve bought recently were all ebooks that were on sale. šŸ˜€ That also doesn’t include the review copies I got. Some of them I’ve already reviewed, so the IMM post just keeps taking a back seat. ^^

        I’m actually thinking of what books I will wish for on my birthday — I can’t think of much! Maybe I should ask for non-bookish things this time around.

  3. Postcards and signed Melina Marchetta books? šŸ˜® This is probably one of the more awesome IMMs I’ve seen! So cool! And I’m really happy you like the postcard I sent. šŸ˜€


    • Alexa, don’t worry, it’s one of my favorite IMMs as well! Got so many amazing things the past week, I knew I just had to post about them. šŸ™‚ Thanks again for sending that bookish postcard.

  4. Goodness. I have been dying to get my hands on a copy of TPS with the Aussie cover (me no likey the US one so much). They have been out of stock on Book Depository forever. And I DO love that postcard set. Very, very spiffy.

    And once again, you are so welcome for WHISKEY ROAD — I feel bad the valentines treats were a bit late šŸ˜‰ However, I don’t believe there is ever an improper time to send chocolate tho (although I was curious as to how it would hold up in the mail!)

    • Did the Aussie Piper ever become available in the Book Depository? I saw it listed but I don’t know if they ever got stocks. Yep, the Puffin set is pretty. A postcard is on its way to you. šŸ™‚

      Loved the card that you sent, thought it was really cute. And I love that you included M&Ms in the box – it had a chocolatey smell when I opened it. I was surprised it didn’t melt though because it’s so hot over here.

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