Queen’s Thief Week: Guest Post by Holly of Book Harbinger

My good friend Holly is the blogger behind Book Harbinger. I love Holly’s blog because her reviews are consistently well-written and we share similar tastes in books. Whenever she recommends a book, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up liking it. We both read the Queen’s Thief books before we started our respective blogs but that doesn’t stop us from gushing about the series from time to time (read her reviews of MWT’s books here). Today is all about Eugenides so let’s see what Holly has to say about our favorite Thief.

Happy Queen’s Thief Week! I’m thrilled to be here. Like Chachic, Megan Whelan Turner’s series is one of my favorites of all time and I’m more than happy to sing its praises anytime, anywhere. As I thought of what I’d like to post about, my first thought went to the characters. There’s not a one-dimensional one among them, and while you may not love all the secondary characters (especially the Mede), you’ll be hard-pressed to find any reader who dislikes Eugenides, the thief and MC himself. So in honor of Gen and my geeky interest in words and dictionaries, I’ve used an acrostic to describe his character. Hard-core fans and newcomers alike are bound to fall in love with him in part and in spite of these qualities. Gen is…

E – Enigmatic
U – Unlikely, unreliable, unexpected, and an underdog.
G – Genius, greasy (at first), and guise-ful.
E – Ever-surprising
N – Nonchalant (in truth and in deceit)
I – Ingenuous, indefinable, irrepressible, inestimable, and immense.
D – Daring, disobedient, despairing (with reason), defying, and mockingly debonair.
E – An Everyman
S – Short, self-deprecating, snarky, stealthy, (beyond) smart, subtle, and a survivor.

He sounds amazing, right? If you haven’t read the series yet, maybe this is a push in the right direction, and if not, well, we Gen fangirls are always looking for another excuse to gush. 😉

Are there any I missed? The three Es were tricky as you can see and I’m sure there are a lot more words starting with the prefix non- for the letter N. As Gen is one of my most beloved characters (really, I’m not biased at all), there are infinite adjectives to describe him.

Thanks for having me, Chachic! I look forward to the rest of the week.

Thank you, Holly! Such a clever post. What about the rest of you, what other adjectives can you think of that describes Gen? Can you come up with an acrostic for the other characters in the series? Share them in the comments! Also, drop by and check the other posts included in the roundup below. There’s also an international giveaway that you can join if you’re interested in winning a book.

Queen’s Thief Week roundup of posts:
Fan fiction over at booksrgood4u’s blog
Fan fiction over at genndme’s blog
Maureen has a post about the myths in the series over at By Singing Light
April reviews The Queen of Attolia over at Good Books and Good Wine
Heidi reviews the Thief! short story over at Bunbury in the Stacks
Tina reviews A Conspiracy of Kings over at One More Page

27 thoughts on “Queen’s Thief Week: Guest Post by Holly of Book Harbinger

    • I applaud Holly for coming up with adjectives to spell Eugenides. Or for even thinking up of this clever post, I don’t think I could have come up with this on my own. 😛

    • This is a poem I wrote a few months ago:

      A love like no other in Attolia was seen,
      An unlikely match, a thief and a queen.

      A girl with a mask, too cold to be real,
      A boy who hoped that her mask he could steal.

      The boy had lost everything by the queen’s command,
      What was a thief with only one hand?

      But even as she hurt him, he knew,
      That deep inside, the queen was hurting too.

      So he made up his mind to make it his goal,
      To love the queen, and to make her whole.

      Though ice can be strong, it has one fatal flaw,
      warmth can break through, can make it thaw.

      And so was the story of the thief and the queen,
      A love like no other in Attolia was seen.

      • Oooh you wrote a poem for the series, I think that’s great! I can’t remember the last time I tried writing a poem. It would probably take me ages to come up with something like that. I love the line “A love like no other in Attolia was seen.”

  1. Effervescent
    Impassioned, intrepid

    Those are the ones I think also fit. (I love the fact that as a non-native speaker unusual adjectives simply get more of my attention – mostly because I have to look them up before I understand them, heh).

    • Oh I just thought of something, “intense”! Is that appropriate?

      I agree with what you said about being a non-native speaker – adjectives (or unusual words in general) grab my attention. Sometimes it still amazes me that I have an active book blog in English (although a Filipino blog would be MUCH HARDER to write).

    • No worries, I’m just glad people are coming up with their own blog posts for Queen’s Thief Week! Linking to them is the least I could do. I’m starting to think that maybe I should have planned a Queen’s Thief MONTH? 😛 I’ve added GenNdMe’s post as well.

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