Queen’s Thief Week: How I Discovered the Series

The Queen’s Thief Week is finally here! *does happy little dance* I’ve been excited for this event for the past few weeks – I even created a #QueensThiefWeek hashtag on Twitter. Starting January 22, up until January 29, I will be hosting a blog event to celebrate one of my favorite series of all time: the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner (MWT). The books in the series are The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia and A Conspiracy of Kings. If you haven’t heard of the series, I urge you to look it up and read the books as soon as you can. Oh but avoid reading summaries for the books because they might contain spoilers. The less you know, the better the reading experience. Then come back here once you’ve read the books so we can discuss them. šŸ™‚ I’m hoping that the Queen’s Thief Week will be a fun event for fans of the series and that it would encourage other readers to pick up the books.

Let’s get down to business. Since this is the first post for the week, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how we all discovered MWT’s books. I first found out about the series through another favorite author, Shannon Hale. Don’t you love it when a favorite author recommends books that he or she enjoyed reading? It always makes me curious about the recommendations that they mention. Nowadays, whenever I see MWT recommend a book, I go into MUST READ mode. Back in September of 2007, Shannon had a three-part interview with MWT that convinced me to read the Queen’s Thief books as soon as I could. Links: part 1, part 2 and part 3. If you’ve never read the conversation between Shannon and MWT, hurry and check it out. They talk about some fascinating things – what’s it like to be an author, how difficult it is to write while taking care of kids and what’s the proper attire for authors (e.g. capes). I read that interview, looked for MWT’s books the next time I was in a local bookstore and was delighted to discover that they’re available here in the Philippines. Grabbed paperback copies of the first three books (the fourth one wasn’t out at that time) and read them as soon as I could. I fell in love with the series and I remember having a book hangover – I couldn’t stop thinking about the books days after I finished reading them. I have been recommending them to everyone I know ever since.

What about the rest of you, how did you discover the series? Was it recommended by someone or did you discover it by chance? If you haven’t read the series but have heard about it, how did you find out about the books? More importantly, are you planning to read them soon? Feel free to leave a comment! If you’d rather write about ANYTHING related to MWT’s books in your own blog, grab the poster or the button and include it in your post. Let me know when it’s up so I can link it here.

83 thoughts on “Queen’s Thief Week: How I Discovered the Series

  1. Welll… I think I learned about it on a yahoo message board. Perhaps it was the scifi romance one from http://www.romanticsf.com/? Anyway, yeah so I read the wrong book first and put it down when I realized I didn’t have book one. Years later, I got the right first book (THE THIEF).

    So I put it on the TBR years ago, but then really started reading the books last year after Angie, you, Ana of the Book Smugglers, and what feels like everyone in book bloglandia found out I hadn’t read it. There was a flurry on twitter, and thinking of how I was going to SEE people in real life at BEA, I decided to start the series before people could pelt me in person. And everyone was right, I should have read them earlier. šŸ™‚

    • Yahoo message board sounds old school! I can’t remember if you’ve told me about starting the wrong book first. I hope you didn’t reach the shocking part before you put it down.

      Haha sorry about that! I remember bugging you on Twitter with Angie and Ana’s help because we wanted to convince more people to read the books. I think it’s a good thing BEA sort of pressured you to read the books, isn’t it? Aren’t you glad you’re now aware of how amazing the series is? šŸ˜€ I remember you included the books in your best of 2011 list.

      • I know, doesn’t it?! HA. But not as old school as saying.. on a newsgroup. šŸ™‚

        Haha, don’t worry, I joke about the twitter flurry, but it was fun. And yes, you guys were RIGHT. It was on my best of 2011 list, indeed.

      • Wait, is newsgroup the same as yahoo groups? Because I’m not sure. šŸ˜›

        Yeah, I think it’s also fun when someone on Twitter convinces me to read a book – I always give in to the pressure. šŸ˜›

  2. I always take book suggestions from my favorite authors! Lately, anything Melissa Marr recommends gets added to my pile, and she hasn’t failed me yet.

