Queen’s Thief Week: Guest Post by Angie of Angieville

My friend Angie of Angieville is one heck of a book pusher. I can’t even count the number of books that I picked up because of her, most of which have become my own favorites. Seriously, when Angie recommends a book, I feel the urge to get a copy as soon as I could. Try reading one of her reviews and you’d see what I mean (read her reviews of the series: The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, A Conspiracy of Kings). She’s one of the biggest fans of the Queen’s Thief novels so obviously, I had to ask her to do a guest post. Give it up for Angie!

It has been almost exactly three years to the day since I first made the acquaintance of this incredible series. And since The Thief was originally published in 1996, that means I was a latecomer to the party. The truth is I had absolutely no excuse for myself, especially given the fact that a dedicated friend spent the better part of several years trying to get me to read them. She even sent me my first copies. I say “first” because I have since purchased so many copies I’ve literally lost count. The majority of them have gone on to good homes, but I have reserved two copies of each book for myself and my shelves. That way I always have one copy on hand to lend and one on the shelf for when the mood strikes. That’s right. This is one of those series. The ones you never want to be without for any length of time. But, in my defense, I can honestly say I have spent every day of the last three years trying to make up for my lateness by getting other people to read them, too. I call this activity bibliovangelizing.

I engage in a little bibliovangelizing when I run across a book and/or series that, well, it takes over my life. It takes over my life so completely that I can’t stop thinking about it. The feeling builds until I become convinced I’ll spontaneously combust if I don’t share it with someone else. Before I know it, I’ve gone into full recruiting mode, hustling friends and family, blog readers, and anyone else I can reach. In the case of this series, I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re a member of my family or close friend with the ability to read, I’ve personally handed you these books. If you are my husband, you had each book read aloud to you. On the virtual front, I went back through the archives and tallied up the number of posts I’ve done on this series alone since I first discovered it. It looks like so far I’ve written an average of 12 posts per year on my blog. That doesn’t count guest posts (such as this one) or impassioned babbling on every other social media forum I currently exploit frequent. And I can’t tell you how fun it’s been watching others read and fall in love with this thief and his story.

Why should I read them, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why. Basically, the Queen’s Thief series is the Johnny Cash of YA fantasy. You don’t like country music? You still like Johnny Cash. Not because he’s good country but because he’s good. You don’t like fantasy or YA? You’ll still like the Queen’s Thief series. Not because it’s good fantasy YA but because it’s good. So good it transcends genre. It strikes that oh-so-rare, perfect combination of sophisticated and wildly entertaining. To enjoy these books all you need is a pulse and a love for story. Megan Whalen Turner and the incorrigible Gen will take care of the rest. So if you’ve read these wonderful books, please do send me a message or leave a comment, so we can indulge in a good old fashioned squee. And if you haven’t read them yet, I’ll refrain from shooting you the beady eye of death and merely say, I’ve got just what the doctor ordered:

Take two and call me in the morning.


Thank you, Angie! Be blessed in your endeavors, especially when it comes to bibliovangelizing. πŸ™‚ Care to share stories of how you all managed to convince more readers to read the series? Like Angie, I also have a spare set of the first three books (which are signed!) and I have a set that friends can borrow. I’ve also given these books as gifts several times and plan to do that again in the future.

Queen’s Thief Week roundup of posts:
– Melissa entices readers with reasons to read the series over at One Librarian’s Book Reviews
– Brandy talks about her favorite character (Attolia) over at Random Musings of a Bibliophile
– Maureen discusses the myths in The Thief over at By Singing Light

48 thoughts on “Queen’s Thief Week: Guest Post by Angie of Angieville

  1. What she said! Chachic, this week just keeps getting better! Well, obviously, mwt’s post was a high point, but the cumulative effect is marvelous. Thank you! (Off to bibliovangelize.)

  2. Angie, you’re the reason why I started reading these books. By the third one, I was obsessed I’d read KoA three times in one week and immediately forced my friends and family to read the series. These books changed my life. THANK YOU.

  3. Great post. Great event. I must say I love the term “bibliovangelizing.” I might just steal it. πŸ™‚ And I, too, have felt that I might self-combust if I don’t pass a book on.

