Beach Lomo Shots

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’re aware that I enjoy posting lomography photos here on the blog from time to time. I love how vibrant colors are in lomo shots and how they always look old school. It’s getting harder to have rolls of film processed here in Manila so I don’t know how long I can keep this up. Anyway, my most recent trip was in Zambales a couple of weeks ago – in the town of Pundaquit, Capones island and Anawangin cove. Here are some shots from that trip (click to embiggen):

Can you see what’s written in the sand? Here’s a closer look:

And more shots:

6 thoughts on “Beach Lomo Shots

  1. Love these pictures! I have a beach picture I took in high school that had an accidental lomo-ish effect that is on my desk at work. My favorite picture ever. These would look so nice framed in a group!

    • They turned out great, didn’t they? You should try shooting with a lomo camera if you like the effect! More and more digital cameras are trying to imitate it – Canon has the toy camera effect and Instagram has several filters. I still like the original film version but it’s such a hassle nowadays to have rolls processed.

      I have a little lomo wall in my desk in the office. πŸ™‚ A few lomo pictures taped to my cubicle.

    • Hi chingot, I used a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera for these shots. I think that model has been discontinued but you can try looking for Superheadz Super Fat Lens because that’s basically the same thing.

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