    I only heard about this series relatively recently, when I really started getting into reading among the blogosphere last year. Now I feel like I’m hearing about it constantly! I’m planning to start the books asap, I was even going to go pick them up today but snow’s kept me home. Excited for the week regardless!

    • Heidi, I know what you mean. I always take note of recommendations from favorite authors – I feel like if they liked a book, it must be really good. I’ve discovered plenty of favorite books through author recs.

      The series has gotten a lot of attention from the blogosphere the past couple of years and that makes me happy. Too bad about the snow, I hope you can pick up the books soon!

  3. I just remember learning about the Queen’s Thief series via several book bloggers who were loud and proud in their declarations of love for it, but most specifically I remember reading a guest post by MWT on The Book Smugglers and picking up the series right after.

    • I remember that Smugglivus guest post from MWT! I was so excited to see her write something for the Smugglers. Good to know the post encouraged more readers to read the books. You got your copies from a library sale, right? I think I remember your IMM post about them. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your review of The Queen of Attolia!

  4. Well, I discovered it thanks to you and Lisa. I remember you recommending it to me on GoodReads, and then right after, Lisa reviewed The Queen of Attolia and wrote such amazing things about Eugenides that I had to satisfy my curiosity.

    I’m totally thrilled to be reading it with Flann. We’ve both been busy, but maybe it’s best to take things slowly. All the twists are making my head spin anyway.

    • I remember Lisa’s review, I’m glad she liked it even though she wasn’t a fan of all the political intrigue. Yay for your readalong with Flannery! I found out about it through Twitter the other day and I think it’s great that both of you are reading it just in time for Queen’s Thief Week. Looking forward to hearing what you both think of the books. šŸ™‚

      • I can already tell you that I’m loving The Queen of Attolia. I think I’m in love šŸ™‚
        I probably won’t be able to stop until I read all the books. Thank you for recommending this to me on Goodreads, but most of all, thanks for doing these amazing posts. I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s all so interesting and it looks amazing.

      • That is excellent news, Maja! I can’t wait for you to finish the whole thing so we can talk about it. Feel free to send me a message on Goodreads or Twitter if you want to discuss anything about the book. šŸ™‚

        When I was planning this event, I didn’t think it would involve so much work LOL. But no worries, it’s a lot of fun and I’m more than willing to do all of these for a favorite series.

  5. I was in eighth grade, working on our school newspaper, looking for something to do for my monthly book review, and I saw the original cover of The Queen of Attolia with the hand (and what I later realized was Attolia’s palace on the bottom half). I read it, enjoyed it immensely, checked it out again six months later, and fell head-over-heels madly in love with every aspect of the book. I didn’t own it, though, and so twice a year I would make a pilgrimage to the big library in town and check out their copy and read. Eventually I got my hands on TT as well, and somewhere I still have the email from where I first learned that KoA would be coming out (SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS). šŸ˜€

    • Wow, you started early! Wish I could have known about the books when I was that young. But then again, I’d have to wait for YEARS for the sequels to be published so I should be thankful I discovered the series in 2007. I like that you had a ritual for rereading QoA every six months. I hope you have your own copies of the books now? šŸ™‚ I can’t imagine not having them in my bookshelf. I even have duplicates of the first three books so I can let friends borrow them.

  6. I had a copy of The Thief in my classroom and never read it. Despite all of my students who read it begging me to. Oh the years I missed! I didn’t actually decide to read them until I saw N.D. Wilson (another favorite author of mine) enthusiastically recommend them on his blog. He does not do this often so I knew they must begin. I actually started reading book blogs because I was looking for other people who had actually read the books and love them like I do. (And of course I discovered sounis this way too.)