  4. Dear Angie,
    Thank you. My mother also thanks you. My husband would thank you, but he’s too busy ROFling about Johnny Cash. He did point out that it is an X is the Y of Z metaphor before he dropped to the floor. That’s just how he ROFLs.


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  6. I am a grateful relative of said Angie whose life will never be the same since she told me about these books. My obsession with Gen and the gang is now being passed on to all my friends in my part of the world. I currently have all my copies loaned out and am feeling kind of lonely not having them in the house. These books are pure genius.

    • liz, thanks for dropping by to check out Angie’s post and to comment! Yes to bibliovangelizing the series and passing on the Gen obsession. πŸ˜› I think it’s time to get a spare set of the series so you won’t get lonely when your friends borrow your copies. That’s how I felt back when I only had one set of the books so I decided to get more copies.

  7. Haha, my sister and I read The Thief aloud to our parents during a long road trip…It is the first book we have finished together since the 7th Harry Potter book came out. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only did we finish The Theif, we read and finished the Queen of Attolia, the King of Attolia, and we are currently reading A Conspiracy of Kings. That’s how you know a series is amazing!

    • That must have been on LONG road trip! What did your parents think of the books? I used to read in cars while traveling but I can’t do it anymore because I get headaches. Lucky you, you have plenty of reading time whenever you’re on the road.

      • Actually, it was only 3 hours each way, and we thought that we could finish The Theif, but we didn’t….It was really alot of fun, and they really enjoyed…When we got home, we were just at the part when Gen first goes in to the temple, and a little while later, my dad said “You have to finish reading that book to us!” He really liked The Theif, my mom liked The Queen of Attolia. They guessed some of the surprises, like the fact that Gen had Hamiathes Gift, but they were surprised by alot of them. It was such a great experience!

    • Exactly! I have fond memories of some of Angie’s reviews that made me rush out to buy books. She only had to reply to my question on Twitter and I immediately got a copy of Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart.

  8. I am still chuckling over the wanted poster and the “take two” photo, and don’t even need to mention how awesome the Johnny Cash analogy is.

    Chachic! I do not want this week to end. Can the QT blog posts go on forever, can they, huh? It’s been perfectly wonderful.

    • Checkers, I don’t want it to end either! I feel like my blog would become Very Boring after this amazing event. Maybe I should have planned a Queen’s Thief Month instead of just a week?

  9. Yay! Loving some of these spoiler-free posts. Also I’m a big fan of bibliovangelism, in fact it is the only type of –vangelism I support. And describing this series as the Johnny Cash of YA fantasy? Pretty win. And you’re right, good is just good, regardless of genre.

    • Heidi, most of the posts are spoiler-free so you don’t have to worry about accidentally reading something. There are spoiler warnings for posts that do contain spoilers. The comment section is free for all though. πŸ˜› I saw on Goodreads that you’ve finished reading the first book, what did you think of it? I hope you get to read The Queen of Attolia soon, I promise, it’s even better than The Thief.

      • I made my husband read them too. (It wasn’t that hard though. He is a big fan too. I had to read A Conspiracy of Kings aloud on a long car trip so that we could experience it at the same time and I wouldn’t know what happened before he did. Oh, I love that man.)

      • That is SO cute! I mean that your husband had you read the book aloud on a road trip so you could experience it at the same time. I think it’s great that he’s a big fan as well, at least he understands your love for the series. Is he aware for Queen’s Thief Week? πŸ™‚

      • Of course he is, he lives with me after all. He is not quite as…fanatic…or devoted (yes, let’s go with that word sounds not quite so crazy) as I am so he mostly has been smiling indulgently and nodding a lot.

      • Sigh, I understand. My mom and my real life friends are like that too, even the once I’ve managed to convince to read the series. Although I did get a text message from a friend yesterday saying something like “OMG! I can’t believe you got Megan to post on your blog!” She texted in Filipino.

  10. This post (and the linked reviews up at the top) were so amazingly entertaining! Chachic, thank you for hosting QT week, and Angie, thank you for participating! It’s been wonderful and I never want it to end πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you, thank you Angie for pushing these wonderful books on me. I recently re-read the entire series again and now have three of the books on my Nook just in case the paper books aren’t closet at hand. I love how you describe they’re transcending genre to be universally loved by anyone who loves a good story.

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