The Queen’s Thief Week: January 22 to 29

One of my absolute favorite series of all time is the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, which I discovered back in 2007. This series is the reason why I love thieves in fiction. I even gave away signed copies of the books December of 2010 because I wanted to share the love. Instead of hosting another giveaway, I thought a week-long blog event is a better way of spreading the word about the series and encouraging more readers to pick up the books. I’m delighted to announce the first ever blog event here in Chachic’s Book Nook: The Queen’s Thief Week, which will occur on January 22 to 29.

The lovely poster was designed by my good friend Chris of Ficsation, based on the cover of the Japanese edition of The Queen of Attolia. Isn’t it beautiful? I know the event is still a few weeks away but I’m announcing it early for several reasons. First, I’m really excited about it and I wanted to share the excitement with you guys! I have guests posts lined up from fellow fans of the series – a couple of bloggers and some favorite authors. The details of the posts still need to be finalized but I have a feeling they’re going to be amazing. Second, there’s enough time for everyone to reread the series before the event. Or if you haven’t read the series, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Read the books so you can join the fun. You won’t regret it. Third, I wanted to invite so many bloggers and readers who love the series but I don’t think I can fit everyone in just one week. So here’s what I’m suggesting: if you’re interested in writing ANYTHING related to the series, please grab the poster, include it in your post and publish it anytime within the event’s duration. Send me the link and I promise to include it in round-up posts and will promote it through social networking sites. Oh and I’ll comment, of course.

Comments? Questions? Are you as excited about this as I am? Let me know what you think!

33 thoughts on “The Queen’s Thief Week: January 22 to 29

  1. I really, really need to read this series…the reviews are ridiculous. Such a great theme, btw, I’m sure when I’ll be kicking myself (that I haven’t read the books yet) when it comes time for those posts!

  2. As I’ve already told you, I’m really excited for this. 🙂 Hopefully I can squeeze in a re-reading of at least one of the first three books before this event so that I can participate in some way. 🙂

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  4. Well, I’ve been meaning to read this series, so I think I’ll take this opportunity to inspire myself to read. Have fun hosting it, it sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Erin, I really hope this event has inspired you to read that series! That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to host it. It’s always a good thing when more readers are encouraged to read Megan Whalen Turner’s books. 😀

      • I think I read one of them a long time ago. But it never went further than that. I’m actually reading them now so I can post the reviews during your week. I like it so far!

        You seem to have good taste in books, so I didn’t doubt I’d enjoy them.

      • Aww Erin, that’s such a nice thing to say! I’m glad you’re reading the books now and that you’re enjoying them so far. I need to finish the book that I’m in the middle of right now (The Fault in Our Stars) so I can reread the series before the event.

  5. I haven’t read these yet, but I’ve been meaning to ever since I heard about them on Angie’s blog (Angie recommendation = instant addition to the TBR pile!); now’s the perfect opportunity!

    • Jo M, oh I know what you mean about Angie’s reviews! Anytime she gives a book her stamp of approval, I’m tempted to get a copy as soon as I can. She’s one of the bloggers who will do a guest post during the event.

    • Tiegirl! Thanks for dropping by here to say hi. Sigh, I wish I wasn’t so lazy – I should have kept cross-posting my blog over on LJ so I could still keep in touch with you guys.

  6. Hi, I’m from Sounis! I was thinking of doing a fanfiction marathon thingy over on my LJ (or possibly on the queensthief_fiction site) as a celebration of QT week…Is that OK with you? I think this is a great idea, btw, and when you convert a whole new batch of people into Qt lovers, be sure to send right over to Sounis! 🙂

    • Yay, thanks for dropping by! No need to ask permission, I’m really okay with anything and will link to your post if you let me know about it. 😀 Will definitely let people know about Sounis – it’s one of the reasons why I invited Checkers to do a guest post!

  7. Oh, great timing on our part! I must have missed this post in all the holiday confusion, but we unknowingly started our readalong just in time for TQT week.
    I must say that I’m liking book 2 much, much more than The Thief, even though it broke my heart already. I’m enjoying this world more and more with each page.
    Thanks for recommending the series! 🙂

    • Maja, I was delighted when I discovered that you and Flannery were reading the books. I heard that you weren’t impressed by the first book but don’t worry, I felt the same way! It grew on me as a reread. I fell in love with the series with the second book. Oh I know what you mean, when I read the earlier section of The Queen of Attolia, I was shocked! I really hope you end up loving the series. 🙂

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