    • Tsk, Brandy. You should have listened to your students earlier! I understand though, now that I have a huge TBR pile, it’s so hard to find the time to read ALL the books that I want to read. Hmm you’ve made me curious about N.D. Wilson, I haven’t read any of his books. Where should i start? I found out about Sounis by going online and searching for fellow fans too. I revived my LiveJournal account just for Sounis so I could start lurking.

  7. I think I just picked it up The Thief one day in a random library because of the sticker on the cover….and the rest is history!

    (on my list of books to read sooner rather than later is The Returning, which I rushed out and bought because MWT blurbed it….)

    • You discovered it by chance! I think you’re the first to comment about discovering the series on your own and not through recommendations.

      Yes, I have a copy of The Returning as well! I pre-ordered it when I discovered that not only MWT but Melina Marchetta (another favorite author) blurbed it. I really need to bump it up the TBR pile.

  8. I first read The Thief for our Homeschool Book Group in November 2000. I read The Queen of Attolia shortly after and thought the series was finished nicely. I was surprised when I saw The King of Attolia in 2006, but now I have a better idea of the scope of the series and am watching for updates from Greenwillow. After King was released, our book group reread the series from September 2007 to March of 2008. By the time A Conspiracy of Kings was released, all of my kids were in college and I was no longer leading the book group, but we are still reading the books on our own. I discover more and love them more each time I reread them.

    • Oh I know what you mean. After I finished reading QoA, I didn’t want to start KoA right away because I loved the ending and didn’t think the next book could be as brilliant as its predecessor. I was obviously wrong. I love the endings of all the books and I’m grateful that MWT doesn’t end them on cliffhangers. Makes it a bit easier for us to wait for the next installment. That’s a nice tradition with your book group, I hope it continues until the series ends.

  9. Hi Chachic. I found out about The Thief from you. Surprise, surprise. šŸ˜€ I haven’t had the chance to get the last three books in the series, but I’m starting on Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy. So now I know I’m in for a treat. šŸ™‚

    • Tin, all of the books are available in Fully Booked. šŸ™‚ You can call them and have the books transferred to the branch nearest you and pick them up from there. Is Princess Academy your first Shannon Hale? Mine was The Goose Girl and it’s still my favorite. You’re really in for a treat, I have a feeling you’d want to read the rest of her backlist after you finish one of her books.

  10. I was 15 and the middle school where i did my career practum was having a book fair. I found The Thief and about flew out of my skin when I found out my friend had the sequel, Queen of Attolia. Ever since I have endured the looong waits in between books and have fallen head over heels for the seriers. They are my favorite books and reccomendations. And it tickles me that so many are now aware and on board the MWT-love express. Thank you!

    • Isn’t it great that so many people are now fans of the series? šŸ™‚ Back in 2007, I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to about the books so I made my real life friends read them. All of them loved the books but they weren’t crazy about it like I was (and still am). Lucky that you discovered the first book in a book fair and that your friend had a copy of the sequel! Is your friend a fan of the series as well?

  11. I’ve always enjoyed stories/series about thieves, I don’t know why I just find them appealing. Anyway, I was in a bookstore and I happened to stumble across The Thief. Naturally, the title already had me curious and after reading the summary on the back I decided to give a try and I’ve been hooked ever since. I think The King of Attolia had just came out so it was great to have all three books to through. Not only do I love the series, but I love this fandom that goes with it. I hope it continues for years to come. ^_^

    • Thieves in fiction are awesome, I’m a fan of them as well. Although my fascination started with Gen. I keep looking for books with Gen-like characters (which we’ll discuss further when I put up the recommendations post). Oh I don’t think you need to worry about the fandom, it will always be there. We need a support group while we’re all waiting for the next book to be released.

  12. I was first introduced to MWT through Shannon too! I looked at her list of recommended books and systematically devoured them. This is also how I discovered Sherwood Smith and Laini Taylor. Love when Shannon recommends!

    • Melissa, good to know I’m not the only one who discovered MWT through Shannon Hale! šŸ™‚ And yes, I discovered Sherwood Smith through her too! But why did I miss Laini Taylor? I only discovered Laini’s books last year and devoured all of them. I should go back and reread Shannon’s recommendations.

