Postcard Love: Latest Batch

I send postcards in batches because here in Manila, whenever you want to send a letter or a postcard, you have to drop it off at the nearest post office. Oh and buy stamps while you’re there. It’s so much easier to send postcards in other countries (I’ve tried it in the U.S. and Singapore) because you can buy stamps either from a vendo machine or in convenience stores and just drop them off in mailboxes. I sent off my latest batch a couple of days ago, I think there were fifteen postcards in that pile – three for friends in real life and the rest for book blogger buddies. Here are the postcards that I used:

The philatelic stamps that I bought from my last post office run that I used in this batch:

In the next picture, you can see the countries where I sent off the postcards. Also, the stickers that I used. I like putting stickers on postcards because they look more fun that way. In this batch, I used stickers of Philippine animals, which I bought in a local store:

New philatelic stamps that I bought for the next set of postcards that I’ll send:

I also got this Penguin postcard from the lovely Capillya. She said she chose this one because it reminded her of the Queen’s Thief series:

Thank you, Capillya! I finally gave in and signed up for Postcrossing, a postcard swap website. Hello, postcard addiction! I already sent off my first batch of Postcrossing cards and I hope they all arrive safely. I’m still waiting for my Puffin set to arrive, I’ll probably send another batch of postcards when it gets here.

13 thoughts on “Postcard Love: Latest Batch

    • Wendy, love chatting with you about stamps and postcards! Glad to know that I’m not the only one who find them fun. You do know that you were the one who convinced me to sign for Postcrossing, right? 🙂 And there’s something on its way to you too.

  1. I love penpals! I’m going to sign up as well. In the month of march I’m thinking about doing a letter challenge and send one letter everyday. I’m nervous! Maybe signing up will help.

    • I want to do that challenge but it’s too much of a hassle to drop by the post office everyday just to send one letter. I have no problem with writing a letter or a card a day, it’s just that I need to go to the post office (which isn’t that near my house) to send it. Good luck with it though, hope you have fun with the whole experience. 🙂

  2. I think I see Croatia in that piiile! Yaay! They all look really good, I can’t wait.
    I sent you one from where I live, and the one from Sarajevo i told you about. i do hope it’ll get to you soon. Lisa got her Christmas card in February. 😦

    • Yes and since you’re the only person I know who is based in Croatia, that postcard is on its way to you.

      Wow Maja, two postcards in one go? Thank you! 🙂 I’ll let you know when I get them. It usually takes around two to three weeks for postcards to arrive. It took two months for Lisa to get the Christmas card? And you’re both in the same continent! That sucks.

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