Postcard Love

I posted about book boxes from Regalong Pambahay the other day. They also sell pretty vintage boxes in the same store and I’ve always wanted one but they’re a bit pricey. When I passed by Regalong Pambahay on Friday, I saw that they were having a sale so clearly, the universe wanted me to buy one. This is what I got:

I think it’s modeled after a lunch box. Here’s another view of it:

I thought the box would be perfect for my postcards, it even has some postcards in its design. I think I started collecting postcards back in high school. I remember being jealous of my friends who got to travel out of the country so I’d ask them to please send postcards if they could. Since I love getting stuff in the mail (except for bills), I was thrilled when I started getting postcards from book blogger friends. Some of them are on the top of this pile:

A postcard from Harry Potter World from Capillya (That Cover Girl), one from China from Steph (Steph Su Reads), a card from another Steph (My Girl Friday) from Australia, and one from Madrid from Tina (One More Page). Thanks girls! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this hilarious card that a friend sent back in 2008:

And some of the stamps that I love:

Anyway, I bought a bunch of postcards last week so I’m planning to send another batch to book blogger friends soon. If you’re interested in getting one, please leave a comment and let me know. First five to comment will receive a postcard all the way from the Philippines! πŸ˜› Also, is anyone from the UK willing to send me a postcard using these adorable Roald Dahl stamps? Sigh, I really want those stamps.


24 thoughts on “Postcard Love

  1. This is a nice post!

    Ooohh… I love stamps! Collecting stamps was and is still my childhood hobby. When I was younger, I remember I used to cut the portion of envelopes with stamps on it. Then I would soak them in warm water until the stamps will be separated from the paper. Haha! The Roald Dahl stamps are so adorable! What I have is the Singapore and China stamps of the 200th Anniversary Celebration of Hans Christian Andersen edition.

    • Hi Rhin, sent you a message asking for your address!

      I used to collect stamps when I was younger as well. I still have my stamp album somewhere. I did the same thing – soak them in water until they separated from the paper. But now I’d rather collect postcards – you get the stamps AND the card itself. πŸ™‚

  2. My grandmother used to have very old postcards. I think she has copies from all the way back to world war 2. Some have images of ships and some have calles printed on them. I remember one with Spanish texts (though I doubt it came from during the Spanish colonial period). Look at that! The Simpsons! I wonder if there are Spongebobs and Patricks. XD!

    • Hi Ivan, got your reply about the address!

      You should have kept your lola’s old postcards, those are really vintage. My lola loved writing letters, long ones, so she got letters in return. She wasn’t much of a postcard person. Those Simpsons stamps are from the US.

    • I don’t know why but I’ve always thought postcards are fun. Maybe I should take pictures of my stamp collection back when I was a kid and post them here too.

  3. Oh, I *like* this idea! I think I may do something similar on my own blog one day, as soon as I locate some more postcards here in China (the first batch I bought is almost all gone now).

    • Steph, I still have your address so I’ve included you in this batch. πŸ™‚ It’s fun to send out postcards to book blogger friends, right? I’d probably do this again the next time I have another batch of postcards – nice ones are hard to find around here.

  4. That is a really pretty box. πŸ™‚ I used to have a box with all the snail mail I got from my elementary best friend but it was just this cardboard box and it got wet during Typhoon Ondoy’s flood. Sad.

    Haha, it’s fun sending post cards to friends at home when traveling because mailing them is so easy. I just had to put stamps and then drop them in the mailbox instead of going to the post office to send it. I even sent one at home. Some of the other cards I sent didn’t make it to their destinations, though. Boo postal system.

    • You can get one from Regalong Pambahay, they have so many different kinds! Aww I feel for you, I’m sorry you lost your letters to Ondoy. 😦 I still have my high school stuff in shoe boxes somewhere in my room. I should look for old postcards there.

      Yep, sending postcards in first world countries is a lot easier. In Singapore, they have a vendo machine for stamps and then you just drop them in mailboxes. In the States, most box stores sell stamps. I like how you can choose different designs over there. I usually send myself a postcard too whenever I send cards to my friends, kind of like a souvenir for the trip. πŸ˜›

  5. That’s a gorgeous box! I have boxes to put my letters and such in, but it’s just an ordinary shoe box. I like your idea way better. =) You’ve also inspired me to ask if people want me to send them postcards on my blog, too! I got some for my birthday from work!

    • My postcards were in an ordinary shoe box before I got this pretty new box. All my other stuff, letters and such, are still in shoe boxes in the cabinets in my room. Yay, glad I gave you the idea to have a postcard giveaway. I’m sure a lot of your readers will be glad to get postcards from you. πŸ™‚

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  7. nice blog.. so cool to see people with similar interests.. just started collecting postcards in October 2011.. and totally addicted to it.. πŸ™‚

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