  13. I was wandering through YA in the bookstore and stumbled on TT. I read the first sentence and was hooked. I fell so hard for Gen and never looked back. I didn’t know there were sequels until years later, when I was browsing Amazon online and found QoA. KoA came out soon after. It was only after that that I was searching online for anything else mwt may have written and somehow found Sounis. Thank goodness! Sounis keeps me occupied during the long periods of darkness between books. Ahem.

    • LOL “long periods of darkness between books.” You got that right, Tiegirl! At least you didn’t have a long wait in between QoA and KoA, right? šŸ™‚ I love Sounis, that’s where I got recommendations for most of the books that I read before I started this book blog. I still follow the threads even though I haven’t logged in LJ for ages.

  14. I learned about the series from you! I think back then I didn’t know you yet and I wasn’t following any blogs. But I believe I didn’t actually pick up the books until after I met you and you convinced me to try out the series.:)

    • I’m glad I convinced you to read the books! Remember, we became friends because of Howl? šŸ˜› There’s a line in Howl that also appears in the Queen’s Thief books.

  15. I discovered the first book, The Thief, back when I was in middle school (about 15 years ago) which was around the time the book was first published. I found it in my school library and was intrigued by the book’s title and cover. I had a thing about thief books and books that used mythology. I instantly fell in love with the main character and the story. I could not put that book down! It’s still one of my favorite books. When the second book came out, I found it at a bookstore when I was looking for more books by MWT. I haven’t known about it and was pleasantly surprised to see it.

    But it was only until last year while I was substitute teaching at a middle school that I learned about the third and fourth book. O.O I was in the library with the class and had to stop myself from screaming aloud when I was the books displayed on the front display-shelving-unit. I haven’t read the newest two yet, but they are on my to-read list. I started re-reading the series again starting with the first book so the story and characters are fresh in my mind. I think it’s awesome that you can read a book series as a kid, but you can still love and enjoy them when you’re an adult. It also says a lot about the quality of said book series. =D

    • Wow, you discovered it 15 years ago! I’ve always had a thing for books that used mythology but it wasn’t until I discovered Gen that I started looking for more thieves in fiction. I can imagine your surprise (and delight) when you discovered the sequels. I probably would have jumped up and down in excitement if I was in your place. I hope you get to read KoA and ACoK soon! I have a feeling you’re going to love them. šŸ˜› Yes, I agree, I love it when old favorites stand the test of time. I just finished rereading QoA and I still think it’s brilliant.

  16. I was looking online for booktalks to use and stumbled across one for The Queen of Attolia. I thought it sounded really good so I walked out to the library shelves and picked the book up. I saw it was a sequel, but TT was checked out, so I went ahead and took QoA. Went to the gym and climbed on the elliptical machine and started reading. When I got to a certain part, I was pedaling faster and faster, thinking OMG I can’t believe this! I was so wowed by it I made a few friends and family members read it right away.

    I went back and read Thief next, and had to wait a few months for KoA to come out.

    • Hey Checkers, I think you’re the first person to comment who read the series out of order. So it wasn’t confusing to jump straight to QoA and then just go back to the first book? LOL I can imagine you exercising while reading the book – pedaling faster as shocking events unfolded in the book. Yep, did the same thing – made my real life friends read the books and they all loved it but they weren’t as hooked as I was. Glad there are Sounisians and fellow book bloggers willing to rave about the series with me. šŸ™‚

      • Chachic, it WAS confusing. I loved Gen in QoA, but then went back and found him so unlikeable at the beginning of TT. Plus, the narration in TT was so different from QoA that I just couldn’t reconcile QoA!Eugenides with Thief!Gen for a long time. They seemed like different people. I struggled with understanding what went on in parts of QoA for a long time, too. What ended up helping was envisioning some of the hard-to-understand scenes in QoA and imagining Gen from TT doing all that. Then it all made more sense. Anyway, QoA made me work harder than any book I’d read in a long time, and I liked that.

