Want Books: All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield

Want Books? is a weekly meme hosted here at Chachic’s Book Nook and features released books that you want but you can’t have for some reason. It can be because it’s not available in your country, in your library or you don’t have the money for it right now. Everyone is free to join, just grab the image above. Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can do a roundup with each post.

I’ve seen glowing reviews of All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield from Aussie book bloggers and Goodreads friends. It looks like something that I’d really enjoy reading. Unfortunately, it’s not internationally available and can only be purchased in Australia or through Fishpond. I’ve been meaning to try to order from Fishpond but I keep getting distracted by something else (like Book Depository’s 10% off coupon). I’m also hesitant to give it a try because I’ve heard some negative feedback about the site. If you’ve ordered from Fishpond, let me know about your experience. Aussie publishers, can you just please make these amazing books available internationally? πŸ™‚ Would make life easier for us.

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

Mim knows what she wants, and where she wants to go β€” anywhere but home, stuck in the suburbs with her mother who won’t get off the couch, and two brothers in prison. She’s set herself rules to live by, but she’s starting to break them.

Now Mim has to retrieve a lost package for her mother.

Does this make her a drug runner?

Why is a monster dog called Gargoyle hidden in the back shed?

And Jordan, the boy she sent Valentines to for years, why is he now suddenly a creep?

How come there’s a huge gap between her and her best friend, Tahnee?

And who is the mysterious girl next door who moans at night?

Over the nine days before her seventeenth birthday, Mim’s life turns upside down. She has problems, and she’s determined to solve them herself. But in the end, she works out who her people are, and the same things look entirely different.

Looks interesting, right? What about the rest of you, what book is in your wishlist?

Want Books roundup:
Tin of RabbitinBeauty by Robin McKinley


15 thoughts on “Want Books: All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield

  1. I recently read this and Bill Condon’s A Straight Line to my Heart. Both are very similar in their laid-back style, dealing with youth in small Aussie towns yearning for more, and for a sense of self.

    It amazes me that publishing houses can’t get their act together re worldwide releases. The whole ‘geo-restrictons’ on ebooks is my major bugbear.

    • mo, that’s another Aussie title that I really want to read! I even made a Want Books post about it as well. I saw on Book Depository that it will be available in a couple of months so I’ll just wait for that.

      I know, I have no idea why they don’t have worldwide releases for these wonderful titles. Don’t they want to increase their sales? They’re probably aware that readers all over the world want to read these Aussie titles so I hope they do something about it.

  2. Oh, yes, I’ve heard some things about Fish Pond as well. It appears, expediency is not its not something this site is known for. But what can you do, it’s almost the only way to get Australian books:(

    • Yeah, it sucks that it’s the only reasonably-priced online store to get Australian titles. I have a friend based in Australia and he comes home to the Philippines once in a while, I’ve gotten the Aussie titles that I have by asking him to get them for me. I’ve always been thankful that he’s willing to do that.

  3. I’ve ordered from Fishpond before, and AFTER I made my order I read a lot of horrible feedback about it (people who just weren’t getting their orders was a common denominator) so I freaked out after reading that, ahaha. Thankfully though, I *did* get all my items in, but it took a lonnggg time for some of them (one book took about two weeks to come in, two other other ones two about 3-4, and the last one took closer to 5 weeks). I didn’t mind it taking so long (I was just glad to get them at all) but I can see how that would bother other people. They also don’t have a telephone number to call if you have any questions or concerns, which is troubling.

    • 5 weeks isn’t that bad. LOL it takes a month or so for Book Depository orders to arrive here in the Philippines and one of my orders even took two months. Do they have an email address that you can contact for your concerns? I’m okay with not having a phone number as long as there’s email and they respond quickly. Glad you got your orders though! It might take a while before I order from Fishpond.

  4. Two books I really want but need to find are Chasing Boys by Karen Tayleur and Taming the Forest King by Claudia J. Edwards. Wendy Darling has been asking authors about their favorite romantic scenes in books. Shirley Marr mentioned CB and Gail Carriger talked about the Forest King.

    I haven’t bought anything from Fishpond yet. Like you, I’ve heard some horrible customer feedback from my Goodreads friends:-/

    • I just saw Shirley’s post about Chasing Boys over at Wendy’s blog and I added that one to my wishlist as well. I’ll add your choices to the roundup, Flann. Hope you find copies of these two books soon. πŸ™‚ I’d love to know what you think of them.

      It’s always hard to wait for book orders to arrive and I think I’d worry too much if I order from Fishpond. It’s good to have that option though, even if I’m not yet ready to give it a try.

  5. I’ve used Fishpond several times and it does seem like it takes a while for books to come in and then, of course, shipping from Australia takes a good long while.

    I do, however, like that they offer free shipping on all of their books, regardless of how much you spend on your order (having seen the shipping costs on items coming from Aus. on other sites, I appreciate this fact even more) and they always seem to have the books I’m looking for, as opposed to places like Book Depository. I don’t know if the latter applies to everyone or just me, but it seems like when I want a book, it’s never in stock.

    These are also books I can’t really get anywhere else, seeing as they’re Australian (I second worldwide releases and with the same awesome covers), so waiting a while to get them is worth it to me to have the opportunity to read them that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

    • Oh yes, I love free shipping as well. That’s one of the reasons why I was considering ordering from Fishpond. We’ll see, I think if there’s an Aussie title that I REALLY want, I’d end up ordering from them in spite of all the negative feedback. I get impatient but I’m okay with waiting as long as my orders arrive.

      Really, you’ve had problems with Book Depository? But I love that site! That’s where I get the books that I want that aren’t available in local bookstores. I actually just ordered from them because of the 10% discount.

  6. I want this book too. I’ve wanted to try Fishpond but haven’t yet because the prices are still pretty expensive, even with free shipping, considering most are paperbacks. That’s good to hear that the longest wait was 5 weeks for Michelle though.

    • Yep, Aussie books are pricey. But I believe those are the usual prices of books in Australia. I’ve asked my friend to buy books for me and they’re really expensive, paperbacks cost as much as US hardcovers. That’s why I can only ask him to get one or two books at a time.

  7. I ordered Raw Blue from Fishpond last year, and yes it did take several weeks for it to reach me in the US, BUT I have ordered from The Book Depository and waited just as long. Fishpond seems expensive (though no shipping fees) but I am not sure what books are priced at in Australia (compared to US prices.) I had no issues with the order other than that, and I just pre -ordered Kirsty Eagar’s Night Beach which releases in April. There are only a few books I would ever pay the high $ Fishpond prices for, and Eagar is one of them:)

    • The books in Fishpond are more expensive than usual because that’s how Aussie books are priced. The Aussie titles that I have were bought by a friend coming home from Australia and they really are pricey – a paperback costs just as much as a US hardcover. So I agree with what you said, I tend to be picky when it comes to buying Aussie books. πŸ˜› So far, it’s just been Melina Marchetta, Kirsty Eagar, Cath Crowley, Fiona Wood and Laura Buzo.

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