Postcard Love: Postcards from Puffin

I ordered the Postcards from Puffin set from the Book Depository and I was so excited when it finally arrived almost four weeks after my purchase. So many pretty postcards inside, I knew I had to take pictures and share them with the rest of you. Most of the postcards pictured here are the ones that I want to keep for myself.

Box looks nice, doesn’t it? This is what it looks like when you open it:

It includes three Roald Dahl postcards:

Descriptions of the cover designs:

This is what the back of the postcards look like, “nuffin like a Puffin!”

I’ve seen these 2008 Puffin classics in bookstores and I like the designs in this edition:

Little Women has two postcards, I think it’s the only one that had a duplicate:

Two old school Narnia postcards and The Hobbit:

Retro classics:

Other titles I liked (I was surprised that Diary of A Wimpy Kid got included in this set):

All sorts of cute puffins:

Other postcards that I want to keep even though I haven’t read these books:

So, so, so. Don’t you think this is a lovely set of postcards? If you’re planning to buy Postcards from Puffin, I hope I managed to convince you with these pictures. Now I just need to decide what postcards I’m willing to part with so I can send them to book blogging buddies. Sigh, so hard to choose.

27 thoughts on “Postcard Love: Postcards from Puffin

    • Celina, it’s a great set for book lovers. I’m thinking of what I can do with the ones that I’m keeping – cover them in plastic and stick them in front of my closet or have some of them framed?

    • Wendy, I was so excited to take pictures and share them with you. I knew you were curious about what was included. Go and order! 🙂 And I’ll send you one of these, don’t worry. 🙂

  1. …You haven’t read Heidi?! I just don’t even know how to handle that. It’ll rip your heart out! At any rate, I knew there would be cute puffins! Yay! So many good covers as well. I love that there’s a mix of the modern and older covers.

    • Heidi, ooh were you named after that book? And yes, I haven’t read it. 😦 I knew you’d like the cute puffins in this set, I had to take a picture of those postcards to show you. 😛

      • I wasn’t named after the book, my parents just liked the name. =)
        Thanks for taking the Puffin pics!! My fav is the one with the puffin and the owl under the umbrella (of course, I also love owls).

    • I love how The Hobbit postcard shows a well-worn, well-loved cover. I really couldn’t part with most of the cards pictured here. 😛 But I think I can manage to part with some of the ones that I’m not familiar with.

  2. You can’t send these to anyone! They are too beautiful! I’m certain that I need to get this set and then hoard it away like Gollum. I don’t think I could part with even the ones from books I’ve never read or the random puffin picture ones. You are a stronger woman than I am:)

    • So you don’t want me to send you one, Flann? 😛 Yes, I want to hoard them exactly like Gollum. My precious postcards! Maybe I should have ordered the Penguin set because it would be easier for me to use those. I still haven’t gone through the set to decide what I could part with! Ah, need to do that soon.

  3. Oh Chachic, I covet these so much!
    I keep seeing them in Waterstone’s and pining after them 🙂
    I love the Roald Dahl ones and I love that Little Woman has two!

    I agree with Flann, don’t send them to anyone! Haha. 🙂

    • Jo, it’s available in your local bookstore? You should totally get it then. I ordered mine from the Book Depository and had to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive. You should add the Puffin postcards to your Penguin collection. 😛

      Haha maybe I shouldn’t have promised to send these postcards before they arrived? Maybe I’ll send just one batch of postcards and then I’ll keep the rest to myself.

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  7. Thank you so much for this post. I was considering buying them on Amazon, but there aren’t any pictures of what you get. This post was excellent, and now I can’t wait to get them! 🙂

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