      • Oh, thanks for clearing that up! I was wondering if it would be confusing to start with QoA first. Whenever I recommend the series, I think most people are puzzled by all gushing after they finish The Thief because it’s an enjoyable read but they’re usually not blown away. I keep telling them to continue reading the series and that I fell in love with it with QoA. Sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time because you read the books out of order! I can imagine how hard it was to reconcile older, ruthless Eugenides with the younger Gen.

  17. I first heard of mwt because I read her brilliant story in the first Firebirds anthology. I checked out The Thief from the library, loved it, and read QoA and KoA as quickly as I could. At some point during the next few years, I bought a copy of TT but didn’t reread it for awhile (for some mysterious reason), and then when I did I fell truly in love/obsession with the books, found Sounis, etc.

    This will be an amazing week!

    • I remember that Firebirds anthology, I bought a copy of that because both MWT and Sherwood Smith had short stories in it. My favorite MWT short stories are still the ones tied to the series, those that appear in the bonus section of the paperbacks. šŸ˜› The Thief grows on you as a reread, doesn’t it? I remember I didn’t love it the first time I read it but went back after QoA and KoA and had a better appreciation for the book.

      • Yes! It led me to both her and Elizabeth E. Wein, happily.

        Yes, definitely. I liked The Thief the first time I read it, but I didn’t even think of going back and picking up on all the really stunning parts of it… so I am so glad I did.

      • Ooh you discovered Elizabeth Wein through the Firebirds book as well? I found out about her from Sounis. I remember I kept seeing her books being mentioned over there and that even MWT recommends them. Now a big fan as well! šŸ˜›

        When I reread The Thief, I realized that there were details that I didn’t notice the first time I read the book. Because I already knew the story, I guess it was easier to look for clues about Gen’s character.

  18. Yay, Queen’s Thief Week is finally here! It came up so fast actually… I’m so happy to see so many people sharing how they found out about the series. All those commenters that heard about it from you, Chachic. You must be proud. šŸ™‚ Also I’m jealous of those lucky few who started reading it much earlier. I heard about it in 2007 when I had just started working at the library and just before I joined Goodreads. I can’t even remember which librarian it was, but it was just like there was this collective reverence for the name of Megan Whalen Turner and her “Attolia” books. That notoriety combined with the Newbery medal on the cover made the series impossible to ignore for very long. When I finally picked up The Thief I was ignorant of the hype and was completely surprised at how much I loved it.

    • Yes, the Queen’s Thief Week is here! It sneaked up on us, didn’t it? šŸ˜› LOL I try my best to convince other readers to pick up the books so I don’t think it’s surprising that there are a couple who discovered the series through me. Hey, we read the books the same year! I’m also jealous of everyone who started it earlier. I love that you discovered MWT through the library, yay for awesome librarians. I think the hype for the books is fairly recent, isn’t it? I mean I’ve noticed that it only started to get more attention from the blogosphere the past couple of years.

  19. Hi, Chachic. It’s been a while–the corporate world had me in its clutches. Just dropping by for now. But I must say, your blog site is definitely looking very awesome. Until next time!

    • Michelle, I’ve missed you! Sorry to hear that work has been keeping you really busy. We just had a Filipino Book Bloggers meet up yesterday, I’m hoping you can attend the next one? šŸ™‚

  20. Ok, first time on this blog, saw an RT from Holly Black on Twitter and had to come straight away…Queens Thief Week? Seriously? HEAVEN. So here we go: I discovered QofA in middle school (around ’02 I think) and loved it. I read and reread it, wondering why there were no sequels (didn’t have internet access at home then…) and then one day discovered The Thief at the library, realized it was book 1, and was thrilled! Stumbled across KofA at a bookstore shortly after it was published and fell even more madly in love. I’ve read all 4 books more times than I can count. KofA is my go-to comfort book for any situation! Excited I found this blog just in time for a MWT celebration! Whee!

