Queen’s Thief Week: Giveaway Winner and Wrap-Up

The winner of the Queen’s Thief Week giveaway is: Lusty Reader!

This is what she had to say:

yay, thanks for having a giveaway! *throws confetti*

if i won id like your recommendation of the 1st in the Tamora Pierce Trickter’s series. i own all her Song of the Lioness and Immortals series books but none of the others.

Congrats, Lusty Reader! Expect an email from me, asking for your address so I’d know where to send the book. I have a Queen’s Thief Week hangover. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m sad that it’s over. It was an amazing week and I would like to thank everyone who participated: thank you, guest authors and bloggers! Thank you, everyone who left comments and spread the word about the blog event. I organized Queen’s Thief Week because I wanted to share my love of Megan Whalen Turner and it makes me happy to know that there are so many out there who adore her books just as much as I do. *worldwide group hug for all MWT fans* For those who haven’t read the series (what are you waiting for?! Queen’s Thief Week didn’t convince you?), you can all drop by and check out the posts once you’ve finished the books but I just wanted to mention that most of them are spoiler-free, and those that mention spoilers contain warnings. It has been an amazing week and this will probably go down as one of the biggest highlights in my blogging history. How awesome is it that two favorite authors – EWein and MWT – are top commenters on my blog:

Here’s a list of all the posts:
How I Discovered the Series
Checkers from Sounis, recommendations for MWT fans
Sherwood Smith, with an in-depth analysis of all the books
Melina Marchetta, “What I love about Eugenides…”
Holly of Book Harbinger, with an acrostic to describe Eugenides
Megan Whalen Turner, “The Evolution of Not-Telling”
Angie of Angieville, about bibliovangelizing the series
Sarah Rees Brennan, “The Queen’s Thief, Sarah and Bookpushing”
Ana of The Book Smugglers, “Why I Adore The Queen’s Thief Series”
R.J. Anderson, “How I Fell in Love with the Queen’s Thief series (and Why)”
Elizabeth Wein, “Looking Together in the Same Direction”
A spoiler-free post about the romance in the series
Vince Natale, illustrator of the book covers, talks about the creative process and shares sketches of the covers

36 thoughts on “Queen’s Thief Week: Giveaway Winner and Wrap-Up

  1. Queen’s Thief Week certainly did convince me! I can’t buy new books at the moment (and sadly I can’t get these from a library either), but as soon as I’m able to again I’ll be getting my hands on this series. Thank you for doing this 😀 I look forward to coming back and reading all the spoilery posts once I’ve read them.

    And congrats to the lucky winner!

    • Ana, we’ve already talked about this on Twitter but I just want to say it again, if we live din the same country, I’d let you borrow my copies. 🙂 Let me know when you get to read the series so we can talk about it.

    • Kate, you mean after she finishes Daughter of the Lioness? 😛 I’ve read the Protector of the Small books, got the whole set for my birthday two years ago. I want to read the rest of her books! I haven’t read the Daine’s quartet and the Beka Cooper books.

  2. Congratulations to the winner and to you Chachic! It was so fun reading the posts, and it’s really nice to see people so passionate about a book series. 🙂

  3. Chachic, this has been great fun. Reading all the nice things people have written has caused my head to swell to EIGHT TIMES ITS NORMAL SIZE. I AM TRAPPED IN MY OWN HOME, BUT IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT.


  4. Congrats again on the amazing week, Chachic. You’ve pulled off a miracle.

    Besides, I don’t think I’d have read the series without your recommendation and constand encouragement. I owe you one, I really do.
    Yay for MWT, yay for Gen, and definitely yay for you. 🙂

    • Besides, I don’t think I’d have read the series without your recommendation and constand encouragement.

      That’s a nice way of putting it. I do keep bugging people to read the books. It just makes me happy when they end up loving the series as much I do. I can’t wait to see your reviews of Megan Whalen Turner’s books, Maja. 🙂

  5. That was a fun week! I’m so glad you did it. I went out and starting reading the books as a direct result of it! I just finished with “The Qween of Attolia” & OMGOSH it was soooo good!! I enjoyed it so much more than “The Thief” (although that one was fun to read too!). Thanks so much for organizing the event & thanks to everyone else who contributed!

      • Meg, yay! It makes me happy that I was able to convince more readers to pick up the books because of this blog event. Yes, I loved QoA a lot more than TT but the latter grew on me as a reread.

        Maureen, I loved this: A cold, isolated bunny rabbit, alone until a baby goat comes and kidnaps her? Baby goat! ♥

  6. oh my gosh, what WONDERFUL NEWS! thanks so much, now i just have to make space my Tamora Pierce shelf 😉

    im so so so glad that i read The Queen’s Thief series over the holidays so i could participate more fully your blog event, but if i hadnt i KNOW this would have convinced me to pick them up right away.

    • Congrats again! I sent you an email, asking for confirmation for the book that you chose. 😛

      Yay, good to know that the blog event would have convinced you to read the series! But even better that you’ve read it and was able to comment and fully appreciate all the posts.

  7. Chachic,

    Thank you for organizing Queen’s Thief Week! I loved reading everyone’s insightful posts and comments, and following all the links and reading all the reviews and interviews. I dearly love the series and am anxiously awaiting the next book!

    • You’re welcome, Stephanie. I had a lot of fun putting the Queen’s Thief Week together. I’m grateful for all the authors and bloggers who agreed to do guest posts and for all of you who dropped by to visit and comment. 🙂

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