Libreria Bookstore in Cubao X is Closing :(

I found out from this tweet that my favorite indie bookstore, Libreria, is closing its doors on March 24, Saturday. I was surprised and saddened by the news. We don’t have a lot of indie bookstores here in Manila. Most readers buy books from the top three chains: National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully Booked. Or from used bookstores all over the Metro. Which is why I was delighted when I first discovered Libreria. It’s a quaint little place and I love hanging out there. I could stay there for hours, talking about books with Triccie (the owner) and fellow Filipino readers.

Libreria has been the default location for Filipino Book Bloggers meet ups since late 2010. It’s a great place to meet up because it’s cozy and we don’t have to worry about not having enough seats. Also, chatting in a bookstore is always a good thing for book lovers. Libreria is the main reason why I’ve been a frequent visitor in the quirky area of Cubao X the past few months.

I just wanted to write a post to say goodbye to this lovely bookstore. If you’ve never been to Libreria, drop by for a visit before it closes. As mentioned in the tweet above, all books are selling for 50% off. We had some fun times in Libreria and I’m going to miss it when it closes.

21 thoughts on “Libreria Bookstore in Cubao X is Closing :(

  1. Thank you, dear Chachic, for this special note.

    I believe there is always another chapter waiting for Libreria, so let’s just toast to the great friends we have found in CubaoX. One of the best things that happened to me in CubaoX was meeting you.

    Do drop by on March 24, we shall ring out this chapter with cheers and laughter, and lots of good food too.

    • Aww Triccie, that’s such a nice thing to say, thank you. I really am going to miss Libreria in Cubao X but it’s good to know that it will never really be gone. I’m going to wait and see what that new chapter will be for Libreria.

      I’ll try to drop by before the store closes. I’ll take note of the March 24 thing as well. Hope to see you soon! 🙂

  2. Chachic, I am so sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. Borders, a main chain bookstore and my favorite bookstore closed down last year. I was deeply sadden. Even though Barnes & Noble is still here, I prefer Borders. Borders had a better organization system. You could find books easily. And guess what they put in its place? A Golf Store. SERIOUSLY????!!!!! A golf store. The only kind of customers they are going to get is old people…no offense to the eldery … and the few young people who like to play golf. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t last . That just irritates the hell out of me.

    Anyways, I think the main reason why bookstores are shutting down is because of the technology epidemic. Everyone is getting Kindles and Nooks. They are neglecting and no longer appreciating the actual book in hand itself. They want conveinence and speed. What kindle and nook users don’t realize is that they aren’t as great as they are made out to be. You need batteries for it, you need to charge the battery etc. That would be annoying. With actual books, you don’t have that problem. You can pull out the book whenever you want and not have worry how much longer you have before the battery dies out on you.

    Now, I will admit, I am a kindle user, BUT , I still read actual books. So you can’t call me a hypocrite…lol. In fact I barely use my kindle because I prefer a book in my hand that I can turn the pages. I think that’s due to the fact that I am a major booklover and I greatly appreciate books, the pages, the smell of books, the looks of books, etc.

    The digital world is sort of killing our bookstores. But booklovers like us can keep them alive longer buy buying the paper form of books.

    Ok, enough ranting . Again, I’m sorry that happen Chachic. I hope you are able to find another local bookstore . Take care.

    • I’ve heard about Borders closing, of course. Sorry to hear that you’re directly affected by that big change. At least you still have B&N in your area. You don’t have an indie bookstore near you? I wish we had more indie bookstores here in Manila but I don’t think they’d survive. Like I said, most readers purchase books from major bookstores.

      Hmm maybe it’s not just the digital format that’s killing off brick and mortar bookstores but also the convenience of online bookstores? Because I think people prefer buying books from Amazon (especially with all those discounts) and then just have then delivered to their homes. If Amazon had free shipping to the Philippines, I’d probably do that as well. As it is, I buy books that aren’t locally available from Book Depository because of their free worldwide shipping.

      As for e-readers, I also have a Kindle and I still read more physical books than ebooks but I like the convenience of e-readers. I love my Kindle because it lets me read ebook editions of books that I wouldn’t have been able to read otherwise (like galleys or books that only come out in ebook format). I also like that whenever I have my Kindle with me, I have several reading choices.

      I think the publishing industry is in a transition phase right now, with so many changes happening left and right. I guess we just have to see where things go. It’s just sad when bookstores close down.

  3. Libreria will always have a special place in my heart. It’s one of those few places where I am totally at peace, whether I’m alone with a book or I’m with fellow book lovers.

    • Sigh, I know what you mean, Peter. It really is a lovely bookstore. I feel like it’s sort of a library because you can stay there on your own and read a book or hang out with friends.

  4. 😦 Chachic, I’m sad your favorite indie bookstore is closing. It is so amazing that Filipino book bloggers get together. I wonder how many book bloggers are in the Pacific Northwest near me. The idea of trying to get them together sounds really overwhelming but it might be worth it.

    • Flann, meet ups with Filipino Book Bloggers are fun. It’s sad that we won’t have a regular meet up place anymore. Libreria was perfect because it was cozy and we could browse through the books that they had there. You should totally organize a get together with bloggers in your area, it will be fun. I’d meet up with you if we’re ever in the same area. 🙂

    • I know, it really is sad. 😦 Are you planning to drop by on the 24th? Oh hey, I didn’t notice that you weren’t in the pictures that I posted. We weren’t able to take a group picture of the most recent meet up.

  5. That sucks. I felt similar when my local Borders closed (it closed a few years ago because of a new B&N). So far, nothing has been put in that space, and it’s so sad to see a huge empty store (they’re talking about making it a Korean bath house now). I still mourn it!

    • You know I had no idea that Borders was better than B&N until Borders closed down. I remember when I was in the States, I was happy enough to buy books in B&N. It’s sad that they haven’t put something to replace Borders in your area. Don’t you have a nice indie near you?

      • Not in my city unfortunately. And the ones in nearby towns focus on general fiction, not genre fiction, although I do subscribe to some newsletters in case they have authors coming by that I want to see. I would love if Oblong Books were closer! 🙂

      • P.S. I am not sure about “better”. I think Borders (my one, they aren’t all really the same) had a great manga and SF section, and a HUGE YA section. The B&N was smaller in all three respects, but was located where the movie theater (the only one in the area!) was located, and people browsed B&N while waiting for their movie to start. That’s what really made the difference. Now the B&N has made their SF and manga sections smaller, and YA sections bigger.

      • Ah so B&N is more for the people browsing while waiting for their movies, they don’t have great selections. The bookstore that has the best selection locally is Fully Booked so that’s where I buy most of my books. They don’t always have what I’m looking for though so I still order from the Book Depository.

  6. So sad to hear about your indie bookstore closing. We only have a few indies here in central Arkansas, but we’ve also got national chains, too, so we’re sorta spoiled. But it’s still sad to hear about an indie closing, for sure. =(

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