    • Hello Stephanie, welcome to Chachic’s Book Nook! šŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by. I was delighted when I saw Holly Black RT my tweet. MWT’s books are my comfort books as well. When I was rereading QoA recently, I noticed that I was familiar with so many lines! I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s like that. So glad you discovered my blog just in time for Queen’s Thief Week! I hope you enjoying going through the rest of the posts.

  21. I came late to the MWT Theif party – they were recommended to me just a few weeks ago(!). A much respected friend told me to read THE THEIF, so I downloaded the Kindle sample and was promptly hooked. I powered through all four books in a week and haven’t stopped talking about them. Now I want the actual (vs digital) copies so I can hold them and go through them at my leisure. BTW, heard about this event through a Holly Black tweet.

    • Oooh a new fan! You must thank your friend for recommending the series. I hope you get actual copies soon, I love the Vince Natale editions and wish they’d release hardcovers of all of the books with those covers. Maybe when the series is finished? Although goodness knows when that will happen! I’ve thanked Holly Black on Twitter for being kind enough to spread the word about the event. šŸ™‚

  22. I discovered the series because of Angie, who else? : )
    She kept raving about it and then I just had to see what it was about, I read the first three books in 2 days and then I was a goner. Love forever.

    • Three books in two days? That was fast! Although I shouldn’t be surprised because they really are riveting reads, so hard to put them down once you get started. Ana, you already know that I love your review of the series (and it’s linked in MWT’s website!) and can’t wait to put up your guest post for this week. šŸ™‚

  23. I think I heard about it from The Book Smugglers first, then you. I remember a thread in Goodreads about MWT’s books, and then I wanted to see what was up with it and what makes it so good. šŸ˜€

    • What a coincidence, your comment was posted right after Ana’s! šŸ˜› Was I the one who started the Goodreads thread about MWT’s books? I remember I posted about them in the Filipinos group but didn’t get any response.

  24. I discovered it by accident. A copy of The Thief appeared in our house one day. It was laying by the lazy boy chair and I was bored so I started reading it. And I didn’t stop till I was done. Then I flipped it over and started again. To this day I am not exactly sure where that book came from – I think my mom’s friend left it for her to read, but she doesn’t remember. Found the second book by accident too, about a year later. (Didn’t think to look to see if there were sequels) Was browsing in a book store and caught the title, “Queen of Attolia” in it. Said to myself, “Attolia? That sounds awfully familiar.” Picked it up. Freaked out. Read immediately. Then went online ot see if there were any more so I wouldn’t be taken by surprise again. I think this was year or two before King of Attolia came out.

    • Lucky you, you found the books by accident! It was like The Thief was just lying there, waiting for you to read it. I can just imagine how thrilled you were to discover The Queen of Attolia in that bookstore. I think one of the reasons why the series has been getting more attention the past couple of years is because of the internet. It makes it easier to recommend books, search for books, find an author, etc.

  25. read a short review of The Queen of Attolia in a general interest insert ‘magazine’ in the Sunday newspaper. It sounded so intriguing that I read it shortly thereafter. Then I backed up and read The Thief. Even though I knew Gen was hiding something, I was still mightily surprised at the end of the book! It was very hard waiting for The King of Attolia to be published.

    • I bet if you still had that general interest insert and scanned it for us, MWT fans will be interested in looking at it. šŸ˜› I didn’t even know they did promotional stuff like that for the book. That’s the thing with Gen, even if you know that he’s up to something, you still have to idea what. So keep reading until you find out.

  26. I came to the series a bit later in the game, which I think has been a good thing for me — it’s been agony waiting for the next book in the series and it hasn’t even been two years since A Conspiracy of Kings came out.

