Christmas in the Office

I wanted to post about the Christmas decorations in our work space because we put so much work into them and I may be biased, but I think they look great. There was a contest to design our work spaces to follow the theme Christmas Carnival. We utilized old boxes, Christmas decorations borrowed from our homes, art materials (art paper, cartolina, wrapping paper), and a whole lot of tape. The results (click to embiggen, all pictures are from my officemate, Evert):

That’s the Christmas tree that we borrowed from our officemate. Here’s our shiny gift train with the ferris wheel in the background:

Another view of the train, can you see all of the gifts, stuffed toys and books on top of it? Guess who brought the books? 😛

The ferris wheel (we were scared the boxes would fall off because we were only allowed to tape them to the wall):

Colorful bump cars:

One of the horses in the carousel:

Some of the booths:

Our windows with a silhouette of a Christmas scene:

So all of that has been keeping me busy the past few weeks (one reason why I haven’t been able to post reviews). It was worth all the trouble though when we found out that we won the contest! 😀 Merry Christmas to all from a book blogger elf:

25 thoughts on “Christmas in the Office

  1. So cute! I love the Ferris Wheel and the window design. 🙂 We can’t do Christmas decors here at work (because we’re not even supposed to call it “Christmas” but “Holidays”) because of this rule they included in the employee handbook about keeping workstations clean at all times for client visits. I miss those days when we had a dancing Santa Claus in our area. Haha. it’s more fun to work when it’s all decorated…but I think it also gives people an excuse to slack off because Christmas means vacation. 😀

    • The window silhouette design is a lot nicer in person! It has a blue cellophane background too. Aww, you can’t use the word Christmas? I guess it’s a Filipino thing to treat Christmas as something important. It’s more fun to have a fully decorated office because you really feel that Christmas is here. LOL we stayed after office hours to work on those decorations so we didn’t really slack off. 😛

    • Holly, the highlights of the display were the train, the ferris wheel, carousel and bump cars. 🙂 Can you believe those were created from scratch? Mostly cardboard from boxes covered with art paper.

      Charlotte, we really put a lot of effort into the whole endeavor so I wanted to post and share the pictures here. Glad you guys think the decorations look great. 😀

  2. Wow, we decorate but it’s pretty much stringing lights and putting up wreaths and decorations. Some people paper their doors. Making it a carnival and bringing in all that stuff is above and beyond! Very nice though. Do you get a nice prize for winning?

    • We probably would have done something similar if there wasn’t a contest for the decorations? We did get a prize, a couple of gift cards that we can probably use for a team lunch or dinner. 🙂

  3. That is AMAZING! I love the ferris wheel. And am absolutely green with envy! We aren’t even allowed to string up christmas lights because they could be a fire hazard (I call BS on that).

    This is pretty much the coolest thing I have seen ALL day.

    • Aww April, glad you think it’s amazing! It’s sad that you guys aren’t allowed to put up decorations. LOL if it helps, we weren’t allowed to turn on the lights the entire time because they interfered with our electrical connection (a fuse was already popped).

      Yay, it makes me happy that you enjoyed seeing the pictures. 😀

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  6. Would love to use the ferris wheel idea as a VBS decoration in my room. How did you attach the boxes to the wall?

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