    Anyway, I think sometime in 2009 when I saw the cover image of COK in a post on bookshelves of doom and, being a bit of a cover junkie, immediately wanted to know more about this beautiful book (proof positive that covers matter to readers). Much to my delight, I discovered that there were three books that preceded COK, so I checked all three out from the library and quickly devoured them. I was able to track down an older copy of The Thief at a second-hand bookstore, but I was beyond thrilled when I received the versions with the pretty covers for my birthday.

    The best thing about these books is how they revived my love for reading. For the first time in a long time, I had a series that I reread obsessively, badgered other people into reading it, and tracked down places online (i.e. Sounis) where I could share my love with other readers.

    • Yay bookshelves of doom for spreading the word about the series! Book blogs are awesome. šŸ™‚ The Vince Natale covers are beautiful, aren’t they? I have the paperback editions of the first three books but I want hardcovers for all of them with those covers. Looks like the pretty covers encouraged readers to pick up the books, I’m glad they decided to design matching covers for the series.

      Aww it’s nice to hear that the Queen’s Thief books have revived your love for the written word. I did the same thing, I kept rereading the series and convinced real life friends to read the books so we can have discussions. Good thing we have Sounis!

  27. I discovered this series in 2005 somewhere in the YARG (Young Adult Reading Group) at Readerville. I don’t remember exactly, but there would’ve been quite a few enthusiastic recommendations, because according to my records, I bought them before reading them, and I almost never do that with new authors. And I’ve been hooked ever since šŸ™‚ I’m so excited for this week–its not a series many people I know have read, unless I’ve forced it on them.

    • Someone you trusted must have recommended the series for you to purchase them even though you don’t usually do that kind of thing. You don’t have to worry, Jenn, the series has been getting more attention lately. šŸ™‚ Also, one of my goals for this blog event is to spread the word about the books and I’d be happy if I manage to convince a couple of people to read the series. I hope you enjoy going through the posts!

  28. I had “The Thief” in my wish list forever at Amazon (years, I think), but just hadn’t gotten to it. Then I read something about it on Angieville and thought it sounded familiar and within a week I’d read Thief, and then Queen and King also, just in time for Co of K to come out. Recently reread Thief and loved it even more than the first time. Cannot wait for book 5. Thief is my number one favorite to recommend. In fact, have bought extra copies to pass on. Love you, Gen! And thank you for bring these wonderful books to light!

    • Oh you found out about it from Angie. Watch out for her guest post sometime this week. šŸ™‚ I agree, I thought The Thief was good but didn’t fall in love with it. It grew on me as a reread though, I was able to appreciate it more after I read the next two books. I’ve also given away several copies of the books both here on the blog and with friends in real life.

  29. I was doing a paper in grad school about book characters who are in disguise (it was for a children’s lit class), and I was looking for more books to read/write about. I was searching online, and The Thief came up. I’m sure I wouldn’t even remember that assignment if I hadn’t discovered my favorite books through it.

    • How did that paper work out for you? Did you write about The Thief or the series as a whole? I think it’s awesome that an assignment led you to the series. Wish I had cool assignments like those back when I was still in school.

      • As I recall, I got an A, so it worked out great! In the paper, I wrote about The Thief and a bunch of other books, including The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, oddly enough. I really loved TT, though, so as soon as I finished reading all the other books for that assignment, I ran out and got the next two books.

  30. Oh, dear. I’m also from the Philippines! And I’m glad that someone else from this country appreciates the books as much as I do! I first saw KOA in Powerbooks and was interested since we were discussing about world history in school. At first, I thought to myself, “They’ve spelled Anatolia wrong!” but on closer inspection, I saw that it indeed was Attolia. I spotted TT right next to it and spent the rest of the afternoon reading about olives and soaps.

    • Hey, a fellow Filipino fan! Kamusta? I thought I was the only one in the Philippines who loves the series (I mean aside from the people I convinced to read them). My first copies were from National Bookstore and the latter ones were from Fully Booked because they’re not available anywhere else. I hope you’re enjoying the Queen’s Thief Week posts! šŸ™‚

  31. I’m coming to your series late, via Liz B’s blog. I read all the posts backwards. What fun! I am crazy about the Queen’s Thief series. And I do have a fun story about how I found out about them.

    My sons are 6 1/2 years apart. When my older son was in about 4th grade, we were reading books at bedtime to both of them together. So it was a little bit of a challenge finding books they would both like.

    My older son got (or I got for him) The Thief at a Scholastic Book Fair, I think on the strength of the Newbery Honor sticker. He read it some time later, and then INSISTED that it be the next book we read at bedtime.

    Now, The Thief has a rather tedious beginning for reading aloud. Gen does a lot of whining to start things off! I complained to my son, and he said, “Oh, you need to keep reading.” Well, by the time I finished, I thought it was one of the best books I’d ever read. And both boys loved it. MWT fooled us all together. šŸ™‚

    The Queen of Attolia came out a few years later, and I read it to my boys, too. At least twice, I sent the boys to bed after a chapter and then finished the book myself! (That one’s still my favorite.)

    By the time King of Attolia came out, my older son had moved out. But my younger son let me read it to him. When we finished, I remember his comment: “Eugenides ROCKS!”

    Alas! He was “too old” to let me read him A Conspiracy of Kings. But I certainly read and loved it. And I love that it all started because my son insisted.

    • Sondy, this is such a lovely story! I think it’s great that it was your son who convinced you to read the books. I love how the whole tradition of reading the books to your kids went on for years – from the time your older son was in fourth grade up until he moved out. Do your sons still love Gen as much as they did when they were younger? šŸ™‚ You should tell both of them about Queen’s Thief Week if they’re still fans.

      Whenever other readers say that The Thief has a tedious start, I just tell them to keep reading, and to read the second book if they can because it was The Queen of Attolia that made me fall in love for the series.

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  33. oops how did that happen? This is my real post:

    Me, I want to participate! Kahit na late na talaga ako.

    Someone up there said they found The Thief through Readerville… me too! I didn’t post all that much on Readerville but that was my main source of book recs at the time. I had a whole word document with pages and pages and pages of titles and authors copied and pasted there, anything I’d run across on the internet that sounded interesting. I’d write down several, go find them at the library, and give each one at least 50 pages or 5 chapters–thats my rule before putting a book down. (At that time I didn’t have such a great source for book recs as I do now šŸ™‚ So the Thief was on my booklist and I eventually checked it out and really enjoyed it. I loved Gen’s narration, but felt SO COMPLETELY CHEATED at the end. How DARE he do that?

    But QoA went on the next list to get at the library. I was really really depressed by the beginning, but then was shocked by the awesomeness of the Magus-in-question scene. I brought the book with me on a drive to California for the wedding of one of my mom’s siblings and… lost it.

    The only library book I ever lost.

    I told myself I wouldn’t be allowed to read the next in the series til I found the book and returned it.

    Months passed. Never found it.

    I paid the fine and checked out KoA. FELL IN LOVE. BEST BOOK EVER.

    I read it five times in a row in a week. I new no other person who unerstood the awesomeness of this series. Desperate, I turned to the internet. Found sounis. That week, someone suggested the idea of “While She Knits” also known as “awesomest source of book recs EVER.”

    Five years later, KoA is still my favorite novel.

  34. I know this post is old, but I just can’t resist because Queen’s Thief is one of my favorite series. I read it waaaay back when it was just a new Newberry Honor book (that was 97, so I guess I must have read it in 97 or 98. I was 9/10. I even had the old school cover where Gen looks a lot like Aladdin). I loved that book. I read and reread it a lot growing up. I just loved the twist in the story. I remember wishing it had a sequel loads of times, but I only found out that it had a sequel when I was in college. I saw both QoA and KoA at the bookstore and I hated that I only found out then (of course, I immediately bought both books). The Thief will always have a special place in my heart, but KoA is my favorite in the series now.

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